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  1. LoL'd seeing the hover-description of the new "elite system" rating:
    "Demonstrates your dedication to a specific vehicle" 


  2. MIrny prem tank definitely achievable.
    Unlocked all the reels across like 9-10 games, but stil have to grind some keys. Got lucky with a random good squad to beat nightmare boss on game 6 or 7. Hunter damage was actually the last one I unlocked. 

    1. Jul_Le


      My experience playing with randoms is that they can barely manage 2k damage on normal difficulty. I consider myself lucky if none of them are afk.

      I have had some hilariously bad teams, like somebody who ends up with 500 dmg, and when you check and it's a 40% player. They seem to drive along fine but are doing no damage?? Idk man the pubbies work in mysterious ways

    2. Expendable_Lad


      Yeah dude. Honestly what makes arty fucking unbearable for me to play isn't the class - it's having my eye-in-the-sky view of how terrible most players are at this game. I'm on the last obj260 arty mission and it's brutal seeing the levels of fail. 

  3. So apparently i'm good at the t54e1. 
    QQ does the TL7 play like it? I don't want to keep this thing but love this tier 9 autoloader. Ill be playing a lot more t77 when I'm done with this, but enjoying this e1 more than I thought I would and want to keep it up. 

  4. Just ran 50 solo games in this thing for the on-track having never run it before. Took me 20 games to get my stride (and try to recover my WR) and stop making (too many) shitty mistakes on the platform. Ran basic optics / bounty aiming / purple vents. A few notes: Pros My setup gave me ~485 VR which helped with the self sufficiency and providing vision Easy stock grind - just need to research the tracks - I didn't spend any free xp Same armor setup as the tier X means more when scaled for tier 9 Fast - this thing can haul and 20/30 moving/stationary camo is fine
  5. Thing just smashes. On the armor-mobility-firepower scale it shows up across the board. Punishes mistakes relentlessly. Gun can still hit weak spots at med range (.44 accuracy compared to Caliban's .58!) Like I had a croissant themed camo for the M4 Revalorisé so picked it up. Yeah it's a D+ tank at the best of times, but it's 200mm pen gun cant reliably pen the lower plate of an Arnie. It pays massive prices for 390 alpha and shell velocity. Bourr is OP, but still takes a modicum of work to play. And yes, I play tanks based on the custom camos I have for them. Wannafightaboutit?
  6. Just had a 110 game. 4.1k damage in BT X and ZERO critical damage done. Weird. 

  7. Agree with Sr about the ShPTK but I think Charioteer is a great, balanced TD that rewards smart play, mobility use and ammo selection. Solid, fun, and balanced tier 8 TD in a class and tier with a ton of lazy, repetitive gameplay models. Just finished grind with 65% WR and 2300 DPG. I'll take that in anything I am solo grinding at tier 8.
  8. Do you and Crab have thoughts on when your LT is just outclassed for the vision role? Was on Glacier running T49 with full ninja setup. Went to the mid-eastern spot - completely outdone by enemy Manticore. Didn't even spot him, but was perma lit behind that big rock and got taken apart by his team. When you have a situation like that (you in T4 9 and see 60% Manticore player on enemy team) do you just load gun setup and play that way? What's the move there?
  9. Yeah, that's about my take too. Maybe I'll try the French heavies now, but this just seems like it will make the Kran more frustrating to play while still being frustrating to play against.
  10. Just picked up my first SWE siege mode-tonk. Do I just paly like a normal TD? Is siege mode a PITA? Appreciate any tips and "wish I woulda knowns" from team Wotlabs. 

    1. echo9835


      Be sneaky. Camo nets are your friends. The turbo increases siege mode speed. Getting spotted is almost always instant death.

    2. kolni


      Really long firing lines is key and knowing your effective camo gets more important as it decides when you have to move


      These are tanks you don’t move in unless you have to, it’s better to remain in place on losing flanks and run late than the other way around 100% of the time which is wrong for just about everything else, so it takes some getting used to

      UDES and 103b can actually keep up with most of what you play against in mobility so it’s better to squeeze damage and take a risk than not

  11. 100% this ^^. The mobility lets you really choose what trade you want to get into with your HP. Not great anything, but situationally solid against almost anything in some way (quick double track, depression, heavy-level of hp, etc.) and the ability to relocate means there aren't like "bad" maps for it. Just don't go head to head with tier IX/X heavies with the lack of gold pen. Wish it took me less than your minute to get used to. But really hitting my stride: 9 games today with over 2.9k dpg. One part of the X-factor is people don't seem to think the tank is much of a threat. And judgi
  12. Figured I'd ride the on-track running heavies for the nation whose greatest military accomplishment of the last hundred years was conquering 500 potato farmers with pitchforks in Albania in ww2. I actually did the stock grind. First 20 games took some getting used to, but last 15 games have been 2.5k dpg-ish. My notes on the Tier VIII Decent 220 pen standard on top gun works in tier, but poor gold pen of 242 really gimps you. You can't just gold your way into successful half-aimed shooting. Optics puts it around 460 VR with a full crew and food. Running rotation and going b
  13. Still think you're a madlad for making the Patton work. Hey, would you and @CraBeatOffcheck this replay out? Like 3.8k combined on Sand River. BT IX. Full vision kit HWK. Like things went OK - but feel like this replay will tell me why I'm stuck at 90-93 on my 3rd mark. http://wotreplays.eu/site/6242303#sand_river-expendablelad-hwk_30
  14. Nice dude - what's the 1v7 strat? Won 85% of 7v1, but man, a bunch of games where 3/4 teammates go down early and just scramble to do much. Strategist friendly map seems to be Mannerheim. Siegfried Line field really seems to get shut down by watchtowers too. Massive defenses tucked into a small space and pubbies who can't resist poking meds and soft tanks into the face of heavy TDs. Had two teammates with zero damage last game - against bots and installed defenses...
  15. Solid comments. 7v1 available now. Going pretty much as expected. Lost to strategist once because pubbies are shit, but whatchagonnado? You can play your OWN tier Xs when going against the strategist. Can make a lot of creds 20-140k+ per battle (plus a 20k mission) and xp for your Xs - but you have to pay for your gold ammo, kit, etc. So if you want to credit grind, think hitting your shots and/or high normal AP pen tanks XP is pretty low - like 500ish per game - kind of like PvE experience in World of Warships Great for getting a feel for new
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