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  1. Waffentrager event: Pubbies have figured out how to win and now throw games by chasing damage vs the bots to get the top-damage/win award... losing the game in the progress. 
    Pubbie logic and a case study in perverse incentives. 

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    2. Balthazars


      But in what world do people finish the Engineer set of rewards before they finish the Harrier ones? I've given up because you can get only 2 Engineer set items per game in the Waffle, but you need to win 4 games as a Harrier just to get a stupid key. I don't have much time to play due to work (best 2 games as a Harrier a day for most of the week given the stupid curfew is in effect when I finish work) so I just gave up, but I've finished the Harrier set with 6 to go on the Engineer.

    3. Panzergraf


      I got lucky and got the free Engineer prompt a few times while in queue as a Harrier (basically getting to play the WT without a key). No idea how common those are though. And also you get keys with the loot box bundles from the premium shop - ended up being worth it for me as I got 4 Premium tanks out of it.
      Anyway; I got the Engineer collection done way before the Harriers and then just coasted to the finish line doing the daily 5k missions this week.

      I enjoyed the mode, but less so than last year. It could be improved upon by a lot if they weighed damage VS the WT higher than damage VS the bots on the team scoreboard.
      The 2500 caused by overloading the generators should count too.

    4. Expendable_Lad


      @Panzergrafthis. I got a handful of those freebies early and pounced on opportunities the moment they arose. Knock'd out engineer missions early that way. Add in a couple keys from the normal 5k damage missions or whatever they were and you are set.
      Agree that just re-assessing the mission criteria would add some value and replayability. Plus now that people get how to gank the WTE100 player, it's pretty straightforward.

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