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  1. Anyone who wants to share the details of their appreciation of "The Carnal Prayer Mat" has my ear
  2. Man! Where on earth do you place all the files generated by that texture compression program? EDIT: never mind - figured that out. Still having some installation troubles, but working on it.
  3. Laudable sentiment, but in this case your jump landed you right on the mark (but 'griefers' may be pretty subjective)
  4. This is what I look like (with fake fiery halo): but this is how I feel:
  5. Seems like it was just yesterday that it hit page 666. RIP in peace
  6. I'd say that no poor luck is too much to ask. You can mitigate some unlucky situations with the 49's speed (escape), camo (stay hidden), and/or ROF (bring odds closer to even quickly).
  7. Yes. Everyone posting here has an age.
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