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  1. Best game I've had in a while. Standard B with full stealth setup. Killed last tank in our cap with ~30 seconds left on the clock. http://wotreplays.eu/site/6339883#westfield-candyvanman-prototipo_standard_b
  2. Almost seems like HE pens do less crits than AP pens nowadays. Something with really high rof and high module damage for caliber is probably the best bet for crits today, but it's going to be extremely rng dependent. Would definitely skip that mission now.
  3. I'll probably get one of the large box packs, as it seems to still be good value in terms of gold and prem, but I'm not gonna spam boxes for any tank, I'll get it on sale at a later date if it still looks good.
  4. Prem ammo is insane, but I don't think it will be enough to make the tank that good. Might get it since it looks cool, and it's a burger tank.
  5. Bought back the WZ-120, got a fresh ace tanker on first battle.
    I think this tank is a hidden gem tbh.



    1. kolni


      i really had a hard time making it work, there are too many good tier 9 meds that just shine so much brighter for the same amount of effort

    2. CandyVanMan


      It can be quite annoying to work the terrain to get enough gun depression, but it seems to be easier than it was when it first came out, as the maps have been dumbed down and flattened out so much.
      Much less of an issue compared to what it once was, of course, I've only played two battles in it so far after rebuying it, but if I still enjoy it after a few more, I'll at least go for marks on it.

    3. CraBeatOff


      I've always liked it. I agree its never a star but it's satisfying

  6. Full stealth build was situationally very nice on Standard B. Got me the third mark, despite being on full tilt and making tons of stupid mistakes. Dropped from 94,8% once, and later from 94,96%... http://wotreplays.eu/site/6046985#murovanka-candyvanman-prototipo_standard_b This was just filthy to be honest. http://wotreplays.eu/site/6047000#ghost_town-candyvanman-prototipo_standard_b
  7. If it's correct that HE crits are nerfed even on pens, the best way would probably be something with a high rof gun and deadeye perk. Will be a pain in the ass, but doable with a few tries. Learn where different tanks have their fuel tanks and engine, lighting people on fire will be a huge help.
  8. The mistake I've been making, is that I have gone into the forest, instead of playing the ridge.
  9. Really enjoyed the Murovanka plays, I always go too aggro in the forest, that always fucks me up. Will try playing the field more, and the forest ridge, instead of going in.
  10. How do they consistently manage to fuck that up?
  11. @CraBeatOff Thank for uploading the replays mate, will check them out when I get home this afternoon.
  12. 120 side armor, very nice angles, gonna be good tank.
  13. Lol, 50M this game was big mad.
    Bounced twice on my Sheridan.
    Convo'd me after battle, he seemed a bit annoyed.




  14. Haven't played mine much yet (2 games), but I didn't play it horrible, and I do much better in Renegade, 703, E75 TS, Tiger 2, KV-4 and 50TP Proto. Accuracy really trolls the shit out of me, and it's armor is only strong when hulldown with full depression. 920 burst damage in 3,5 sec is pretty retarded, but I don't enjoy it as much as the ones listed above, mobility armor combination just doesn't work as well for me, and you often can't dump the clip due to long intra. Might turn out to be very good when I get more comfortable with it, but so far it's only good, not really really g
  15. It's not super quick, might slap a turbo on at some point, currently running bounty optics. I'm not that bothered about the mobility, but I did die one game as I wasn't fast enough to make it to an aggro position. Feels more like a heavy than a heavium.
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