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  1. Been having a lot of fun with these builds on the Tech Tree M41 and HWK - appreciate the videos and the callout on this fun new approach to LTs! Man, especially in those 8s, the urge NOT to shoot a wheelie on sight is like suppressing prey-drive in a young retriever. It's the self-control that makes this build fun and challenging - and unforgiving. Oi!
  2. Tested/legit on the HWK 30? Have zero interest in running German LTs, but have the tier 8 prem. EDIT: And are you keeping optics in the #1 equip spot?
  3. The prophet called Crab once spoke of a Pubbie Whisperer who could influence, nay even guide, a flock of pubbies to the promised land of coordination and victory. One day, may he come back unto us in a less sinful age. Sr360 does this really well. This replay in particular shows it off l as he does it on two flanks alternately with the t49 derp. I am one of your youtube viewers Sr - really appreciate you posting those up.
  4. Like Godzilla re-emerging from the ancient depths, I am resurrecting this great monster (in thread). Background: Type 4 was a major PITA for me: 50 games, sub 50% (all solo) super slow reload, effective DPM is like 1100. This was all post-nerf on the broken derp. I don't use any premium ammo and often get a lot of spotting, so I actually break-even on this thing. Just x5'd through. Hated every second. Raged at the sheer amount of HEAT spam you get tossed your way. But I had come this far so decided to commit and get the tier X Type 5. Played 5 games in it. Lost them all. I was terr
  5. This should be pinned for everyone somewhere. Ya'll are stingy with your upboats.
  6. Have a bunch of blueprints, should I skip the M46 Patton? Seems like a dog with bad dispersion and low pen (I hardly ever shoot gold). 

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    2. M4A3E8sherman


      The M46 was a regular contender for best tier 9 tank during the days of 2014-2017.

      No longer is, or even particularly close, but I'd have a hard time believing it's outright bad.

    3. CandyVanMan


      Still one of the best in it's tier.

    4. Expendable_Lad


      Yeah after the terrible stock grind for gun and turret this thing is really showing it's strengths. Thanks for encouraging me to stick with it! 

      That 500+ VR and punchy alpha is great. Top engine makes it mobile.  Even the pen isn't really an issue - only time I am in front of heavies is if I can shoot down on the anyway and silver is great for everything else. 

  7. Hurting dark-green style with the STA-1. Big, HE pennable, and that .38 accuracy has shots flying all over the place, especially snapping. 

    Rammer, rotation and optics right now. Thinking of switching in a v-stasb. What do you think hive-mind?

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    2. Expendable_Lad


      Thanks guys!

    3. Expendable_Lad


      Rotation is questionable - got it. Still getting used to new equipment since jumping on for the xmas bonanza for first time since Spring. 

    4. churchill50


      IRM is extremely useful, but it's not a substitute for V-Stab. It has two uses.

      The first is in addition to V-Stab on tanks with really derpy gun handling. Stuff like the Bisonte, B-C 25t, AMX 50 120, FCM 50t, etc. Mounting both V-Stab AND IRM can really help get the gun handling under control.

      The second use is on tanks that can't mount V-Stab. Either low-tiers, or TD's. On some TD's, it's absolutely game-changing: 263/268v4 (gun handling + rotation, which are both needed), T110E4/T30/Conway/FV4005 (huge bonus to gun handling, which they need). 

  8. I feel you on that. I love Paris as a heavy, but TD play is either too boring or awkwardly wiggling fixed guns around building corner and not a lot of camo or soft cover for a fun med game. For me if its only a fun map for 1/4 categories it's ON THE LIST. It would be more fun in mediums if I was better at waiting and holding back the first 5 mins of the game to wait for my play, but for some reason I compulsively get in the face of Type 5s in my Leo in the first 2 mins so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Good lord - jumping back into my Pershing - this thing is same tier and class as prog, bourrasque FML.

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    2. Expendable_Lad


      Sounds super hipster, but I don't use gold ammo anymore - I carry maybe 5 rounds in each tank, but I just never dab the 2 key anymore o_o. Bring food consummables, but I'm off the gold yo!

    3. lavawing


      I don't think the Pershing was ever meant to be played with silver...........

    4. Assassin7


      Well, unfortunately I got news for you. Gold rounds are standard rounds now. No, you dont have to like it, no one does. But the sooner you just get over it, load your tanks with 50/50 gold, and tap that two key whenever you think you might struggle to pen, you'll find the game more enjoyable in 2020 meta. 

      Yep it sucks but frankly, its the truth.

  10. I actually had a lot of fun with this tank. The speed kept me from potatoing out too early. Already had stuff researched from the T28 Prot (which I thought was a total slog to play) so didn't feel gimped while getting all the top modules. Like Marine said, add value early OR be the rock on the weak flank to let your team press numbers advantages elsewhere. Use that armor and early offense, because you can't really recover from tank deficits in the mid-late game. Great bully tank in the right situations. When bottom tier you can still add value and support a push. 24 games
  11. So coming back to the game after a while - this thing goes immediately into the trashcan. Do not pass go. Order crew to commit Sudoku by sunset. Huge, clunky, no way to effectively angle, more vulnerable to gold spam than any other tier 9, long aim time, poor dpm (1800), like what does this tank have going for it? it's like the tier 9 equivalent of a TOG.
  12. Oh hai. 



    1. Rexxie



  13. Wotlabs hive mind: Go Swedish Heavy or Med line with tier 7 crew?

    New to tanks after 2 years. Too lazy to learn siege mode mechanic, all the new weakspots, new maps, or hit 2 key. 

    Also: Hi again. I love you all. 

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    2. Kymrel


      If you are not hitting the 2 key you'll have a worse time in the heavies than the meds. You'll have a bad time in either, but worse in the heavies.

    3. Wanderjar


      since the heavies dont have a siege mode all you have to do is stay hulldown

    4. hazzgar


      Go meds. T8 Emil is annoying to play. It's a hulldown tank in principle but the gun is super derpy and the turret is way too soft plus the sides are easy to pen and the tank sides are overmatchable by the fucking wind. 

  14. I meant I don't disagree with the points he makes about the ships, not the specific grades he gave them. They are mostly boss ships, I just would have done a little more grading on a curve.
  15. I am going to actually drill some Eugen games and come back to report. I feel like German cruiser mindset solves all problems. The 50/50/10 premium camo is pretty solid too. 1) Yeah, its got lacking HE, but I still grab demo expert and just accept that my HE performance will just mean 70% of normal HE damage (less for Japanese) 2) If you have some trigger discipline and go camo modules and skills you can demolish anything that shows some broadside with AP. 3) German hydro allows for some opportunistic DD smokecharging and the 203s crush Brit cruisers and DDs. 4) Has 3km
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