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  1. Shiiiiet it feels good to be back in this little abomnation
  2. It is pretty much a t8 122-44. I have both WZ and S1 (had, too passive and boring for me), and WZ is far more enjoyable. Edit: it's a 122-44 with good viewrange and pen for tier.
  3. Only reason you would trade with high alpha tanks is if you are in the wrong fucking position or you are terrible at timing. Also, Skorp is pretty ok at snapshotting. IS-3: 40 Löwe: 43 Patriot: 7
  4. Compared to the other t8 prem heavies, yes. Best gun control, good armor layout, 10° depression, good pen and mad credit making potential.
  5. Fuck it, gonna sell Sheridan and buy back T49.
  6. Was close to selling the Sheridan yesterday, it's just a really shitty Leopard. It's fucking huge and it tips over if you hit the tiniest of bumps, so frustrating to play it, and the pen drop off is crippling when you have to shoot from long range.
  7. I'm willing, but I only play in the evenings, so if you're ever in game from ~8 pm and out, just send me an invite.
  8. Just want you all to know that anyone negging Skorp is a baddie mc badderson. Easily the best t8 in current shit meta, as you will almost never be top tier in a t8, and Skorp can pen shit at all tiers, and armor is less relevant if you know how to abuse cover and pubbies. IS-3: 38 Löwe: 42 Patriot: 10 Defender: 5
  9. @dualmaster333 and @CraBeatOff, should I use the derp on my Sheridan (I've sold my T49)?
  10. CandyVanMan

    WZ-111-1 FT

    Couldn't find a thread on this one. Thought I would start the Chinese TD line on the tier 8, as it was looking quite good, but I'm having huge issues making it work. Anyone with experience in this tank that could shed some light on how to make it work?
  11. Finally got LT-7.3, after close to 2 years of having it active...
  12. Tank is completely outclassed by the 30B now, it really needs a gun handling buff.
  13. Yeah, we need new maps, but not Dragon Ridge, never again. Komarin would actually be quite cool, I used to like that map, good map for aggressive spotting.
  14. Problem with Dragon Ridge was baddies going full lemming train down into some of the lower parts and guaranteeing a loss. It was the same problem as beach on Overlord, maps that give retards the opportunity to hide in useless positions like that are awful, because it's close to impossible to carry a game if half of your top tiers are out of the game for the first half of the match.
  15. Have the tier 8, but not with the top gun yet. Only got one battle without tier 10 tanks, feels a bit anemic so far, prem t8 is so much better, will reserve final judgement until I've gotten some battles with the big gun.
  16. Shattered my ankle, shit fucking hurts, yo, especially when I'm lucky enough to have a paradoxical reaction to morphine and codeine...


    1. Errants


      Good luck, mate.  Glad you've got some other options available to you.  Too many pain meds are bad, true, but living in pain actually makes the healing slower.

    2. arthurwellsley


      Best of luck with that. Make sure you have a surgeon who has done whatever op you require a few times before. I completely ruptured my left ACL March 2016. Six weeks pre-operation physiotherapy, then nine months physiotherapy afterwards and skiing again on 28th December 2016. Good luck with the physio. Take it gently at the beginning, but there is a right time to push hard.

    3. Gashtag


      I've honestly looked at this for 10 minutes and still can't figure out what's your ankle and what's your foot... Hope you get well soon mate


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  17. @adztownstike you get less than 60% winrate and you think you play on a level that equals 4k+ wn8? I get 60-65% solo winrate in t10 and barely get over 3k, so yeah, pretty safe to assume you pad quite hard.
  18. No, you really don't. It doesn't add anything positive to the game, it should just be removed and xp reimbursed.
  19. Wotlabs time machine only let me see @ 9600 battles (19. Dec '12), but I was at 60% overall winrate and fuck knows what wn8, this was before any of those wn metrics were a thing. Think I was at like 55% or something at 2-3k battles, and was still retraining crews for free as I was a poor student, so no prems and no golds, the struggle was real. Gameplay wise, same issue as now, too much aggression and a tendency to tunnel vision, I have a habit of locking onto someone and not stopping until they are rekt, with little regard to the consequences.
  20. Funny anecdote: I used to ask arty players why they killed me instead of x tank when there was still all chat, and almost everytime I got an answer, it was "you were the best player on team".
  21. Ravioli is awesome after buffs, it's like a shitty Patton (which is better than almost any other t8 medium).
  22. I play meds because of arty, not because they focus me less, but because it's harder for them to hit. It's not unusual that I get arty focus from 1-2 arties from the first second I'm spotted until either me or arty is dead. Not gonna speculate much into why, but it's probably a combination of me being very aggressive and therefore spotted early and often, cancer xvm and/or just random bad luck.
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