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  1. Got Karelia assault as defender twice in a row with E-25, EZ 2k xp and ace tanker both times, just yolo over mid, shoot and spot everything without getting spotted at all.
  2. I would be willing to please a donkey for arty removal.
  3. I toon way less in lights than in both meds and heavies. Outside doing doubles in toon once in a while, I don't play lights in toons, they are almost exclusively played solo to blow off steam.
  4. Is good though, as I wanted the 121B more, but now I can get both
  5. It's good in the same way heroin is, you crave the high of the good games, but you just get dissapointed when you play and feel ashamed of yourself when you log off.
  6. It's not the light tanks that are bad at carrying, it's the players that can't use them to their strengths. Light tanks just have a very high skill floor, they need better situational and spatial awareness than any other tanks to work. The regular player either yolo spots like a mongo or sits back to farm worthless damage and thinks he's doing well because he sees nice colours on his wn8, this is not the way to win games in an LT. You have to abuse everything in your arsenal, and always be active, if you can distract some heavies from shooting your heavies for just a second can be enough to win a flank, even if you do shit damage and get no spotting. It's just as much about being an annoying cunt, as it is being a spotter or damage dealer, and in many situations, the itch they can't scratch is what breaks them. Point is; the tanks can win just fine, but it takes much more effort, and you are more reliant on getting a decent map and/or composition that you can abuse.
  7. Got 121B, don't care if bad, it looks fucking sexy. Now I just need to play it when I get home from work.
  8. This is pure bullshit. I win more in lights solo than I do in heavies, TDs and arty, only meds let me win more than lights when solo. Problem for most with players in lights are that they have no balls, so they don't get the aggressive spots, and when they do it's full retard yolo and dead, but if you can get those aggressive spots and not die like a retard, a light can be very very effective, even in the current cancer corridor meta. But spotting only or sitting in the back farming wn8 isn't always enough to get the win, you have to know when to use your gun for damage, when to use it as a distraction and where you have support to kill what you spot.
  9. CandyVanMan


    Your turretless hull was nice cover for me, good tank, it serves even in death.
  10. 121B in my garage now, it was the most visually pleasing tank.
  11. Buying a monitor without IPS in 2016 is like buying a phone with buttons and no colour screen.
  12. Asparagus is fucking disgusting and you should feel bad for that nick.
  13. Yup, and the velour ones are more comfy imo. Linku: http://europe.beyerdynamic.com/shop/hah/spareparts/edt-90m.html
  14. Buddy of mine have Steel Wall in Chaffee, but it's been impossible to get since it went from potential damage received to damage blocked by armor. Now maybe I too can get Steel Wall in a light tank.
  15. Yeah mine did the same, so I bought the velour pads for the T70 IIRC, been working flawlessly since.
  16. Sennheiser, Philips or Beyer Dynamic all have good headphones for a relatively civilized price.
  17. Dude, use AFE, it doesn't really cost you anything and provides much better protection, also swap vents for optics and enlarge that minimap. Seriously looking forward to playing this tenk when I get home from work
  18. CandyVanMan

    WZ-111 1-4

    Really hope so, lower plate is utter shit.
  19. It's broken, not necessarily OP... A tank that let's a complete mongo punish any aggressive move in one shot is fucking broken, end of.
  20. The biggest problem with Serene Coast is that you will almost always be outnumbered on 1-2 lines from north spawn, because you will have a few top tiers camping base, which means you will more often than not be fighting outnumbered while also being arty focused. This map is a stinking pile of shit, especially from north.
  21. From north I almost exclusively go middle road for EZ spotting and damage farm, even in heavies. South I will get early shots from middle road in meds and TD's then go where I expect to be most useful. In heavies I go city side, hold back if I have little support, push hard if I have support.
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