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  1. Honestly they need to bring back all the maps they took out during patch 1.0
  2. What are you talking about the KV3 is a tier 6 right after the KV
  3. It's just weird to me, I remember back in the day when you could not see how much damage you did after a game and had to use a mod to see damage numbers instead of just seeing tank health % so we used to use the kill count and experience as metrics. Even with all that my wn7 was still around 500 and my WR was around 49% so I just don't understand with all the information available on this game nowadays that there are worst players than that. All I had were videos from ToFuSmurf to get better.
  4. Oh god I remember this guy. Went to go look at his other videos and he post 2k dmg games in tier 8 and 9s like they are the best games ever.
  5. I loved the Panther II, The gun and DPM is just insanely good now and with comfy pen and gun handling its a dream to farm damage with. The platform is definitely not great but who cares if you have a good gun. Definitely much better than the pershing and other 240dmg meds left.
  6. Why don't they just make the Chieftain, 279,907 and all the other tier 10 rewards tanks a different tier such as tier 11 or something that separates them and give them -1 MM so they will always be in a full tier 10 game with a limit of 1 per game. Don't change their stats but then also have a tier cap in CW so that you start seeing more tech tree tanks in CW. Its insane that nowadays CW is all reward tanks. Maybe make it so that you have a tier cap of 155. Therefore you can have 10 tier 10s and 5 tier 11s. Things like this would add strategy to CW lineups again.
  7. I think that comes from the fact that it is a TD. Pubbies will automatically play more defensively and do better than the Somua or Lorraine as they think that Heavy and Med = Must be brawling or front line. Pubbies don't realize that the tanks qualification doesn't determine if they have to be aggressive or not
  8. After getting the Somua and playing that I just don't understand why this thing as such low DPM. The somua is more flexible IMO with very similar gun handling while having slightly higher clip dmg and yet a better reload. I feel like if the GSOR had around a 30s reload it would be much more competitive. GSOR is still much better than the t77 and Lorraine IMO tho
  9. Holy shit the Somua SM is insane, Literally such a comfy tank to play

    1. CraBeatOff


      My highest xp and dpg tier 8. It's easy to trade, easy to pick on higher tiers. Trolly armor and a fast clip! Love it, ought to play it more

    2. lavawing


      why can't pubs hit the effing turret?


      edit: this is fine

  10. TFW you have over 100 friends on your friends list yet only 5 still play regularly
  11. God the memories of being a teenager and wanting to grind up to the tier 9 Pershing I judged how I wanted a tank by how their muzzle brake looked like! I miss that
  12. Honestly I don't get mad at bots, More HP to farm. Things like this happen in games where there is no SBMM and you gotta just enjoy it as it is. Imagine having to tryhard every game sometimes you gotta have bot-like or bot players to farm. I think that's why WG doesn't really care. It doesn't bring down the enjoyment of players having these awful players or bots. WG hasn't yet removed arty which no sane person enjoys having in their match while with bots at least one team enjoys it.
  13. Imagine playing arty and getting mad at a bot Honestly that a decent spot for a Sconq to farm some late dmg which is why he probably did better than you even if he did nothing to help win
  14. Exactly, I remember back in the day we used to make fun of people who just played for fun and didn't care about winning but now that's the only way to enjoy this game. I usually go and play 5 games and if I'm playing really well I just put music on, have a drink, smoke a bit and play for a couple hours. If I have 5 bad games then I just quit and do something else. It's been way more enjoyable like that. Especially that all my old WOT friends no longer play. No more 10hr sessions just on WOT
  15. Actually caring about gold spam is one of the easiest ways to hate this game, like that's completely his fault for deciding to do that, this isn't 2012, back then you could actually get mad at gold spam because it was literally p2w Fuck arty thought, the only reason why I no longer play that much
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