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  1. Pretty much, its not overpowered, its not a premdium waffle or T62a of T8. It is equal to standard t8's and plays very similar to a T20/Pershing. However, if you love american medium play-style, It is just a fantastic tank. For me, I haven't enjoyed a tank this much since I played the T20, plus it makes bank. That is enough for it to be my current favorite tank by a large margin.
  2. Feel free to send me an invite sometime. I mostly play 10 but am fine with 8's as well since they spit out credits. ign: one_nifty_honey_badger
  3. I don't actually have any 9's with crews in them currently but your welcome to send me an invite for 10/8s
  4. Ok, I bought a cancer cannon on the test server and tried it out. I enjoyed myself in a really sick, twisted horrible way. Until I lost, then it wasn't so fun. I just drove to the back corner of the map and clicked whatever I saw get lit. Didn't bother moving or anything because honey badgers don't care about baddies who play arty clicking back. If you enjoy watching cancer penetrate innocent tanks than dis replay is for you. If I was a damage farming wn8 lover I would def buy one since winning is overrated, just gotta do dat damage. http://wotreplays.com/site/1303192#pearl_river-one_nifty
  5. I agree, I just ended up frustrated and disgusted, since I couldn't make them push against a single enemy tank. I had to fight them to not put in the blind 38% 55 year old woman who sounded like she had a stoma and to allow me to call. I had a 38%er trolling us by frantically throwing misc players into the special battles putting us over tier points and moving us out of battle, I barely got it back in aprox 3 secs before the battle started. Just a frustrated waste of time, probably won't try it again.
  6. Congrats! I remember when you got that e5 in M--M, come a long way since then, we should play sometime
  7. Is dis 4 real? Edit: I succeeded with 2 + 17 = 19 on my 3rd attempt. My math skills are embarrassing.
  8. Thanks for the help guys, and on the foxey statement, I definitely was not meaning to insult them, as teff pointed out foxey was a very different clan when I was in it compared to what it later became.
  9. I would like to join a clan to prep me for getting into clanwars while I grind t10's out, not sure what my options are though. My first 6k games were played at 15fps and it painfully shows. My only t10 is a T57 heavy atm, next in line is T62a, then Obj140. I am also considering grinding credits and re-buying my IS-7 after that. I have a decent of amount of battles since I grinded up alot of lines which I didn't want the t10s. so. yea. Essentially no clanwars experience since xout and foxey really didn't count as clans that knew what they were doing. TL-DR: Need clan suggestions for the st
  10. I have to raise my overall by 4 points so I can join with the absolute minimum required overall. This could take a great deal of time.
  11. So my roommate started playing tonks, and he asked to see my old stats, and I looked them up and my recent jumped from 2700 to 3500.... Was wn8 reworked or something?

    1. Haswell


      Expected values were updated.

    2. Spaz_Attack_16


      has the player base just suddenly turned to shit? thats a huge jump, ohwell, I was never big on wn anyway, damn roommate is making me show him the ropes though, good thing he learns fast.

  12. Well since the t92 on track started arty has taken more than half my health and/or killed me in 11/15 battles. w/r is way down. not playing tanks this month I guess :(

    1. hallo1994


      My stats ;-;

    2. RealBattousai


      Just more of the scumbags to kill, other night full speed, full bloom , in my T-34-85..shoot at last M12 about 150m away..boom dead, RNGesus hates sky cancer too!

  13. huh, I guess I should powergrind some credits so I can buy some 10s and not be in a clan w/ only 4 members, the other 3 of which are inactive :/

    1. TheMarine0341


      yeah that might be handy

    2. Kitten


      IOC_5 if you don't feel like doing CW but want good players to toon with

  14. Exactly. Imo, credits is where wg really screwed up, if I had unlimited credits, I would use a ton more gold to free xp stuff, but as is I am not going to use gold for credits. Atleast for me, I am not going to sacrifice my ability to win even as bottom tier inorder to have more credits, rather I just quite grinding new tanks even though I have tons of xp built up just begging to be converted. But Ill never use the xp because I don't have the credits to buy the tanks anyhow. Thus for me, less credits = no new tanks and no gold spending, but the same gold ammo usage.
  15. dis guy. Because being a member of the glorious forge community makes you invincible and hackz be the only way to kill them.
  16. Yes, clickers are demented horrible souls and I will not restrain you from displaying your disagreement with them
  17. Thanks, will do. And DarkJuggalo, I will try and remember to hit you up once I get used to the maps and stuff, but at the moment I am trying to avoid being put in a teaching role until I get familar w/ the maps
  18. Decided to try once more to get back into WoT, basically I found my main reason for not playing is I don't really like playing solo. It kind of sucks. I also have skipped like 3 updates and I hopped on and first map I got a Very re-worked map, and had no clue where the engagement points were. So stats wise you need to be atleast blue and higher is better because I may need to for a recommendation on where to go on some maps. But I am really not a stats freak. (last 1k, not many fcks given about overall). Anyways, I also am horrible broke all the time so I usually have to mix in pref8's while p
  19. I hated every tank though t7, it ended up being an unbearable grind and I gave up when I got the t7. Was also the grind that led to me losing interest in WoT. The T8+ is where it gets good.
  20. Looking good Mazda's are the only cars I have ever had that fogging occur on me for whatever reason though
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