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  1. I've been super busy lately and not playing much, but this guy has been messaging me for weeks now too. I log in randomly and I have messages from him. I don't even know what happened and I don't really have a lot of "fights" with people.
  2. If you remove him from the blacklist you can search his name open up a chat message and it should have it saved for you to take a screenshot still.
  3. It involved positioning, where you could take over the enemies "rows," but yes.
  4. Your English was more than acceptable. A few minor errors but it was easy to read and understand. I would have to agree with GO as I've never had a poor interaction with them that I know of. Why (in your opinion), are Brasillian clans toxic in this game? I've actually noticed it a lot in other games as well (Dota, HoN, H1Z1), that people who run around with BR on their names often act toxic and straight up stupid for no reason. I've always wanted to know why, but people usually won't take you serious when you ask them why they're acting stupid. Your opinion definitely interests me.
  5. Rerolling into as many battles as panzer has is possible, considering how long people have been rerolling and how many battles people can play a day if they really do not have anything else to do. However, if you look at how many low tier tanks he has with low WN8 you can definitely tell he is not.
  6. I'm at work so I don't have time to read everything Pupil sorry. Here's a few thoughts I had: but my argument is that physical-sport teams are given leave all over the state (and obviously the country), and none of those students have perfect attendance either- and the argument is different for my case only because I'm leaving the country rather than the state to earn money that I am labeled a "professional" in (not a single student in my school can say the same thing, past or present, which is why they disagree with it so much). This is the main point of your argument if you get any kind of meeting with them that's official. Why does the school board discriminate against video game sports when all other competitors can get off school. You might want to find someone from your school or in your school board who is a bit "famous" in any capacity where they took time off for modeling or a singing career or acting, debating or something, but stayed in the school system (most people do home schooling during this time whent hey're gone). Find people who had more absences than is acceptable and use that as part of your argument. Being a part of these teams is great for learning team work, getting cultured in other countries and getting connections with people in a profession that you are interested in being a part of. You could also point out how you'll be interviewed and you'll wear a school hat and personally thank the school for being so great and letting you go. Not that schools need publicity, but hey you never know what will work. As someone who played sports and band and missed a LOT of classes because of it including travelling, I can definitely tell you that going to another state or country to represent your school doesn't really mean shit to anyone. But then again if you CAN get your school some good publicity....you never know what people will say. Another idea that some people will have issues with: Does your school board allow people to be sick longer than those days IF they have an excused day due to illness? If so, all you have to do is find someone on the forums who is a doctor who will write you a sick note or somehow convince a doctor in your area to write one. It's fairly unethical, however, I had a buddy who was a "doctor," and he wrote me a sick note from a hospital on the west coast of Canada, but I lived in the middle of it. He had a doctorate in hospital management or some bullshit and he wrote me one from that hospital hahaha. I had another buddy who was a real doctor a few provinces over and he wrote a note telling my work that he believed I broke my ribs playing basketball and it would be possible that I would need to do different things at work because of it. Also, if you want to REALLY go for it, you go to the event, find yourself a doctor there and convince him you're sick and that you'll need a note from him saying that he talked to you and that you can't be at work, or find someone at the event who will write it who is a doctor. I would make a simple post like "is anyone a medical doctor who is going to the event? Need to ask a question." hahah You need someone that IF they call is willing to say "yep I talked to him and yep he was sick." Good luck with it.
  7. My woman makes more money than me. Her family has a lot of money. Divorces are profitable
  8. I don't know why, but BIA is pretty much my favourite medal to get. My friends and myself don't try to steal kills or anything to get it, but I just love getting it.
  9. Buddy of mine plays from New Zealand. His ping is 20-50 lower on the west server, but he gets tons of packet loss. If your ping isn't cripplingly high then that might be your solution.
  10. If it was a destination wedding, I would be doing all the planning because I'm the one who has all the knowledge in travelling. However, when the invitations go out next week and people start responding I'll be more involved. We live in a town of 2500 people that has enough hotel rooms (in nice hotels too surprisingly), but only if people book early enough. On top of that, about half of the people are travelling so I have to make sure they all have maps on how to get where we live since google maps often tells people to go down gravel roads through crappy valley roads instead of going down highways because they're longer. That will involve me spending a few hours doing the work, while at work and I'll be done. We have the conversations, but it doesn't need to involve tons of time. Sunday night while waiting for CW and SH defenses I was putting two gift registry cards together with a paper clip. I'll also be the one who goes through the list with our DJ and tells him what songs he can't play all through the night. Hair metal and country all night hahahah
  11. My wedding planning goes like this: The GF decides everything she wants. Then she tells me about it all at once. I listen, veto the one or two things that I don't like, and go back to gaming. Five minutes every few weeks at most. Or: The GF starts putting everything together. She asks for help, I put my finger on the string to tie around invitations two or three times, and then I say I have a tournament or clan wars and I go play video games. It's their day, if they want it their way, fine, but then they do the work for it!
  12. Something that took me three formats and weeks of confusion.... You talk about disconnecting useless devices, but have you considered what is happening with the useful devices that are connected to your wifi? The reason I ask...my ping would spike for 5-15 minutes at 10pm every evening to 999. I couldn't figure out why. It started happening not long after my girlfriend moved and it was because she was plugging her IPhone in to charge. When you charge your phone especially IPhones/Tablets they upload to the cloud automatically and eat up your upload bandwidth, which then screws tanks over. However, this isn't the only time that cell phones can really screw with your ping. My gf uploads pictures to facebook selling stuff online, or sending pictures to her sister and mother. When she sends these pictures they eat up bandwidth for 20 to 60 seconds, but it completely screws tanks over for that period of time. If my ping spikes to 999 or even 400's I know exactly what it is, and if I yell at her, she usually yells back "it's just one fucking picture, fuck you asshole." This is all dependent on your upload speed. Mine isn't really good, but I don't need upload speed because I don't upload. I have like 800k upload which is terrible if you're streaming or uploading videos or file sharing, but for gaming it's more than adequate.
  13. The engine is great on the Lorraine because the horsepower increase really allows you to get that jumping head start. It's been a long time since I played the Lorraine but I would snipe with it often, and use the horsepower to my advantage on flanks like you said. You peek out, blast a few shots and wait for them to fire at someone else and do it again. However, if a target is not looking at you. Putting all of your rounds into the side/rear is amazing. After the second or third shot they'll start to look at you. So you duck away, and then your teammates smash them. The horsepower gives you the ability to run till you reload if you need to. Also the horsepower used to give you the ability to push people around. You used to be able to drive up to heavy tanks or td's and spin them to give teammates side shots.
  14. I'm always into having people to platoon with as my main group barely play now. If you're interested just add Nagamzor and invite!
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