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  1. God damn, I just completely fail to see how anyone can rank, E50, 430 or T55A iver M46 Patton. Patton can manage exposure so much better than any of them, and the gun depression and gun control really allows you to do some cheeky peeks from weird angles. It's at the very least A-tier, Standard B and PTA really made S-tier a high bar to reach.
  2. Go outside, gaming isn't a healthy hobby. It's for killing time.
  3. Treason! Don't just go spilling our secrets.
  4. God damn it, was bored due to corona, and went on official forums.

    I'm unable to avoid shitposting there, just hope they only ban me from the forums. 
    Life is struggle.

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    2. NightmareMk9


      I tired to apologize to the WG mods, but I don't think they even read it...

      Here are my 5 strikes, at least 2-3 of them are complete bullshit

      1st - 10/17/2016

      Nope this idiot makes TanTan look Unicum.

      But on that subject, TanTan should have been banned a year ago for SPAM.  How can you type that same crap every game for thousands of games and not get enough reports for some action

      2nd - 2/2/2017

      WOT and WOWS both just crashed.

       Immigrant Ban in progress

      3rd - 2/24/2017

      When did you buy that account?  Recent WN8

      4th - 8/29/2019

      Global Warming is a myth, but the POS-In-Chief will gladly nuke it for you as it hits Florida.

      5th - 4/12/2020

       ARE you F-ing kidding me? The DAILY Celebration mission expires at 11PM?


    3. CandyVanMan


      Dear Player,

      Please note that a recent post you made violates our forum policies:


      That's quite a self contradiction, you can't be both pro arty and sane, that's not how it works.

      Arty is quite obviously broken in this game, it can't be denied by anyone with the capacity for logical thought.

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      I see they're still handing out bans for anything that isn't hugs and kisses. I received a temp ban for "lol" once as it's unconstructive.

  5. WG rolling back all proposed buffs to live stats, except dispersion on tracks, which are getting a nerf compared to current stats. Guess E5 is a bit too OP currently. T110E5:Increased dispersion during movement from 0.14 m to 0.18 m;Increased dispersion during hull rotation from 0.14 m to 0.18 m;Increased dispersion at maximum vehicle speed from 5.18 m to 6.66 m;Increased dispersion at maximum vehicle rotation speed from 4.38 m to 5.63 m;Increased dispersion during turret rotation from 0.06 m to 0.08 m;Increased dispersion during turret rotation at maximum speed from 2.00 to 2.67 m.120 mm Gun M58:Gun reload time increased from 8.44 to 9.59 s;The rate of fire changed from 7.11 to 6.26 rounds/minute;The average damage per minute changed from 2845 to 2503;The average damage per minute for HE shells changed from 3662 to 3222.
  6. I use MB4 for sniper mode, with scroll lock, so I can't scroll in or out of sniper mode by accident when violently zooming in or out
  7. NEVER use egld over stabilizer! Jesus, this is the most basic knowledge about this game available, it's written out a milion times. Run either vents, rammer and stabilizer, or optics. rammer and stabilizer, anything else and you are gimping yourself.
  8. Please post some replays, would be nice to see how you deal with the current meta.
  9. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4738089#malinovka-candyvanman-wz-120-1g_ft Closest game I've had in years, only seconds left on cap before loss.
  10. I'm awful at the game nowadays, but I've been playing it with the 130, and I now have aids.
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