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  1. Honestly, mechanical keyboards aren't worth it. I have owned the red and blue cherry keys and I don't really like them. Get an IBM keyboard or a cheap membrane keyboard to save some money

    Blasphemy :P


    Also, don't forget to spend some time figuring out the wire management in your case. Good wire management will help improve the airflow and make the inside of the case look really nice.

  2. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/petersleepy/saved/#view=MTmv6h


    Something like this should work. You can pick your own case/monitor that you like. You can also wait for the AMD 300 series GPU's to see how those compare to their Nvidia counterparts.


    This leaves you with ~$150 to spend on the CPU cooler, keyboard, mouse, and OS. I would highly recommend a mechanical keyboard if you can fit it into your budget.

  3. On the bright side, I just logged in to WoWP yesterday and got 30k free xp from the removed gondolas and some other stuff. It looks like that's the only thing I'm getting out of the several hundred battles I put into WoWP for the foreseeable future.

  4. I recently started playing again after an extended break. I'm looking for a CW clan and maybe some strongholds/TC's. I had to brush off some rust, so my 60D WN8 is pretty low, but I have averaged ~1800 this past week, which is a trend that hopefully continues.


    I have: E-100, Batchat


    Currently going up: British mediums (at comet), American arty (at m40/43), American turret-less TD's (at t25 at)


    I also have a 68% win rate in WoWP if that ever becomes a thing.


    Contact me here or in-game if I'm online. I have a mic and TS/mumble/etc installed.


  5. I made an account, but apparently it's too difficult for glyph to program a bot correctly/give enough server resources to send a confirmation email. Thanks Glyph  :thumbup:

  6. Only people with money to waste use AV gas. 


    At the start of the battle, use all but 3-4 seconds of your boost at the start of your battle unless you are in a heavy fighter, which should leave some more time. Using all your boost overheats your engine and slows down the recharge rate. Ideally, you should climb at an angle that leaves you at the lower dark green bar for speed after your climb. Also, climb initially without boost if you start at a speed in the higher dark green bar, wait until your speed is around the middle of the light green bar to start boosting. Using boost at higher speeds is less efficient.

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