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  1. Nice, I've seen the full version of some of these. Really good stuff. Specially this one:
  2. It's not harsh, it's the truth of this game. The "heads in the wrong direction" thing is just a forum title you have here, and looking at your stats, you really do head in the wrong direction. Hit ratio doesn't really mean anything, but unless you take a lot of blind shots in your E 100, 68% is very low. It probably means you're fighting at too long range for what the E 100 is good at. A winrate of 45% is also very low, but not surprising when you play an E 100 and have no idea what you are doing or are supposed to do. Being top tier, there are certain things you have to know and d
  3. ninz


    New PMOD looks pretty dank, you now have spotted tank markers among other things, so one less reason to use xvm. Also team HP pools. Just a FYI if you have trouble getting it to work, it uses the new mod folder for "packaged mods" called "mods" in your root WoT directory and the new .wotmod file thingy. Read more about that here: https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/36987-
  4. You wont get a definitive answer on this, and if you can play with both without getting significant then you are lucky. Some said it is a choice between playing a shitty version of T20 or a shitty Comet. Since I love the T20 and absolutely hate the Comet, the choice for me was simple. I think this is a good post on the topic:
  5. Why would anyone assume they could't read absolutely everything that happens in their game? What about PM's made you think it was somehow inaccessible to WG? Working as an it-consultant I run into these kinds of logical short circuits all the time, but they still baffle me
  6. Never heard of her, so had to check vids. She uses Norwegian client
  7. I'm sensing a theme from the clans that spam invites at me...

    You received an invite from clan [FA-1] For Alle Elsker Norge. 

    You received an invite from clan [NOIA] Noobs i angrep. 

    You received an invite from clan [77R4W]Norwegian Hunters. 


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. xmenxmen2


      A solid 8, since I'll get put in prison if I give them more :feelsbad:

    3. How_Terrible


      20 minutes ago, xmenxmen2 said:

      A solid 8, since I'll get put in prison if I give them more :feelsbad:

      If it is a Norwegian prison then it isn't all that bad.

    4. ninz


      I have no idea how good they are, I'm not joining spam invite clans either way :) 

  8. Hey Brutus, is that a knife in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? - Julius Caesar
    1. RC_Tank


      I just spent more time there than I feel comfortable with

  9. I'm hardly playing and not a recruiter Talk to Fireflydivision or smth
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