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  1. _Rosco

    The M103

    Man I played the M103 when it first came out and ground out the games to get the E5 years ago, It was probably one of my worst tanks that high up in tiers. 47% W/R, 159 battles. 2kdmg/game, 1.3KPG. Wtf. Didn't matter how much damage I did, I just could not carry a game in it. 47% w/r in it when I gladly sold it and got my E5, what a relief that was. Years before the E5 buff it has now, was such a big move. Considering rebuying to fix my stats in actually if its going to be playable.
  2. Added a bunch of you, thanks dudes. Bump for more
  3. Thanks fork, bump still need more friends
  4. Looking for some cool dudes to play tier's 7-9 maybe some 10's Wanna grind out my Leo PTA and some pref 8's for creds.
  5. Hey guys, took a long break from WOT (I do often) and I want to get back into it. My friend list since has shrunk, so I'm looking for cool guys to play with. Throw me a request or reply here. Thanks
  6. You have gone to great effort to remind everyone of what happened 2 years ago, and you have proven that over the 2 years you still haven't let it go. Continuing to respond to you is a waste of everyones time including yours, which is a sad thought that you the time to post in this thread and the one on the main forums. You take the effort to spread your toxic attitude about a game and try and sully peoples enjoyment. Good luck on your ventures, maybe you can just accept the fact that you still got your M60's 2 years ago.
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