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  1. Any really good NA clans that aren't doing CW?? I need friends to play with

  2. It is also great for the tier 9 and 10 swedish meds. The microhill make you able to bounce so much and be very aggresive.Anything else I'd play tracks though
  3. I remember those days I haven't played with anyone in over 2 years
  4. Always run food, especially on autoloaders
  5. I play like maybe 10 games a month, usually when i'm really bored one day.
  6. Petition to not answer his posts until he explains why he writes like that
  7. 195 Clean, 345 Deadlift, 235 Squat 38.8 Inch Vert Still fucking lanky AF tho at 196cm 84Kg
  8. I love how everyone loves the kv1s but the kv3 was literally so much better back then. I remember playing back then and people would make fun if you played the 1s instead of the kv3, that's how strong the kv3 was back then
  9. Btw the 53TP gets a 420 dmg gun and not a 440dmg like the 50TP prototyp
  10. Here`s one of my games that made the net. It`s such a great tank. the gun is insanely good
  11. I'm really liking the 50TP Only my second game with the top turret and IMO it makes a massive difference. Having better gun stats and side armour is a massive advantage http://wotreplays.eu/site/4646190#details
  12. A nice little carry. Basically me vs 3 at the end
  13. My fps is trash for some reason, my cpu won't turbo and I have this weird problem any help? 


    Here's my reddit post of more detail 


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