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  1. Snuup

    Animated PNG

    Here's the sig in GIF format, cus fuck APNG support http://i.imgur.com/bvbuCtL.gif Why would you even APNG? File size is larger than the GIF one.
  2. Credits/min (net): http://www.vbaddict.net/statistics.php?tier=8&tanktype=0&nation=0&premium=0&mapid=0&modeid=0&team=0&battles=1000&groupby=0&fieldname=credits_per_minuten Winrate: http://www.vbaddict.net/statistics.php?tier=8&tanktype=0&nation=0&premium=0&mapid=0&modeid=0&team=0&battles=1000&groupby=0&fieldname=won_lost_ratio Your pick.
  3. Thanks. It doesn't seem like I can hulldown over a depression or something though, like the T29. Where are the spots that I can hide my hull? Every time I try to hulldown, it makes it so I shoot over the turret of the enemy from the lack of depression. Should I replace vents with binox?
  4. Boatload of replays here: https://mega.co.nz/#!BJA1AQpT!XNw6DyebTOETIjel2kDmHV_JP9QERChrNHDbiM1-kpg I just don't get it - I can't seem to win any games with my T-54. It's like I can't carry hard enough to get wins, or find good spots, or avoid being hit. People keep telling me it's a brawling tank, but that just gets me killed. Are there any glaringly obvious mistakes from these piles of replays? What am I doing wrong? One of the more frustrating replays I've had: https://mega.co.nz/#!NQgCSKaC!Xj3tuwfV0QfU8q-COXbf4V0s0HgMQtCuxDA-PQEOPH8 Another replay I couldn't figure out:
  5. I ran the ARL with the 105, I found the higher alpha helpful. I also ran full gold - it's like the choice on the ARL V39. Whether you prefer the 90 or 105 is your choice.
  6. Snuup

    World of Codes

    Alienware has invite codes if you guys wanna start a new account: http://www.alienwarearena.com/giveaway/world-of-tanks-starter-pack-giveaway-for-new-players/
  7. availability: most weekdays/weekends - not available for operation olive/tier 6 tourny tanks?: Tier 6: KV-1S Can buy back (with good crew): VK3601H, Cromwell Tier 8: AMX 13 90, IS-3, T69 Tier 10: T-62A, Batchat, T57, E5 platoon?: Pontoons? Yesh. experience?: Currently in Minor League (ranked top 8 currently, the WoT tourny page isn't updated), participated in the weekend anniversary blitzes (with >14k gold received - placement: 2x1st place, 4x2nd place), participated in a few daily blitzes, won 1st place in a tier 5 tourny, played upwards of 3k battles only in TCs Was purple, then I d
  8. Thanks! Edit: annnnnd now my stats are broken! http://wotlabs.net/na/player/Snuup http://i.imgur.com/3l8adE7.png
  9. Why can't I check clan stats for SU? http://wotlabs.net/na/clan/SU
  10. Hey - can you upload your replays for your T71 as well as AMX 13 90? Thanks!
  11. Thanks. Yeah - that's what other people have told me, and I hate not carrying as much because it's so much weaker \= Granted, I do have some really nice matches because all I do is sniping, but it doesn't feel like a carry tank at all. In fact, I think if I had a TD, I'd be able to do better. Yeah, it does -6°/+13° for 50 100, -6°/+11° for lorraine.
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