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  1. Just picked up my first SWE siege mode-tonk. Do I just paly like a normal TD? Is siege mode a PITA? Appreciate any tips and "wish I woulda knowns" from team Wotlabs. 

    1. echo9835


      Be sneaky. Camo nets are your friends. The turbo increases siege mode speed. Getting spotted is almost always instant death.

    2. kolni


      Really long firing lines is key and knowing your effective camo gets more important as it decides when you have to move


      These are tanks you don’t move in unless you have to, it’s better to remain in place on losing flanks and run late than the other way around 100% of the time which is wrong for just about everything else, so it takes some getting used to

      UDES and 103b can actually keep up with most of what you play against in mobility so it’s better to squeeze damage and take a risk than not

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