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  1. This is the only thing that makes sense to me too, but I will try and see if I can access the files and confirm it, but cryptography is not something I'm experienced with, so I can't guarantee any success.
  2. Not at home now, so can't look into it myself. Is the file encrypted?
  3. What you are saying is that final accuracy is a constant, and that only moving dispersion values can ever affect the bloom? For example, the gunner's skill level only affects bloom through his effect on turret/track dispersion, and not on his modifier to accuracy? I'm not saying this is not the case, only that it doesn't make sense to me, as that seems like a much more contrived way of coding it. I guess you could test it in training room, by forcing maximum dispersion with the only variable being IAU, and taking the time from full bloom to fully aimed, as aim time on paper doesn't change. If it takes the same time, it would mean it works all the time, but if it were to only work fully aimed it would in practice make the aimtime ~5% longer. Or someone with the knowhow could crack the game files to see how it actually works with IAU, as far as I'm aware, nobody's actually provided any source on where it fits into the formula that has been previously confirmed.
  4. That honestly doesn't make sense, they would have to rework the whole formula just to make it worthless in that way. No matter how I look at it, it would only make sense as a modifier to the whole dispersion formula, and reducing the current dispersion value by 5% at all times, which would still make it weaker than IRM for anything else than roughly fully aimed shots. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17LQIEI4SmxGoaIWEqq-qUlbsBDYX-vy5n5mDw_XuVi8/edit#heading=h.p6ktpgmo2f9d
  5. Might be one of the better ones, but I would play any other tier 8 heavy over it. It is so horribly unpleasant to play.
  6. This was quite nice on new equipment, and it seems like IAU works all the time, but is weaker than VStab and IRM in 90% of cases. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17LQIEI4SmxGoaIWEqq-qUlbsBDYX-vy5n5mDw_XuVi8/edit#
  7. Still have 703 in my garage, Defender got sold long time ago. There are very few tier 8+ tanks I hated playing more than Defender, yeah the armor is stronk, but EVERYTHING else is only pain and suffering, what an absolute stinking pile of shit. 703 has mobility and gun handling that makes the Defender seem like, well, a Defender, as that's probably the most uncomfortable gun handling and mobility I've played with. I hate the Defender so much! Guess that's an unconventional opinion.
  8. Do we know where IAU fits into the formula for accuracy? Does it modify base accuracy? Asking as in the T49 thread it was argued it wouldn't affect maximum dispersion, which it should if it's a modifier to base accuracy.
  9. Unless WG fucked up royally with their coding, the IRM won't really do anything for gun handling directly. The reduction in dispersion on traverse is negated by the increased traverse speed, if it's a modifier of 0.9 to turret and track traverse bloom, you will have a 1% reduction in max bloom with IRM, even less if you are driving.
  10. Guys, you have to include the increase to traverse speed when calculating with IRM, the net reduction to bloom is in best case scenario only about 1%
  11. IRM has 0.9 modifier to turret and track traverse, is this correct? If it is, the best case sceario for IRM as a gun handling tool is a <1% reduction in bloom in the best case scenario, with the caveat that you will also have your gun pointed the right way 10% faster depending on the situation.
  12. Why in the fuck are they nerfing 113?? It's a fun and decent tank, but it's not a tank that can even be argued to be OP in the average player's hands, this is absolute fucking retardation.
  13. I absolutely fucking hated 430, and didn't get to enjoy the really broken OP 430U due to my hate of the 430. There is nothing that tilts me harder than a gun that is inconsistent.
  14. Half of the fun with wot is shitposting in chat while waiting for the battle to be over. I was chat banned for 3 days last week, and the inability to be toxic kept me away from the game for that period.
  15. I really hope he's sorted it out by now, but your tips 3 years after might prove useful. In other news, GTX 1080 Ti can run WOT on high settings.
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