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  1. Thx for the answers! ...i feel, like this is the most important thing in such a dynamic enviroment. I think, mostly i fail at interpreting the informations right (e.g. minimap) to know what to adapt to.
  2. Assuming I actually manage to predict the deployment of the enemy team, should I... a) ...head to the strong side (a lot of tanks, top tiers), to fight the enemy's main force right from the start. b) ...head to the weak side, to kill all tanks there asap and then have a numbers-advantage. c) ...follow the majority of my team, where ever they go and push. d) ...go to my favourite spot, regardless of anything else. e) ...go to the spot, where my tank is most effective, regardless of anything else. f) ...there is no general rule at all! g) ...the idea of sides is wrong. Battles occur in smaller pockets. h) ...(insert missing answer here)
  3. Thanks! Both replies show, I came to the right place! Thanks a lot guys! I realize, I got caught in a wn8-number-trap...thanks for clearing this up! Avg. Exp and winrate make more sense, so ill focus on that and on doing my TankHP & 1 kill. I ground the IS3 because everybody said its a good tank, but i have troubles to handle its peaknose, i guess. I never know if and how to angle. I heard about reverse sidescraping, but i get too confused about controls atm. In general heavies make me feel impatient, because of the bad maneuverability and speed. I started a mistake-log. After every death, i note what move killed me. So far i seem to poke into loaded guns a lot or forget about unspotted tanks. Although, sometimes its difficult to categorize. But I found this helps me also a lot against raging and going on full tilt. As soon as I find some spare time, ill upload a couple replays and my thoughts during and after the battle to compare.
  4. Hey wotlabs-forum, I recently got this 10k-battles-popup ingame. First, i felt kind of proud and wanted to celebrate. Then i realized, what this actually means: I'm not a new player anymore. Gone are the days where i could fail my way up the tiers and blame a lack of experience for my terrible performance. Nor the MM, my team, RNG, beeing tired or overworked or whatever: 10k is a large enough sample to track my performance, so: I suck at this game. And this bothers me, because I enjoy the rare good moments i have a lot, but I need to either improve or uninstall. And i dont want to uninstall. So, thats my story. My goal is to become green in wn8 rating. Is this a good goal to set for myself? Any advice, criticism, suggestion is highly appreaciated. Heres a link to my vbaddict: http://www.vbaddict.net/progress/m0rtim3r-eu-147e05a41d7903eb73f1ca5a9e159981 Thanks for reading and in advance for any answers! Take care! M0rtim3r
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