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  1. Tank is amazing when the gun works and anti-fire RNG is on your side. The camo and armor is broken, but it's not over powered, the gun and ammo characteristics balance it out. Arty will set it on fire regularly since the engine is in the front, HE which people tend to shoot will do the same. Suspension can fuck your shot if you pull back too quickly after shooting because of server-client lag. I think this tank is more influenced by rng than other mediums imho. It's bi-polar for me. It's either 5k+ dmg or <2k games. Almost never in between
  2. Yet I am taking this match making any time over the 3-5-7 guaranteed bottom tier shit that we were force-fed the last year(s). It enables me to play with friends again and have fun and not rage internally because of shit teams and alt f4 after a few games.
  3. superficial nonsense that won't change anything regarding gaming experience. Hulldown cancer meta - going to stay geting rebalanced by arty without having a chance to fight back - going to stay 25% pen rng so actual weakspots are not really weakspots - staying shot dispersion inside the circle still retarded - skillbased game btw.
  4. Actually it's not confirmation bias. Due to the binary armor layouts of most tanks, you either hit exactly where you aim or you won't pen. It doesn't matter if you deviation is 0.25 or 0.5. Mediums being better scouts than most LTs @TierX? Why does it surprise you at this point? It's not like this is something new...
  5. My blacklist is too valuable for that, I use it for all the xvm focusing clicker scum. There is no better feeling than starting a battle, seeing blocked person in arty on your team, load HE and one-shot him back to garage. 98% of the player population are mentally challenged anyway. No need in highlighting that for myself.
  6. Get 'Murican Tier 9 Arty, pray to get Westfield and focus on the guys trying to peek. I did it in German T8 on that map, but I was really lucky that enemies were retarded and continued to peek once stunned and my team actually manage to punish them.
  7. I don't think you can really compare cancer Tier 10 meta to anything else. On tier 6-8you only have few high alpha guns/high burst auto-loaders.Full tier 10 matches consists at least of three 750+ alpha guns which wank of in some retarded bush. Not talking about the Type5s, 60TPs, Bobjects which you have to fight through first before you have the pleasure of meeting them. And of course there is tier 10 cancer, which is guaranteed to eliminate one crew member or a module in your tank every time it decides to shoot in your general direction.
  8. From my experience on the CT, the Italian Tier 10 is okish as it is right now, could use minimal buffs imho. (+30 alpha, -5-10% reload for each shell) The Tier 9 is kind of bad, the clip is a meme because of 3.25 between shots and a horrible reload even in single-shot mode. Needs big buffs The Tier 8 is decent considered its the non-p2w version of the Progetto M35. Would say one of the stronger Tier 8 tech-tree meds.
  9. This. I love the new mechanic, finally something new to play with. Although the Prosciutto M35 seems a bit too powerful compared to the other tier 8 meds, after over 180 battles in it i have no intention to play any other tier 8 premium again, except maybe the Rev.
  10. got 20% and bought it. I personally think the bundle is very generous and didn't expect something like it from WG (30x 2h credit boosts and 2,7 mill credits if you take the 2 useful equipment pieces into account). color me surprised. Getting more missions done is simply not worth my time playing tanks I don't enjoy anymore just because they are effective.
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