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  1. http://tanks.gg/compare/chieftain?t=fv215b It trades some stuff for other stuff. Slightly better DPM but worse bloom on movement, for example. Unfortunately the 3D models aren't loading for me so I can't look at the armor shaping but I'm guessing it would be not great.
  2. Keeping in mind that screenshots of web pages are comically easy to fake. There are five possibilities that come to mind given the seemingly conflicting statements of Foch and Wargaming. In no particular order: Foch is lying with faked screenshots. Really easy to do. Wargaming is lying about what they threatened to do. Again, easy to do. Wargaming internal communication has failed and Nijal doesn't know what happened or was given incorrect information. Ph3lan exceeded his authority and this is beginning spadework for dismissal or reprimand. Very careful word
  3. Does this mean the T32 can finally get an accuracy buff? I can live with the penetration, I just want the shells to kinda' go where I point the gun.
  4. I'll do the campaigns because it gives me a goal. The extra few million credits to throw on the nine digit pile will be a nice bonus.
  5. The M48's weak spots are the M48.
  6. Neat T-54L Gifs ITT:


  7. ChairInACasket spotted in the wild, sailing the seven seas.


    1. Tedster59


      yep, I've seen him around a bit, he's also posted on the forums some.

  8. I sold the 59-16. I was never particularly enamored with it and largely kept it around because the autoloader was quite useful for tier 6 tournaments. Sans that, no reason for me. I still have a T37 because I don't want to sell a triple-marked vehicle, but I haven't driven it because blech. May keep the T49 and shift the crew to that after the female T49 crew goes to the Sheridan. LTTB got an extra 2 degrees of depression so now LTTB fights aren't just endlessly skipping shells off the other guy's engine deck.
  9. I find casemate TDs quite boring unless they're something like the E-25, Jagdpanther II, or Object 263 (that is to say, very mobile and dynamic, this camping in place junk bores the shit out of me).
  10. Tool tip says 10% reduction, XML key seems to support this. All in all, not particularly useful, I'd say.
  11. I might be interested, save for there's little in the tech tree to begin with and even less I don't already own. I'd trade in the 50% off TOG or SU-100Y I purchased years ago and never used for something, except the only tanks I'm interested in (M46 KR, AMX 13 57, Mutant, or 252U) aren't generally available. Also only getting 50% feels kind of cheap, though I guess it's that way to prevent people from buying something on a 50% discount and trading it in for 75% of full price or somesuch.
  12. E-HalfHundred Rammenpanzer: 


  13. I earned three marks on the Fury and am apparently #1 DPG on the NA server according to dpgwhores.com, so my interest is piqued...so long as it isn't too expensive. For all the flaws of the E8 and the 76mm M1 family, I rather like them.
  14. I for one hope they stagger WoT ranked with WoWs ranked. I'm not sure I could handle both of them simultaneously. No, actually, they can't really. They're all visible in the client files, so while changes may not be immediately apparent or documented they can be found. It's how I know many artillery pieces had their module damage cut in half in the 9.18 patch. Crew death is listed in the crew file (and is different based on whether they're being hit by an explosion or a kinetic round/HEAT jet), fire chance is listed right on the engine module. It's paranoia. You can see the tot
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