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  1. Anyone with 53TP, would you keep it, or sell it? AKA does it have CW/SH/tourney potential?
  2. Well, 53TP grew on me, but god damn that traverse...
  3. I guess I was hyped, 50TP ended up being a rounded tank, I expected tech tree variant to be same or better.
  4. I free xp'd to Tier 8, and I'm not enjoying it. That +30 more alpha compared to 122mm BLyat-9 and 8 degs of gun depression somehow just doesn't work, the RNG rolls 350 a lot, and the tank itself turns like a whale on land. Are Tier 9 and 10 worth the grind? Are they meta worthy as THE superheavies?
  5. Wait, how does Smooth Ride come into play with Clutch/Offroad?
  6. Well with Sit. Awareness/Recon + Food + Vents I'll hit 445+ anyway...
  7. So JoaT + Food without Medkit? Or Joat/FF/FF directive/PM without AFE?
  8. Is this universal for all tanks (MT/HT) and even RU/CH fireworks meds?
  9. Get JoAT, drop Med for Food? SConq get's a lot of flak from arty, no?
  10. I get lit up often (maybe not so often but it hurts in Ranked, so I notice it more). Is it really worth having FF and swapping AFE for Food? FF only reduces the number of ticks... Also, would you recommend Vents>Optics + Sit. Awareness on Obj. 140? And FF + Food too? SInce it's a much more "fast" hovermed compared to pocket heavy 430u?
  11. It's a 10%-er for fire, but it lights up easily, RU module placement and all... Fire directive, does it make sense on any tank? I mean, it doesn't decrease the chance of fire like Preventative Maintenance does. Also, should I swap Off-Road for Snap Shot now, or just level it up? Regarding Preventative Maintenance, should I swap it in now instead of say Camo, or maybe Repairs?
  12. CREW SKILLS: Commander: Sixth Sense/BiA/Camo/Repairs/Situational Awareness or JoAT? Gunner: Camo/BiA/Snap Shot/Repairs/??? Driver: Camo/BiA/Smooth Ride/Repairs/in which order: Off-Road Driving, Preventative Maintenance, Clutch Braking? Loader: Camo/BiA/Safe Stowage/Repairs/Adrenaline Rush? EQUIPMENT: Rammer V. Stab Optics CONSUMABLES: (Large) Repair Kit (Auto) Fire Extinguisher (Large) First Aid Kit DIRECTIVE: gun handling? PS: Should I run Food on this tank, and what to swap out?
  13. CREW SKILLS: Commander: Sixth Sense/BiA/Repairs/Recon or JoAT? Gunner: Repairs/BiA/Snap Shot/??? Driver: Repairs/BiA/Off-Road Driving/in which order: Preventative Maintenance, Smooth Ride, Clutch Braking? Loader: Repairs/BiA/Safe Stowage/Situational Awareness/Adrenaline Rush? EQUIPMENT: Rammer V. Stab Vents CONSUMABLES: (Large) Repair Kit (Auto) Fire Extinguisher (Large) First Aid Kit DIRECTIVE: more DPM? PS: Should I run Food on this tank, and what to swap out?
  14. I'm impressed regular Bulldog is that low, wasn't it said around that it's the best overall scout after Blackdog, in fact being better at scouting than Blackdog? How do non-prems fare compared to M41 90 and Type 64?
  15. "Max 3 arties per team is good for balans, da!" - WarGaming Department of Redundancy Department
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