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  1. Checked out the hot-shit meds in GG today after you posted the Prog game. Here are some comps for mediums on stat. camo values: CS-52 LIS (running for sexiest tank at tier) - 15.73 Lansen - 16.87 (!) Skoda - 13.11 Type 59 - 15.68 Bourr - 19.27 And for reference the Prog. is 11.87. Though all of these are at 380 Base VR, save the Bourr at 390 (!). Any other's turning your head in the tier 8 category? Honestly, the Lansen is looking good here. Power/weight at almost 30 gives it best in class, though top speed is maxed out at 50... Seems to have the added b
  2. This is awesome. Been thinking Kunze was a hipster tank that would gather dust in the garage. Love seeing you make magic with it.
  3. Waffentrager event: Pubbies have figured out how to win and now throw games by chasing damage vs the bots to get the top-damage/win award... losing the game in the progress. 
    Pubbie logic and a case study in perverse incentives. 

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    2. Balthazars


      But in what world do people finish the Engineer set of rewards before they finish the Harrier ones? I've given up because you can get only 2 Engineer set items per game in the Waffle, but you need to win 4 games as a Harrier just to get a stupid key. I don't have much time to play due to work (best 2 games as a Harrier a day for most of the week given the stupid curfew is in effect when I finish work) so I just gave up, but I've finished the Harrier set with 6 to go on the Engineer.

    3. Panzergraf


      I got lucky and got the free Engineer prompt a few times while in queue as a Harrier (basically getting to play the WT without a key). No idea how common those are though. And also you get keys with the loot box bundles from the premium shop - ended up being worth it for me as I got 4 Premium tanks out of it.
      Anyway; I got the Engineer collection done way before the Harriers and then just coasted to the finish line doing the daily 5k missions this week.

      I enjoyed the mode, but less so than last year. It could be improved upon by a lot if they weighed damage VS the WT higher than damage VS the bots on the team scoreboard.
      The 2500 caused by overloading the generators should count too.

    4. Expendable_Lad


      @Panzergrafthis. I got a handful of those freebies early and pounced on opportunities the moment they arose. Knock'd out engineer missions early that way. Add in a couple keys from the normal 5k damage missions or whatever they were and you are set.
      Agree that just re-assessing the mission criteria would add some value and replayability. Plus now that people get how to gank the WTE100 player, it's pretty straightforward.

  4. Decided to run the Panther Line this week and got my 2nd Kolobanov's ever along with a Pools in my 4th game in the 3002m. 1737 Base XP. 😄

  5. So in perhaps the luckiest draw I have ever gotten in the however many years I have played this, I lucked out and picked this up with the first few engineer keys I got from the event. It's solid - cross between a T71 and a Char Futur. Easy to over-turn it. Gun is really punchy 190 base pen, 250 gold, accuracy stinks, but aimtime is solid. 30+ camo with vents and camo crew. Combination of turret armor, alpha, and autoloader makes it devastating and relevant in every game you play in. Not quite the bourr fun factor or level of power, but checks a lot of boxes. Best thing is when a bou
  6. Holy crap - 3 engineer keys from derping around in the event and got the new ASTRON. 

    1. PityFool


      Insanely lucky, nice. Its an amazing tank, really enjoying it.

    2. WhatTheSkara


      Lucky, 20 keys here and I only got the 3d skin for the m48 (along with 14 days of prem, some credits and useless stuff)

    3. Expendable_Lad


      @PityFoolyou said it man. Cross between a T71 and a Char. Feel like I OVERturn it a lot. 
      Lucky for sure - probably the biggest jackpot (i didn't pay for...) since starting this game in like 2014. 

  7. Few more observations and where I get to go: Put like 50+ battles into the HWK with pure stealth build and while it's been rage-inducing, I've been seeing #s consistently getting better as I soften my play and adapt. Man, you need to understand the tank you are playing if you are min-maxing on spotting and stealth - I kind of thought all LTs could just be kitted out and played the same with this. While there is a lot of overlap, do your homework. EG the HWK has that sexy HE round, but at 750m/s you have got to know your machine and how to aim it because if you miss one shot in t
  8. Dude. I still do this all the time. I'll be on a ridge line thinking I am maxing out gun depression and being taking shots to the lower plate - I move my mouse down and be like "oh, there's another 4 degrees to use here" it's a seriously bad habit I am working on.
  9. Totally from solo-pubbing, but I don't know if I'm not built for this or what - always feel I need to get to an early spot and make a difference early- which seems to get me into trouble (Abbey, Ensk, Overlord, Pilsen, Lakeville, Karelia, Ruinberg). Get a few lights, but seems like even in a good covered spot in Karelia, mid never get the cover I am expecting in the first period. And lanes of fire aren't always long enough to get the full spotting/assisting damage. Been try-harding with the T92 to cut my teeth with this build, and while the size is nice, it's tough. And it's damage outpu
  10. Few more thoughts: Snapshotting and even 1/2 aimed shots go everywhere. Trading up front with a 703 II - he WILL get three shots into you for about the time it takes you to get 3 into him (single fire) - which seems crazy to me. The Cent 5/1 turret at tier 8 is feels better than yours armor-wise. Plus you only have about +100 DPM in this thing. The flat around the mantlet and at the front of the curve in the mantlet is 235-260 so you end up trading with pubbies really poorly - i'll be trading shots to the face with a tomato and they might outdamage me 10 to 1. So finally one of the 5ish s
  11. Hey Wotlabs Crew - Noticed a lack of Ranked discussion recently. As a Blue-ney who has never even thought about it, want to hear out the Wotlabs Team on general thoughts and a few questions: Is it worth it? Enjoyable the same way randos are? I only have a handful of tens and don't play them often (if they were profitable, I prob would play more) so while I can definitely perform, it's not my go-to. But maybe it's a good place to pop boosters to avoid losing $ and start perfecting my play. It's basically personal-score maximizing, right? Unless I see a clear avenue to the W
  12. Thanks man, really appreciate the thoughts. Forget about enemies thinking ther low-alpah doesn't matter, I often write off the alpha too! Plus sometimes that alpha doesn't take down a track in a single hit. Will try the full-dpm lean-in and report back. I feel your pain on going against some big-alpha bursters - it's so prone to betting ganked. Even the T-56s now coming in can poke and easily take two ~350 *normal heavy* hits - fewer if working a ridge line, and trade up in 3-4 seconds by putting out ~950. Means 48%ers can all of a sudden trade up without too much work.
  13. Played 20 or so games in this thing today. 70% WR, but only 1800 dpg and 2700 WN8. Have these games where I've been putting the shells out, but sometimes these hits are doing sub-200 damage per shot. Problem is I get into trading situations with the big-alpha guys that are all over right now. Anyone shooting down onto the turret or front goes right through it. While sometimes the turret holds up in Tier X - T34 gold can go right through. That and I don't really use the depression enough and end up exposing more of my tank than I think I am. Even top-tier games I sometimes flub. Like i'll
  14. Can all Unislums stop palying hipster tanks so us blue tryhards can get some pixel medals? 
    1478 Base XP in Caern AX from a tier X game. HTF is that not an Ace?

    1. kolni


      It’s got traits that make it just extremely strong in specific situations that aren’t that hard to create so it’s very carry prone, I also felt the XP on it was higher than the average 8 prem for similar performances so it might be a bit inflated

    2. Expendable_Lad


      True - learning to pick engagewments that suit, not just go to the "heavy" spots - esp. with all these autloaders, knowing when to use the dpm is key

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