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  1. You shouldn't have taken HIS spot m8. He's been playing that exact spot for years, it's his birthright.
  2. Doubt it will be anything close to OP, but it looks like the first interesting tier 8 German med. I'll get it at whatever discount I end up with, looks like a fun tank, fits perfectly with my playstyle, though the low shell velocity has me worried.
  3. Noticed T69 has ridiculously low reqs for aces, might be worth it with turbo and full HEAT spam. Just kill steal and play like a cunt.
  4. I really regret only getting one of those, I move it around a lot.
  5. Did I miss something? I thought they only added more choice in ammo so people would on average be stunned less.
  6. I would recommend the Phase AE, it's the only one that I enjoy of the 3. Char Futur just isn't that good at any one thing, and the reload is incredibly annoying.
  7. For the first time in a while, I'm both chat banned and banned from official forums.
    Might celebrate this with a cold beer.

    1. hazzgar


      To quote the great actor Nicolas Cage "That's high praise"

    2. Folterknecht


      Wasn't that the default status for most 322 members back in the day, before they deleted the "Round table" in EU-Forums?

    3. CandyVanMan


      I miss the old 322 days, before the cw drama.
      Shitposting on forums, shitposting in battles, winning 15-0 against top clans with meme setups, was a fun time.
      Don't think I was ever chat banned back then, but quite often on official forums.

  8. It was a joke. I actually want to get the Tiger I back anyway, it's been on my buy back list for a long time now, and I don't have any spare crew for Japan.
  9. Never played the Chi-Ri, but it's quite ugly, and I don't want to play an ugly tank. Might buy back Tiger, I really loved it the last time I played with it, was just after the buff. It's a tank I could keep around, maybe I could even be bothered with marking it. Thanks for the tip, don't know why I didn't think of that. @Snoregasm2 I'll probably play around with the Waffle a bit too, but I'm generally bad in tanks that can't be played aggro, but I really like the gun, and would like to make it work for me, do you have any good tips for playing the Waffle well?
  10. Are there any good German tanks for farming top guns, tier 7+? I wasted 3 orders to get through the top gun missions for Chimera without becoming suicidal, but I should probably get them back now. It was simply not worth sacrificing my mental health after having a lot of games with 5 kills where I got denied with literally a second left to secure the sixth. I'm no longer chat banned, so maybe I can beg and plead like some fucking bum to make it a bit less cancer and aids baked into one.
  11. Fv3805 with stock gun is probably the best bet for this. Rate of fire and surprisingly high stun makes it very effective at it. Mission is absolute aids still, failed it on first try yesterday, needed about 100 seconds more, but got 2 steamroll games where I died in less than 2 minutes. Would probably have made it, if I didn't decide to experiment with the big gun, you live and learn, I guess.
  12. I really wish for another map to block, so I could block Cliff, I want that map gone, as it's cancer in any tank, but there's always 2 other maps that are worse based on the tank you are playing.
  13. Tech tree tanks look fine based on the little info we have, but that premium could prove to be quite broken. How in the world can you balance a 2 shot autoloader with 920 burst at tier 8?
  14. Any leaks on what they are actually doing with M60 turret? I don't give a fuck if they buff the armor of the turret, just remova that stupid fucking cupola that's half the size of the tank.
  15. Komarin was unironically better than many of the current maps. At least you had flexibility.
  16. MOE mod and default zoom 2x are what I bother with. No mods currently though.
  17. Port is an unbalanced shit map, but I did have my best game ever on it. Pool's and 3,6k xp in Chaffee on my alt account.
  18. I liked Swamp because you had so many options, I don't really play that much heavies, so castle wasn't really ever relevant early-mid game for me. I played it mostly from mid, where you could abuse camo and vision to rek enemy team, and it worked from both sides, you also had good arty cover if you pushed over mid. There was also useful arty cover if you approached from water on both sides. It was just a really fun map to play.
  19. Swamp, Stalingrad, Sacred Valley and Severogorsk are maps that I really want back.
  20. You either push hard enough that it doesn't matter, ignore them and possibly die early, or you hug cover like there's no tomorrow. God I fucking hate this tank, both playing with it, and when enemies have them, not really faced much struggle killing them, but the pubbies seem incapable of dealing with them.
  21. I think I might have the 112 in my garage, but you'd have to pay me to play it, god that gun is trash.
  22. I see you recommend turbo on Skorp, but would that be viable solo, as I really don't like relying on pubbies for spots, and I'm not sure I want to swap IRM for turbo.
  23. That was such a bittersweet patch. Lost my favourite tier 9 heavy, but got the best (at the time) tier 10 heavy, and got a "free" tier 8 premium that sucked donkey dick and was a complete mockery of the glorious old tier 9 T34.
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