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  1. Created channel "Stronk Flites" on EU wowp server to get people together for good flights, so we are less reliant on retarded teammates. So, get your asses in channel, and carry me to good winrate!
  2. Tried 0.5.3 on Russian server, so much better performance, much less fps drops, better balance and generally more awesomesauce. Want patch nao! Also, thar be brits.
  3. Game is of no interest for me without Tirpitz (Bismarck's big sister) and Scharnhorst, which were both stationed only a few km from my house, and Scharnhorst was easily the most beautiful ship of the war. Also, both were sunk in the neighborhood, so they might be of some sentimental value to me...
  4. I'm pretty much wondering what premium planes are worth getting, and why. I personally would recommend the XFL-1, it's my only prem plane, so I can't really compare it to other prems, but it's sooo fun to blow shit up on the first hit with the 37mm monster gun. First match in mine:
  5. Unfortunately, it seems like it's the only the thing the jap planes do well. For shoot and scoot tactics, I'd rather take anything German or American, as they do a MUCH better job at it.
  6. Thet's pretty much my impression too, but even though they suck sweaty donkey balls, it's just so much fun to go full siema into a furball, and killing everything without taking any hits yourself. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen often, at all, and almost never in the tier 5 Zero.
  7. Should I just abandon the line before murdering my stats even more? Or do any of you know any magical secrets to success in them? I currently have the two Zeros (tier 4 and 5) in my hangar.
  8. I experienced the opposite, WT should just be called World of UFOs, all planes roll and climb at such ridiculous paces. And ofc there's no spread on bullets, at all. I honestly prefer wowp after trying both, even though I perform much much better in WT, but I will continue playing both for a while.
  9. First encounter match in a long time: Defeat! Map: Sand River Date: 5. september 2013 12:56:03 Vehicle: Panther/M10 Exp: 1 773 + Credits: 139 720 Fucking siema tomatoes are too fucking shit to adapt!!! RAEG! P.S. That's not with any bonuses...
  10. Just enabled it, guess it will be disabled again within an hour...
  11. I use it as a slow kiter, stay at the edge of max spotting range and abuse my insane spotting. Have over 3k dpg, 1100+ xp and something something 60+% winrate in it, love the tank, just like my other Pattons.
  12. I live on the north pole, almost, 70o north, now we've had sun 24/7 for more than 2 months, and we'll soon have more than a month with absolutely no sun. http://youtu.be/fZje6gWLap8
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