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  1. After watching your replays just real quick at work, I feel you are too passive early game, then you seem to get impatient and just yolo into bad engagements. You should focus on getting more damage in the early game, like get into a decently aggressive position with some good cover available to get an early clip in. You were way too late at getting in damage in all the matches except Steppes, but there you got caught out in a horrible position early on. Risk assessment should also be something to work on, you take way too many bad engagements that you won't trade well in. That's my first thoughts from watching. I might actually bother doing a replay analysis when I get back from work next week with video commentary or something. If you're intererested you can just poke me on Thursday next week so I remember, I would also be willing to toon some battles with you.
  2. Before I went on several long breaks, I could pull 4-4,5k most of the time, now I barely go over 3k. It's mostly because my situational awareness has become shit, that's what I need to focus on now. Maybe you are in the same situation?
  3. I'll check these out and give some pointers after work today.
  4. Decided to 3 mark my Bulldog tonight, went better than expected, was coming off hard tilt. Replays of tonight's session: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dzezan0qdwxva0s/Bulldog 3 marks.rar?dl=0
  5. Pretty nice carry in my Bulldoge http://wotreplays.com/site/3090477#sand_river-candyvanman-m41_walker_bulldog
  6. Slowly brushing off the rust. Decided I should give the STB-1 a chance, went pretty well. http://wotreplays.com/site/3087068#sand_river-candyvanman-stb-1
  7. I penned one with KV-2 HE yesterday, 895 damage. Felt good.
  8. Congrats America, the circus is now run from the monkey cage.

  9. They should just ban all mods, mods are becoming a worse cancer than arty. Edit: Just went on Armored patrol to see what this "Master Ambush" mod was, didn't bother me too much, that Woras mongo encouraging people to get cancer mods from plazmakeks, now that bothered me a bit, like we need more retards with fallen objects mod and the like.
  10. 500+ for a decent one in 1440p with IPS panel, can probably save some by getting a 1080p instead. 4k isn't worth it yet imo.
  11. Wait what? Are you back? We need to do a yolo toon when I get back from work!
  12. I have decided to stop sucking at this game. Will probably end up in broken stuff on and around my desk.
  13. After playing all night on full tilt I had one pretty epic battle. The duel vs JPE at the end is what really made this game get my heart pumping. http://wotreplays.com/site/3063904#airfield-candyvanman-m48a1_patton
  14. Just gonna farm top 100 in all my TX and TIX tanks for the personal reserves. Maybe try to get one top 3 for the Skorpion.
  15. I have played several matches these last 24 hours! I'm an active member of the wot society!
  16. We need to have a serious discussion! I have observed that many people in our glorious clan are redline sniping mr sexiis. How do you have below 2 spots per game in meds? You guise need to explain yourselves, or you can take the candy crash course of the true way of yolo.
  17. You move from cover to cover and abuse your godlike gun control. Always try to be in a somewhat central position, as you aren't that mobile. Pop anyone not looking your way and laugh as they have no chance to get shots on you before you are back in cover.
  18. I'm actually kinda active again, though somewhat bitter from all the arta focus and rustyness, but I'm starting to get the hang of this stuff again. Back from work on wednesday, come play with your trackpad then. So are you beardy, you should come rage with me soon :*
  19. "Arty is defenseless at close range, so it's not broken at all." http://wotreplays.eu/site/2860349#sand_river-candyvanman-121
  20. Does ugliness of wallpaper correlate to skill level at tanks?

    1. Assassin7


      thats not even the worst one :^)

      though I have others as well, and thats only on my laptop. my desktop doesn't have any anime wallpapers. 

    2. CandyVanMan


      I meant wallpaper literally, as in decorative wall coverings.

      Was watching Straik on youtube, and he's got some of the most horrendous wallpaper I've ever laid eyes on.

    3. Assassin7


      he live in Russia, modern taste hasn't been invented there yet

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  21. I just had a match with only 2 arties on each side.
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