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  1. Fundamentally, artillery just does too much damage, regardless of how good you are. A bad player can still deal massive damage in artillery because the mechanic is basically point, click and hope RNG is favorable. It takes a great deal of difficulty to skillfully play a fragile medium tank and deal massive damage with a DPS gun that is reliant on you staying alive for a prolonged period of time. It takes very little skill to sit in the rear and get a favorable RNG role, killing said good player because he got lit despite his best effort, or had to take a calculated risk. Obviously arty factors into said risk (e.g. chance of getting nuked while moving into a new position), but due to the randomness of artillery (which Ech did a great job of explaining through complicated maths), it's difficult to access how likely you are of getting killed. When my enemy has bad artillery players I tend to play a little bit more aggressively if necessary, whereas I would have been more conservative had the enemy had good artillery players. Generally that formula pays off, but you still run into those situations where out of nowhere you find that half your HP is gone due to an ARMED GW Tiger.

  2. I know this. It was the only tank I had in my garage that would make a decent demonstration. I just wanted to show what it looks like.

    Effective armor is awful even 1 degree before auto bounce.

    Obviously the M103 can't truly side scrape, but reverse poking in general is still the best way to play peak a boom in any tank. Baddies are prone to shooting the first part of your tank that is visible, which means if you back up front a corner with your front hull angled towards the hard cover then it's the rear end of your track getting hit. In turn you get a shot off at their front or side, while showing little to none of yours.

    If you want to truly side scape you need something German or Russian, and if you want to do the reverse side scrapping as depicted in figure 2 you better be in an IS-4, because I don't think any other tank can get away with that.

  3. I say they should make it on top of the middle hills/mountains.

    But the most logical choice is in the middle of Town, just like in Prohorovka Encounter.

    Prokhorovka encounter is gawd awful. As if the map wasn't terrible enough.

  4. Well reminded xD Had just installed the AIOMOD and forgot to change it :P

    I'm still on XVM too, I've been meaning to change it forever, I just found it amusing that you were still using it too.

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