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  1. It has four turrets, and a lot of problems. Largest being that it has really awful shell arcs, which make hitting targets at any kind of distance an exercise in frustration. It's also not particularly fast, at 32.5 knots it's only half a knot from being the slowest tier 6 cruiser.

    It's been nerfed heavily since a while back, which it unquestionably deserved. It's probably been nerfed too heavily, though. If you want a fast-reloading flamethrower then you probably want the Budyonny, which has one less turret but wildly better gun arcs, better speed, and torpedoes. You do need to be aware that it's larger, slower to turn, and has worse armoring, though.

  2. Played a few games, seems alright. I mean, it's not like it's all that remarkable, but it's not some crime against humanity people seem to be going on about. Once it gets a credit bonus it'll be better than the 4202. If they shaved off and/or reinforced the conning tower up top I think it would improve the performance and aesthetics remarkably (I like the way it looks except for the tower, asymmetry is my trigger).

    In many ways I think you could describe it by its color. Beige. It is beige in tank format. It's neither exciting nor offensive, interesting nor off-putting. It's just...beige.

  3. On 4/11/2016 at 0:15 PM, BlackAdder said:

    APCR loses speed and pen over distance more than AP (apparently) is there any page that calculates pen at some distance, for example how much i have with AP @ 400m or APCR. I didn't notice some pen drop but I'm curious. 


    I'm a month late, but whatever.

    No evidence for loss of speed, but penetration loss is highly variable depending on the round. I have a spreadsheet here with most weapons in the game. I stopped caring enough to update it after 9.10, but historically not much changes patch to patch unless they're introducing new weapons. Also, the test server GUI finally shows this information in game.

  4. 3 hours ago, Wanderjar said:

    oh dear glorious Strana, whose mere name we pubbies are deeply unworthy to say, please find it within your deep and merciful heart to bestow upon us the spreadsheet of glorious data. So that our uncomprehending tomato eyes may be opened and awakened to the true realities of the game, which you are so clearly a master of!

    That's weird, please don't do that.

    Anyway, there isn't really any "data", it's abstracted to be tank-agnostic, which is why the aim time is a nebulous 0 (start) to 1 (finish). The actual amount of time that's going to elapse will vary based on what tank you're using and some other fiddly bits that I don't fully know how to calculate (how the four bloom factors stack on one another for any given situation). You can see the actual source spreadsheet here.

  5. I'm doing... 

    SELECT damage_dealt + damage_received + damage_potential_received  AS TotalDamage,

    There was some question of whether damage_potential_received includes damage_received or is just deflected damage and thus the query might be adding in up to 3,000 extra points, depending on the tank's HP. I don't have a convenient way to test at the moment.

  6. On 3/30/2016 at 10:28 AM, monjardin said:

    @StranaMechty posted some of his personal stats. He seemed to reach HT-15.4 qualifications much more frequently in the Maus. I'm probably going to buy it when it goes on sale even though I didn't think that I'd ever buy a Maus.

    Here's a count of all times any heavy has exceeded the 14k required for HT-15.4 in my records, grouped by vehicle.


    Though to be fair, I've driven the Maus a lot more than any of those other vehicles. Unfortunately I don't quite know enough MySQL to give a percentage result and it's late so the relative result is going to have to wait.

    I also have no goddamn idea how the Tiger (P) got in there.

  7. 9 hours ago, monjardin said:

    For HT-15 purposes, should I just sum the damage_dealt and damage_potential_received fields and leave out damage_received? In other words, is damage_received included in damage_potential_received?

    You know...I'm not sure. It would seem redundant to have them rolled together, but this is Wargaming. I don't have any convenient records laying around to verify, It may be worthwhile to play a match, write down the scorecard values, then check later.

  8. 1 hour ago, Pyr0freak said:

    Ah, so you DO have to continuously record matches. You've been collecting for a while then it seems? I guess I better start today if I want to mess around with my data :P Thanks!

    Aye. I've got 15,631 records dating back to 2013-06-16 03:53:49 (UTC, I think). That includes tournaments, training rooms, CW, etc. For most stuff I filter for pub matches, of which I've 13,914 records. I haven't updated it in a while, but I haven't played much since...November-ish, so that's not such a big deal.

    4 hours ago, woe2you said:

    No surprise there, StranaBot. :P

    Please, StranaBot is my moderately incomprehensible offspring.











  9. 38 minutes ago, Pyr0freak said:

    How does this VBAddict query work? Does VBAddict keep track of all of your games, or did you spend a lot of time collecting them as replays or whatever? I'd love to go and write some of my own code to sort a bunch of my games. 

    If you've been using the ADU tool that VBAddict provides it uploads data for each match (30-40 columns worth). You can export this data to a .CSV, which I imported into a MySQL DB because that's apparently what I do for fun.

    You may be able to cut some steps out if you can capture the data from the ADU or even straight from the game itself as the ADU does, but I confess that I don't have the programming know-how to do that.

  10. It's not a difficult mission, you just need to bring the right tools, which in this case is...

    1) Not the T49.

    2) Platooned tier 10 artillery.

    Though upon querying my VBAddict data I've discovered that being platooned isn't even a necessity, but it definitely makes it easier. Some maps you won't get it, certainly (Himmelsdorf), but it's not as hard as you think it is.



    Note: 0 in the "Lived" column is yes, for the secondary.

  11. I enjoyed myself a good deal for a couple thousand matches, basically abandoning WoT for it, but once you pass tier 7 the balance is remarkably un-fun, particularly if you, as I do, suffer significantly from the shot delay problem.

    So now I'm back to MWO, where I can finally get some enjoyment out of my founders' package after letting it marinate for a few years. Also, Dark Souls 3 comes out in ~1 month, so really I just need to keep entertained until then and I'll be set for months.


    uhhhhhhhhhh wtf is field of view.........

    Field of view is how much of the world your eyes can see at once. You can move them, but you can't see any more at one time. Humans can see ~115° with both eyes simultaneously and another ~60-70° with one eye or the other. 

    Games sometimes allow you to adjust the FoV, which governs how much the camera takes in. In some games this results in a fisheye look, as though you're staring through a peephole in a door. WoT does not, so there's no real reason to keep it at less than maximum.


    If you can pen, sure why not? More damage = more module damage potential. But if not a guarantee, stick with what will work

    Module damage values are governed by caliber, not shell type. 122mm AP/APCR/HEAT/HE all do 165 average.


    if you are going for fires, is there any reason to switch to HE?

    On one hand it's possible you could bleed through armor and hit the fuel tanks (though this is going to take a long time), or could proc against both the fuel tanks and engine simultaneously, but if module damage by HE falls off with distance the same way normal damage does (I think it does, but am not 100%), then you could be trading away HP caused for those dual procs.

    If you penetrate with HE you'll be destroying your target that much faster, which means fewer chances to set them alight.

    The answer is "Don't know, too many unknown variables", but I personally wouldn't (and didn't) bother.

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