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  1. Ah i picked the Lamenters because they are badass, they get fucked over by the lords of terra, and other SM chapters, but they keep on fighting for the weak and the helpless. They even denied an award for an action in the corinth crusade where they saved millions of civilians, but they didn't believe they deserved it since they thought they didn't save enough. I've been watching that develop for a while, one of their lead level designers is a DM for a Dark Heresy game i watch on youtube, with Totalbiscuit, EGincontrol, DJwheat, and Itmejp
  2. Oh boy, just finished Horus Rising in a week, and now i'm on False Gods. The horus heresy novels are astounding. Also if i were to choose a space marine army to make, it'd be the Lamenters. I love their lore, even if whatever has their name in it, inevitably ends with the lamenters getting fucked over by the end of it.
  3. What the- I LIKED SUPERINTENDENT BEFORE YOU DID! But no i'm just the jaded angry twin. Anyways, that looks like a paintjob i'd do, that's why i wouldn't be proud, nor have fun with painting models. The game looks fun as hell though.
  4. There is always the cheaper PnP games, or even the video games, if you're into that sort of tech-heresy.
  5. Oh yeah traitor guardsmen are hella interesting as well, but the whole "regular humans given freedom from pain and suffering by the glorious grandfather" in a universe of giant evil things that will kill you 6 ways from sunday is what i find the best. I don't like Space Marines solely to the fact they're built for this. Guardsmen have my respect since they aren't special at all,cultists as well. Death Guard has a spot on my list though, but they just look cool
  6. I like nurgle just based on his entire "personality" he's basically the big happy family of chaos. And nurgle himself is the slovenly but lovable father.
  7. It's my brother in the space marines! I am one of the few who appreciates regular cultists.
  8. Nah, it's all about nurgle cultists.
  9. Ah i love the modern PnP games. I run a post apocalypse game and an Only War. They're both great. But since I also owe the old timers for bringing me into gaming, i play a necromancer in a DnD 3.5 game.
  10. I quite enjoy in my 40k lore as well, but as a gamer i play the PnP RPG's, i even run my own Only War game, good fun.
  11. I want to get into tabletop but i couldn't paint for my life, so i'm saving up to send them to some real painters.
  12. IG and Space marines are good? what? I do see that the models are rather expensive, which is why i prefer the fantasy flight games better, i love Dark Heresy, Black Crusade, and a special place in my nerd heart for Only War. It's also a lot cheaper.
  13. I play a lot of Warhammer, mostly the PnP RPG's, and i've recently got into the tabletop game, though I really only play 40k, since the fantasy doesn't suit me, gotta love that grimdarkness. As for the tabletop i've been looking at making an Ork army, but they haven't gotten a new codex in a while, wondering if i should really just wait for a new one to start buying figures. As for the books, i've recently gotten the first two in the Horus Heresy series, and i have two Ciaphas Cain books. Anyone else into the games/books/RPG's/Tabletop Wargames that make up Warhammer?
  14. Ah that makes sense, cool. I hope to see more of him next season. Perhaps actually see a big battle!
  15. Blame the Cold War, American propaganda painted the Russians as evil, conniving people that would all kill babies, and the Germans were proud peace loving people until a really bad egg named hitler blundered drunkenly into the reichstag and said he was lord of germany.
  16. Oh man if you give it to me i'll love you long time >_>
  17. Do. Want. So jelly, can NA people buy it? and how much is it? i don't even know what currency that is.
  18. Locoace1

    World of Codes

    Not exactly a game, but i have a 20$ code for Itunes, which i don't ever use, so whoever wants it can have it. $20 Itunes: XXTG5CLBKG65DSVS U.S. only. Also took the F.E.A.R 2 on the last page, thanks!
  19. Locoace1

    World of Codes

    Took the Bastion Code, danke
  20. Locoace1

    World of Codes

    Humble Indie Bundle and Defenders of Ardania have been used (not by me) Warlocks Masters of Arcane has been used (by me) thanks a lot for the codes man.
  21. Big fan of EB as well? I got it for the uber historical accuracy. I always found Rome to be a disappointment when it comes to that, but EB is just amazing.
  22. Considering i really don't enjoy losing, and player's who are complete idiots, i am definitely willing to get better. Also i am no troll if any of you know me from WoT. also i take it there are no Jsnazzs or Erwin Rommels here?
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