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  1. Komarin was unironically better than many of the current maps. At least you had flexibility.
  2. MOE mod and default zoom 2x are what I bother with. No mods currently though.
  3. Port is an unbalanced shit map, but I did have my best game ever on it. Pool's and 3,6k xp in Chaffee on my alt account.
  4. I liked Swamp because you had so many options, I don't really play that much heavies, so castle wasn't really ever relevant early-mid game for me. I played it mostly from mid, where you could abuse camo and vision to rek enemy team, and it worked from both sides, you also had good arty cover if you pushed over mid. There was also useful arty cover if you approached from water on both sides. It was just a really fun map to play.
  5. Swamp, Stalingrad, Sacred Valley and Severogorsk are maps that I really want back.
  6. You either push hard enough that it doesn't matter, ignore them and possibly die early, or you hug cover like there's no tomorrow. God I fucking hate this tank, both playing with it, and when enemies have them, not really faced much struggle killing them, but the pubbies seem incapable of dealing with them.
  7. I think I might have the 112 in my garage, but you'd have to pay me to play it, god that gun is trash.
  8. I see you recommend turbo on Skorp, but would that be viable solo, as I really don't like relying on pubbies for spots, and I'm not sure I want to swap IRM for turbo.
  9. That was such a bittersweet patch. Lost my favourite tier 9 heavy, but got the best (at the time) tier 10 heavy, and got a "free" tier 8 premium that sucked donkey dick and was a complete mockery of the glorious old tier 9 T34.
  10. Hallelujah!

    No more playing Hellcat or other shitty ass low tier TDs, finally got my 260.

    Just had to press battle button in my IS-4, of all unholy abominations, IS-4!

    ~20k combined for HT-15, first heavy match of the day.

    1. sohojacques


      Nice work.

    2. CandyVanMan


      Thank you, really didn't expect anything good out of pressing battle button in my IS-4, mostly did it to troll my platoon mate

  11. I have encounter off due to Mines encounter, that abomination is worse than any other map in any situation, it's the pinnacle of shit design.
  12. So much this. Sometimes I wonder if half the playerbase are just unattended dogs, salty unattended dogs.
  13. Pretty much always block Mountain Pass, then either Himmelsdorf if I'm playing light tanks (or cancer for missions) or Airfield. Used to always be Mountain Pass and Fjords, but I've come to like the heavy lane on Fjords, so now I don't block it for any tank.
  14. 5Ud9JRj.png

    So this just happened.
    Type 5 seems to work better when your team is utter dogshit and you get to face brawl all the enemies solo at the end, because you are too fucking slow to do anything in time.

    18k combined for HT-15, which I skipped like a fucking moron, and therefore didn't count as it was a loss, with ace wanker.

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