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  1. I'm no purple poster, but judging purely by your W/R, I think this is a case more of you needing to read the map better and just having better overall situational awareness. My advice would be to think before you act. The Skodas are hella fast, which might prompt you to rush out and get damage early, but it might also be causing you to overextend alot and die early or lose alot of HP. Play the game a bit slower: always make sure your teammates are not far behind, always make sure you can retreat if necessary (and do so when you can see your flank falling), and pay close attention to the minima
  2. Just wanted to let you guys know that after 9.15, the VK 30.02 (D) is awesome. I bought it back after the patch because the short 88 was getting a pen buff and I have 3 marked it since, although it's fairly uncommon so that was pretty easy. Currently running optics, vents, and gun rammer, which gives me 427 m VR and 2444 DPM (5.4 sec reload on the short 88). The alpha on the short 88 is also, at this tier, just about enough to track anything in one shot, and the reload will keep it perma-tracked easily. The tank isn't super stealthy atm, but my crew barely has 1 skill and none of them are
  3. @PityFool I think people's main complaint with the futuristic setting is the whole exo-suit thing. When Titanfall first did it, it was really cool, but then CoD did it with AW and BO3, and Halo 5 did something similar as well (in the case of Halo, it makes alot more sense because Halo has always been set in the future). If you look at games like Planetside 2, they are set in the future, but nobody complains that the setting is stale. EA could do something similar with the next BF, and I think it would be really well received. I would certainly enjoy it.
  4. Personally, I wouldn't mind a futuristic setting if it is done right. BF 2142 was a huge hit and alot of people have been asking for a BF 2143, plus BF4 was heading in that direction anyway, especially with the Final Stand maps. I probably wouldn't mind seeing another WW2 game, but I think a WW1 game would be far too bland given the expectations the series has set for itself in terms of content. One thing I kind of would like to see are more asymmetrical map setups. I remember in BF 1942 there were plenty of maps where one team had access to an extra plane or tank, or a different kin
  5. The trick to getting your gun into the battle is to not sit in one spot for too long unless you are consistently able to shoot the enemy. Always be watching the minimap and playing the angles on your cover in order to get shots off on unsuspecting enemies. If you watch some of Anfield or JunkersHiryu's videos on Youtube, you can see how they find opportunities to put out damage and take little in return, even in the heat of a raging battle. The two videos I've posted below stand out (at least to me) as excellent demonstrations of what I'm talking about. Remember to constantly watch the minimap
  6. I like Jingles. He's funny and he also has a voice like white, English Morgan Freeman. I actually really like his WoWS videos, especially because he seems to be quite good at that, although I still like his WoT videos.
  7. theunitedstatesofawmerica.net /|\ | See what I did there?
  8. Indeed he would. The only thing I don't like about this tank is the poor mobility. If it could move like an E 75 it would be straight up broken.
  9. 2 favorite animes: Avatar: The Last Airbender Avatar: Legend of Korra #noragrets2015
  10. KFAJ


    Looked at it on my iPad and my S5 and II see the same colors on both. The trim is gold and the body is a very pale blue. I do have one question, though: if the original dress is blue and black, and you applied a really heavy yellow filter to that, wouldn't it come off as green and gold?
  11. I don't think it would be, because the T-62A only has one engine, so I should think it works in the same way that premium vehicles do. I did, however, calculate the results for another tank: the WZ-132. According to this formula, the WZ-132 has an elited traverse rate of 112 degrees/second, which can't be true.
  12. Perhaps a start would be to look at the average DPG, DPM, and time survived for blues and purples in non-arty tanks.
  13. Try playing with at least 1 heavy to brick or 2 RU meds.
  14. I actually had the RA3 Apocalypse tank in mind. Regardless, the ST-I is better because the Apocalypse tank gets damaged by small arms fire while the ST-I can tell JPE shells to fuck off.
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