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  1. grinding out a few arty missions this AM. I have now played 18 games of tier X arty in my entire WoT career. But one thing about arty at tier X - you can still make decent credits (!?) netting 30k+ a game in the 261 at like 2k damage and whatever that arty stun assistance thing is. Crazy. 

    1. Ham_


      If your games aren't a solid 3 minutes long that is

    2. Expendable_Lad


      @Ham_can't deny that. But just had a game on lakeville - 2k damage, 3k stun assist (nothing too crazy) - 60k gross silver - 40k net, plus the bonds. With a credit booster that would be 70k net. 40-70k net is a decent game in a gold-spamming T8 premium. 
      Just had no idea the arty economics at Tier X were so good. 

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