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  1. Niiice. My setup is ridiculously similar to yours: G502 Proteus Core mouse Corsair K70 pre-RGB, even switched out the exact same keys: WASD, 1-6. XD Similar audio, too. I've got the Logitech Z906, looks like yours is probably the Z506. If you have a Sennheiser PC363D headset, we might be long lost brothers.
  2. Thought so, but wasn't quite sure. I'm finishing up SC right now (chapter 8). I made the dumb mistake of playing on hard. Will not be getting a perfect BP score in this playthrough.
  3. Is that Zane from Trails in the Sky in your avatar?
  4. Heh, pretty sure my old VHS of Akira is still somewhere in my Dad's hoarder's attic. So looks like Otomo did the designs for Freedom? I dig it.
  5. Texhnolyze was great. I've been meaning to watch Serial Experiments Lain for years but haven't for, no real reason, tbh. I'm prob going to put that at the top of my Shitty Cold Weather Anime to-Watch List. I'll also add Canaan and Mononoke, too. Heard other folks talk about this before. Sounded pretty interesting. +1 to the list.
  6. I enjoyed Death Note... until the 2nd story arc. Loved the first season of Darker than Black. My kind of show. 2nd season was so so. Phantom as in Requiem for the Phantom? Saw it but don't remember too much of the show tbh, save for the girl who grows up to be the baddass biker. I think that made more of an impression on me than the two main killers combined. Watched the first few episodes of Jormungand but it didn't really grab me. Haven't sen Kekkai Sensen. Will add it to my list. Psycho Pass: Pretty good. Only wished the side characters saw more development than they got, and that th
  7. http://www.pcgamer.com/minecraft-streamer-buys-45-million-mansion/ Watched one of this guy's videos. Scratched my head. But then I remembered this
  8. Well since you're offering.. Off the top of my head (not in any particular order of preference): I like psychological stuff like Paranoia Agent or Monster Action like Black Lagoon, Baccano, Parasyte, etc. I'm a huge sucker for sci fi that isn't mecha; Planetes, GitS Comedy like Shin Chan idk what genre would you call something like Mushishi? Fantasy? I'm generally not a fan of slice of life or teenage romance. I guess Clannad would be an example of a show that was definitely not my cup of tea. And now that I wrote that, I realize that I have no idea what it is that I'm looking for
  9. I've looked at many MAL lists(hurr) over the years from folks who seemed to like what I do, but I was hoping for something more specialized and automated. I mean there's got to be enough public data out there, all one would need is a moderately robust engine to use it.
  10. You simply got clicked by someone using the Patron Warpack. Nothing to see here.
  11. Is there a site with a decent algorithm that gives you suggestions on anime based on those you've already watched a la spotify or last.fm w/rt music? The cold months are approaching. I need to spruce up my to-watch list.
  12. I wasn't near a computer Saturday. Good work ITT, though. Have some upboats.
  13. All? Source? I get tired afterwards, but definitely not depressed.
  14. I disabled dynamic platoon invitations 2 games after its implementation. I don't need to platoon-chat with my meat shields.
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