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  1. Lol, got banned for 14 days on official forums.
    It's been a while since my last ban.


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    2. kolni


      it’s probably the autism word itself due to it being a pretty common slur these days that triggered it, calling something cancer is the same thing

      i think it’s fine (i have stage II) but it’s a tight rope to walk across to bother using it specifically and at the same time not mock the people living with it - it’s just needlessly overused as an insult so most people probably just considers it one 

      however if countries were mental disorders autism is definitely germany.. not even dark humour, just an accurate observation




    3. hazzgar


      @kolni lol while Germany has its faults (my mothers husband is one of them lol) Poland beats you on being the stereotypical autistic kid. Hell there is a reason I will be spending the next 2 weeks of my leave around Munich and later Berlin and not in Poland


      We have frequent members of the pariliment voting opposite to what they want on accident. Our ruling party is so incompetent that even if they have good ideas (very very very rare because they are crazy in all ways) they screw them up and our mp's say stupid shit like "coal isn't eco but polish coal is" or "we thought the french how to use forks and knives". Not to mention some crazy lady with a kid with down syndrome is effectively influencing politics to get a total abortion ban, now wanting to push a law that was deemed illegal by the international court in strassburg (no law to protest for gay people...). 

    4. Gashtag


      reported 4 hard 2 read

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