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  1. MIrny prem tank definitely achievable.
    Unlocked all the reels across like 9-10 games, but stil have to grind some keys. Got lucky with a random good squad to beat nightmare boss on game 6 or 7. Hunter damage was actually the last one I unlocked. 

    1. Jul_Le


      My experience playing with randoms is that they can barely manage 2k damage on normal difficulty. I consider myself lucky if none of them are afk.

      I have had some hilariously bad teams, like somebody who ends up with 500 dmg, and when you check and it's a 40% player. They seem to drive along fine but are doing no damage?? Idk man the pubbies work in mysterious ways

    2. Expendable_Lad


      Yeah dude. Honestly what makes arty fucking unbearable for me to play isn't the class - it's having my eye-in-the-sky view of how terrible most players are at this game. I'm on the last obj260 arty mission and it's brutal seeing the levels of fail. 

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