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  1. Hurting dark-green style with the STA-1. Big, HE pennable, and that .38 accuracy has shots flying all over the place, especially snapping. 

    Rammer, rotation and optics right now. Thinking of switching in a v-stasb. What do you think hive-mind?

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    2. Expendable_Lad


      Thanks guys!

    3. Expendable_Lad


      Rotation is questionable - got it. Still getting used to new equipment since jumping on for the xmas bonanza for first time since Spring. 

    4. churchill50


      IRM is extremely useful, but it's not a substitute for V-Stab. It has two uses.

      The first is in addition to V-Stab on tanks with really derpy gun handling. Stuff like the Bisonte, B-C 25t, AMX 50 120, FCM 50t, etc. Mounting both V-Stab AND IRM can really help get the gun handling under control.

      The second use is on tanks that can't mount V-Stab. Either low-tiers, or TD's. On some TD's, it's absolutely game-changing: 263/268v4 (gun handling + rotation, which are both needed), T110E4/T30/Conway/FV4005 (huge bonus to gun handling, which they need). 

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