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  1. Bought back the WZ-120, got a fresh ace tanker on first battle.
    I think this tank is a hidden gem tbh.



    1. kolni


      i really had a hard time making it work, there are too many good tier 9 meds that just shine so much brighter for the same amount of effort

    2. CandyVanMan


      It can be quite annoying to work the terrain to get enough gun depression, but it seems to be easier than it was when it first came out, as the maps have been dumbed down and flattened out so much.
      Much less of an issue compared to what it once was, of course, I've only played two battles in it so far after rebuying it, but if I still enjoy it after a few more, I'll at least go for marks on it.

    3. CraBeatOff


      I've always liked it. I agree its never a star but it's satisfying

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