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  1. 100% this ^^. The mobility lets you really choose what trade you want to get into with your HP. Not great anything, but situationally solid against almost anything in some way (quick double track, depression, heavy-level of hp, etc.) and the ability to relocate means there aren't like "bad" maps for it. Just don't go head to head with tier IX/X heavies with the lack of gold pen. Wish it took me less than your minute to get used to. But really hitting my stride: 9 games today with over 2.9k dpg. One part of the X-factor is people don't seem to think the tank is much of a threat. And judgi
  2. Figured I'd ride the on-track running heavies for the nation whose greatest military accomplishment of the last hundred years was conquering 500 potato farmers with pitchforks in Albania in ww2. I actually did the stock grind. First 20 games took some getting used to, but last 15 games have been 2.5k dpg-ish. My notes on the Tier VIII Decent 220 pen standard on top gun works in tier, but poor gold pen of 242 really gimps you. You can't just gold your way into successful half-aimed shooting. Optics puts it around 460 VR with a full crew and food. Running rotation and going b
  3. Still think you're a madlad for making the Patton work. Hey, would you and @CraBeatOffcheck this replay out? Like 3.8k combined on Sand River. BT IX. Full vision kit HWK. Like things went OK - but feel like this replay will tell me why I'm stuck at 90-93 on my 3rd mark. http://wotreplays.eu/site/6242303#sand_river-expendablelad-hwk_30
  4. Nice dude - what's the 1v7 strat? Won 85% of 7v1, but man, a bunch of games where 3/4 teammates go down early and just scramble to do much. Strategist friendly map seems to be Mannerheim. Siegfried Line field really seems to get shut down by watchtowers too. Massive defenses tucked into a small space and pubbies who can't resist poking meds and soft tanks into the face of heavy TDs. Had two teammates with zero damage last game - against bots and installed defenses...
  5. Solid comments. 7v1 available now. Going pretty much as expected. Lost to strategist once because pubbies are shit, but whatchagonnado? You can play your OWN tier Xs when going against the strategist. Can make a lot of creds 20-140k+ per battle (plus a 20k mission) and xp for your Xs - but you have to pay for your gold ammo, kit, etc. So if you want to credit grind, think hitting your shots and/or high normal AP pen tanks XP is pretty low - like 500ish per game - kind of like PvE experience in World of Warships Great for getting a feel for new
  6. Hey Gang - Figured we'd start a sesh on the new Art of Strategy. Played a bunch of Strat v Strat when it opened this AM. It's all strategist vs strategist for a few days while everyone gets used to the mode. Here are a few takeaways: AI is dogshit. Tanks are so easy to get caught out and just get smashed, especially mediums and soft tanks. Selecting tanks like a Leopard that requires really tight play is a tough one for the AI to handle. It's so easy to forget orders. I default to the defensive mode at the start of battle. You controlling a tank turns it into a psych
  7. grinding out a few arty missions this AM. I have now played 18 games of tier X arty in my entire WoT career. But one thing about arty at tier X - you can still make decent credits (!?) netting 30k+ a game in the 261 at like 2k damage and whatever that arty stun assistance thing is. Crazy. 

    1. Ham_


      If your games aren't a solid 3 minutes long that is

    2. Expendable_Lad


      @Ham_can't deny that. But just had a game on lakeville - 2k damage, 3k stun assist (nothing too crazy) - 60k gross silver - 40k net, plus the bonds. With a credit booster that would be 70k net. 40-70k net is a decent game in a gold-spamming T8 premium. 
      Just had no idea the arty economics at Tier X were so good. 

  8. Also- I have to call out that brawl skill on the k-91 for the kids: You drew the K-91 between you and their char, put your ass to the hill so you couldn't get shot from behind by the prog, then chased into the wreck to cover your side from the char again. Textbook play from a tank designed for that kind of wetwork and you barely got scraped from it all. Yeah you got stunned to 50 IQ by arty the whole time, but super clean play.
  9. Would you have played a solo LT (say a Ru251) this way on Fjords too? A common solo pattern on maps like Fjords, Mines, abbey is a pathological aversion to competing early key zones (dip/ctr in Fjords, hill on mines, etc) that risk an early 0 damage derp out. Then I just fight for chip spotting and damage on the periphery for the rest of the game. Pubby LT opponents = zero problem yolo-ing those zones. Me, nossomuch.
  10. Hadn't really thought about missions in a while, but got the itch for TD-15 culminating in a 8.5k cb Tortoise Stomp of sacrificial pubby heavies. 
    The tortiose relies not so much on armor, but on the "OMFG A F'IN 4.5k dpm GLD SPAMIN TORTIOSE" effect. 

  11. You f'in said it. And it's in tier with some really spicy LTs. I get people bitch about WN8 padding in LTs (significantly moderated since I switched out gun setups broadly for spotting ones) but you earn every bit in this thing. Grabbed Senlac this week to run a few games. Not bad (and appreciate your replay in it from a few weeks back) but that slow RoF in the line takes some getting used to.
  12. Started the line at tier 7. Oof Setter is an old dog with no tricks. Like a loltraktor at tier 7. Get outrun by cromwell Bs, thing turns like a brick shithouse. 5+ seconds to do 135 damage. Woof. Makes me crave the sleek Type 62 and 13-57.
  13. Yeah - I think I blueprinted or free XP'd to the 268 after 30 or so games. So most of those were without the top gun - I remember using the t-54 100mm with 330 HEAT pen mostly with OK results. Finally got the top gun and it is just meh on a meh platform. Narrow gun traverse means even using binos you disrupt your stationary camo all the time. You can't just bully from spots with your lower plate covered and your face is only like <220 mm effective if I remember. Also, your deck is 20mm and gets overmatched by anything that touches it - meaning arty hits you hard. AND you have a 130mm R
  14. For the skeleton crew here at Wotlabs - does anyone have a capable defense of Redshire during assault?  It's a game I basically chalk up to a loss solo-pubbing when I load in and play for damage. 
    From the start you lose 2/3rds map control. Assaulting team can start capping once there is a wreck to hide behind on their side of the cap. Assaulting, I just park on a ridge, knock down some bushes and spot myself and fire from camo or crossfire  at 10 other spots. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. hazzgar


      @kolniwhat do you do if all of your team hugs the castle + goes south? North can be overrun if you are solo there. 

    3. Expendable_Lad


      Yeah - if either flank goes, you just can't hold center (even castle starts to peel and they can cap w/o castle getting any shots onto flag). I run about 99% solo, but wins I have seen are getting a good south push, sniping their early southern/center hill mediums. Pushing through to river and working up from there. 1-2 hard turreted tanks can hold either flank well, it just doesn't seem to happen that much. 

    4. kolni


      I mean you just have to give it. You can always stay for like a minute and rotate to southern part or even into castle ditch if things are going really bad to survive a bit longer but normally I just go north ridge looking for anything at the start and if I don't immediately find something I look for something south instead. You survive there a bit longer at least. I'm not the player I used to so I'm happy if I get to squeeze 3k out in a tier nine here and 5,5k on the attacking side

      As a defender on this bad of an assault you really can't waste any time - doing something is usually a better idea than nothing even if it's risky because an even game on this map is the attackers win -> they only lose if they throw it away

  15. Finally Aced the Strv K in a 5.3k dmg game ~6.5k combined. Finally getting into a rhythm there.
    Mediocre tanks do force you to be smart, plus I just play better when I lower my expectations and dont treat every game like a pressure cooker. 

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