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  1. I meant I don't disagree with the points he makes about the ships, not the specific grades he gave them. They are mostly boss ships, I just would have done a little more grading on a curve.
  2. I am going to actually drill some Eugen games and come back to report. I feel like German cruiser mindset solves all problems. The 50/50/10 premium camo is pretty solid too. 1) Yeah, its got lacking HE, but I still grab demo expert and just accept that my HE performance will just mean 70% of normal HE damage (less for Japanese) 2) If you have some trigger discipline and go camo modules and skills you can demolish anything that shows some broadside with AP. 3) German hydro allows for some opportunistic DD smokecharging and the 203s crush Brit cruisers and DDs. 4) Has 3km range over Mogami -and decent long range AA and all the right pieces for a decent all around BB escort Is it the Kutuzov? Hell no, but I don't think it deserves uber-turd status. Plus as has been said many times, it's sexy as hell. And when you get cruiser broadside with it it gives me a special feeling in muh pluhms. I am not saying I disagree with assessments, but you would be one hell of an easy professor grade-wise. LIke social-promotion machine.
  3. Among other things, with faster torps dropping farther out (esp. with torp acceleration you have ~60km/h fish) it means less time spent in the high damage close range of AA suites. Thing looks like a monster. I love how tall it is too.
  4. You guys are all selfish dickbags. I 'm such a strong team player that I steer myself into every torpedo I see so I know they wont be able to hit my teammates. #BROTHERHOOD@SEA
  5. Nice dude! I am knocking on the door myself about 30k to go...
  6. Ah, so this is an OPHE make-or-break type ship? Thanks dawg.
  7. I played a game or two a long time ago and hopped back in this thing last night. Both games go like this: 177 hits with my HE from 13-19km on BBSs both higher and lower tiers and the occasional CV. I get exactly THREE %&^*ing fires and 25-30k damage. And I have demo expert for 14% per shell. WTF am I missing here?
  8. Did anyone pull the trigger on Mighty Mo with the conversion discount weekend? Any reactions to new captains? I am within striking distance of picking it up. Maybe 50k or so. I am not gaga about grinding US BB line, especially since I am enjoying Japanese line much more, but this seems like a way to fast track to a monster credit earner fast, high-tier, competitive BB without having to actually grind the line. For the same reason I plan to skip out on the Alabama when it hits the shop.
  9. Finished at rank 7 (with 2 stars) 63% WR over 86 battles. Started strong and relaxed, but once I got to ranks 10/9 I started really playing on tilt for 30-35 games or so just hitting the battle button instinctively. This was also when I picked up a Belfast and rather than learn to actually play it, just started grinding ranked games- so would regularly outrun my smoke and get smoked. Finally started playing it better and after a lot of early losses, got it back up to 60% WR, but you get into that rut where you feel like you are holding your own as the Belfast, but people dont focus the DDs you radar, so you switch to a DD for a few games, but then your Belfasts/CVs decides to go solo to some cap and get insta-dead. Nagato was my highest WTR, but only got 50% WR in it. Sims was my superstar with 79% WR over 24 games. Great little ship, plus as mentioned, the XP bonus does nudge you into the top tier spot to save the star loss. Enjoyed the season overall and it was the first time I had played ranked. Definitely gets frustrating and time consuming for the final 8 ranks, but for a decent player, grinding the short 7v7 games for full credits and xp can be really rewarding. Got some great crew training in and free XP piles, among other things.
  10. The shit floats ("achieves neutral boyancy"?) to the middle is strong in ranked. Since hitting rank 9 everyone just sits blind in their smoke hoping someone else spots. Painful playing that meta in the Nagato.
  11. At least you didnt throw money at the Prinz Eu-CreamInMyPantsWhenISeeThisOnTheEnemyTeam-gen
  12. QFT - Blys, Anshan, LoYang and all other "lesser naval race's" ships in my port were from santa crates. Have too many friggin premium ships anyway. I basically blow my whole WG budget in December. Spent $140 on Admiral and Captain crates and now have more friggin premiums and camo than I know what to do with considering I play ~10/15 games a week. Only keeping the Emden and its ilk to make sure next year's santa crates wont gift it to me...
  13. Yeah, I feel like the all the tryhards in ranked right now are just the type of player who thinks "playing the numbers" is a winning strat ("my team will carry me eventually...") and are thus the shake left at the bottom of this season's bag. Tragically, as one of the few remaining nugs of sticky weed, I have to roll these twigs and seeds into a smokeable joint.
  14. There's no line in the game I feel the need to get a good captain in than the Ruskie DDs. I don't mind playing US DDs with a 10pt captain, but with Russians I feel like I need at least 14 and preferably 17 (for DE). Better head back to Gremmy if I am going to grind the second line...
  15. I made the mistake of going right into ranked with my new Belfast and regret it- just getting used to all the hotkeys, when to pop what, the maneuverability, gun arcs etc. Sims and Scharney will likely be my go-tos until rank 4-5ish. Going to be doing lots of ranked this weekend. So I have a Scharn that I got in an Xmas bundle but I don't even have one game in it. Especially for ranked, what range are you engaging at? I get that it can get a little closer since Nagato and Colorado especially get burned to death too easily at mid range. I have a 12-pt captain in my German BB line, so that's not much of a problem. Would love any tips. I like running my nagato and do fine supporting from range in it, but honestly would prefer a more brawley playstyle fir ranked.
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