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    ninz reacted to Raj in Well, I must admit. President Trump is making chances that stand to improve his econo   
    Also stop this meme with "relationships", everyone's politically posturing as the fucking leftists they believe themselves to be. I'll just be glad that no longer is Russia going to be seen as some boogeyman, and China will probably implode because of how shit everything there is.

    Too bad he can't change the societal aspects of America, or might I be wrong? He hasn't focused enough on it I'd say, so I'll just say probably won't hurt it, may improve it a bit especially with the Jobs and patriotism. But there's a lot more to it.
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    ninz got a reaction from SkittlesOfSteeI in Ground out 20k xp on the t34/100 today because of God based xp boosts   
    I was going to grind out some mad xp on 34/100 as well, but got denied!

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    ninz reacted to BlackAdder in so Kolni wants to buy a gud car what car should koni buy   
    Don't know about prices, taxes or ristrictions in Swe, but topline (used) Passat would be my choice. They are little cheaper to run and maintain than Audi, they are practicaly the same, except Passat (IMHO) looks better. Since you don't most beautiful car for money
    As far i can se 20-30 grand can buy you low millage, high spec Passat. DSG 140+ps is must. Diesel or gas, your choice. B7 or B8, again B8 is prettier, but i don't think that you can find top spec (leaher, DSG, 20TDI, highline) under 30grand. I see topspec B7 ~25G with all goodies like 4Motion.
    If you like Audi, B8 is again around same price. 
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    ninz got a reaction from MissNurki in Man, been so hyped for The Division the last weeks, counting down to this very day, a   
    Downloading The Division RIGHT NAO!
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    ninz reacted to _Assad in Saw a FAME player in EU getting hounded on by pubbies saying report over and over aga   
    Just shoot pure gold ammo and you'll be fine
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    ninz reacted to M4A3E8sherman in I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fa   
    Isn't that a quote from some book?
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    ninz reacted to Orrie in Any working pmod out?   
    or direct link:
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    ninz got a reaction from MissNurki in Jesus, I really have a lot to do at work today, so I was gonna try to stay off the fo   
    Store-bought often isn't smoked, just added "smoke aroma". ie shit. 
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    ninz reacted to electrogeek007 in Is there any way to check how many games you have played in the campaign?   
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    ninz got a reaction from Britzz in I managed to three mark my first tank! So happy about it! Screenshot of this beauty:   
    Grats! That is awesome!
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    ninz reacted to Loxx12 in Patton is guuud. Got yelled at by a kitty platoon   
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    ninz reacted to MissNurki in Ok, so there is ONE thing to look forward too with a dark season. Last week has been   
    Tromsø is an amazing city for vacations during winter. Consider it people!

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    ninz reacted to OneTrueLeader in Fuck MAHOU, every worthless forever-blue anime loving faggot in there and especially   
    go back to your yurobad server
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    ninz reacted to Zinn in Wotlabs users confirmed in SerB's pocket because we don't want to help facilitate sal   
    '"deserve". Explain to me with your own words - why is it a bad thing to sell an account - when youre done with it? I've spent in excess of 200€ on my main account - why should it just rot away? When clearly it has monetary value - why should I not sell it (bar selling being forbidden by WG)?
    And I am not trolling either - but you guys seem to be very strongly loyal to WG thugs.
    WG thugs will be laughing all the way to bank - when you buy these shitty bundles they keep selling on EU. If they managed more honest and fair business they would earn your loyalty - now? hell no'
    Meh@tanks, red@wotlabs.
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    ninz got a reaction from MissNurki in Every so often we get a call from some south-eastern european call centre where they   
    I got one of those "microsoft" calls once. When I said "Dude, I'm an IT consultant..." he hung up.
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    ninz got a reaction from sundanceHelix in I somehow remember seeing a comparison/review thread/article for the Tier 8 Lights...   
    Is it this one: http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/17158-in-depth-comparison-of-the-tier-viii-scouts-by-waterwar/ ?
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