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  1. I took the AP CS exam two weeks ago, probably got a 4. Meh, whatever.
  2. Blasphemy Also, don't forget to spend some time figuring out the wire management in your case. Good wire management will help improve the airflow and make the inside of the case look really nice.
  3. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/petersleepy/saved/#view=MTmv6h Something like this should work. You can pick your own case/monitor that you like. You can also wait for the AMD 300 series GPU's to see how those compare to their Nvidia counterparts. This leaves you with ~$150 to spend on the CPU cooler, keyboard, mouse, and OS. I would highly recommend a mechanical keyboard if you can fit it into your budget.
  4. http://i.imgur.com/q4mYcbg.png I think the game is telling me to stop playing ;_;
  5. Yay, dark blue recent

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    2. 37h
    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Congrats! On your way to being good@tanks!

    4. Haswell


      get your win rate up breh

  6. The tier 10 is less experience to research than the tier 9? Is that to compensate for the skipped tiers in the middle?
  7. Is there a logical reason why, with the current low queue times, tier 7's have to face tier 9's?

    1. RutgerS


      Because you touch yourself at night.

    2. rojo180


      Because people play tier 9s for the purple numbers...

  8. On the bright side, I just logged in to WoWP yesterday and got 30k free xp from the removed gondolas and some other stuff. It looks like that's the only thing I'm getting out of the several hundred battles I put into WoWP for the foreseeable future.
  9. I recently started playing again after an extended break. I'm looking for a CW clan and maybe some strongholds/TC's. I had to brush off some rust, so my 60D WN8 is pretty low, but I have averaged ~1800 this past week, which is a trend that hopefully continues. I have: E-100, Batchat Currently going up: British mediums (at comet), American arty (at m40/43), American turret-less TD's (at t25 at) I also have a 68% win rate in WoWP if that ever becomes a thing. Contact me here or in-game if I'm online. I have a mic and TS/mumble/etc installed.
  10. Nice! I need the Kansas City defense to break even with Gronk tomorrow.
  11. I got 22. My eyes actually started to hurt towards the later ones...
  12. petersleepy


    I made an account, but apparently it's too difficult for glyph to program a bot correctly/give enough server resources to send a confirmation email. Thanks Glyph
  13. Was down by half a point, but then Andrew Luck decides to throw an interception late in the fourth quarter to put me up by half a point. Thanks Luck!
  14. Damn bitcoin miners are taking our vidyakerds!
  15. petersleepy

    The Crew

    Cool, ubisoft servers are down. 10/10
  16. Just got my email Hopefully HE is more effective with 46 cm guns
  17. Gaijin shares 4 letters with wargaming. Coincidence? I think not.
  18. The purpose of the start menu is to launch programs not already on the taskbar. The old start menu does this job much better than the metro UI does since the old menu takes up less space (requiring less movement). The windows 7 widgets worked fine for displaying information, especially on a desktop with two monitors when the widget can be placed on the secondary monitor.
  19. The start menu is needlessly clunky. Why move my mouse halfway across the screen to open a program when I can move it an eighth of the way across the screen to open the same program? Also, UI is not very intuitive. I had to google how to turn off my computer without using ctrl+alt+del or alt+f4.
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