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  1. Ran this setup and finally got the 3rd mark on T49. This was my last session in T49, 4.8k combined.
  2. Fuck it, I'm actually a fan of field modifications, increased meme potential. They also said they would look into removing the standard modifications (the flat bonuses for just grinding level), which was the most negative aspect of it, that and 50% camo Borat.
  3. Might actually be one of the best skills in game right now, or so I would think, not sure how much more reliable HEAT got against sides and tracks with the changes. Maybe I should play this game again, reinstalled yesterday.
  4. Just did Coalition-4 with honours and games to spare, it was pretty painless in Progetto 66, I didn't even trash my perfomance in the tank completely, had 2-3 games with <1k damage due to weird team deployments, and 2 games with ~4k damage. Slap on a turbo, and just push typical medium positions, last game for mission, I deleted one Borrasque in the first 2 minutes and severely crippled his toonmate's Borrasque at the same time. It was an extremely toxic and very fun session.
  5. Don't think this will be a huge problem on average, though good players and a few potatoes that is literate enough to read forums might catch on early. Might become meta and even out after a while. To me it would mostly just make the game less frustrating on maps that suck donkey dick to spot on, as I'm running vision builds on all my lights, so I already cause everyone on enemy team cancer on Mali/Prokh.
  6. This will be huge for light tanks! Feels pretty shit to have a pure vision build and get a shit map for scouting, with this you can switch to a damage focused build and play a pocket medium instead. This can be a huge quality of life improvement, just hope they don't make the modifications too grindy and that it allows for some flexible builds. Will definitely check this out, it can be very good or very bad for the game, depending on how they implement it.
  7. These buffs won't fix anything, in best case, the T34 might be "playable", but it will still be far below average.
  8. Welcome, hope you find some enlightenment here. Unfortunately the activity level is pretty low nowadays, but there are tons of good guides that are still relevant floating around here.
  9. Maybe upload a replay or two with some examples. I'm pretty decent at brawling, I just suck at everything else now. For mouse settings, I'm running way too high sense for me, and can't aim for shit, but I keep forgetting to lower it.
  10. You shouldn't have taken HIS spot m8. He's been playing that exact spot for years, it's his birthright.
  11. Doubt it will be anything close to OP, but it looks like the first interesting tier 8 German med. I'll get it at whatever discount I end up with, looks like a fun tank, fits perfectly with my playstyle, though the low shell velocity has me worried.
  12. Noticed T69 has ridiculously low reqs for aces, might be worth it with turbo and full HEAT spam. Just kill steal and play like a cunt.
  13. I really regret only getting one of those, I move it around a lot.
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