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  1. Comparing the new stats with the origional stats, it seems like it was too powerful? Viewrange: 380 (was 390) Hitpoints: 900 (was 1000) Aimtime: 2,3 (was 2.1 [unsure weather raw or with crewskill]) Accuracy: 0.364 (was 0.36 [unsure weather raw or with crewskill]) Alpha: 220 (was 240) <- Wow Shells/Clip: 3 (was 5) <- Any good news.... well at least something: Interclip: 2.3 (was 2.5) Clip reload: 25.4 sec (was 35 [unsure weather raw or with crewskill]) Though it will have better camo then a t-100lt! (tankinspector lists the t-100 with 34.8% camo and this thing has 38.8%)
  2. Pics from the elc even 90 Looking at these: WTF, how do you even put 3 humans into that tank? I mean grown men have to fit into this, not some kids or dwarfs. btw, here the full stats: (source: https://wot.express/news/world-of-tanks/elc-even-90-lt-8-frantsiya-baraban-prem-vo-vsey-kr/)
  3. Doing the necro because it seems the obj 257 is going to come live - as T9 replacing the T-10 Progression wise it makes sense. The obj 257 was a prototype for the is7. However i dont think this tank will be good for the game because, as already mentioned above, this sidearmor makes this tank pretty much OP or broken, depending on how WG balances it. Taken from thearmoredpatrol: According to the well informed people from WoT Express, WG is planning to swap the T-10 for the Object 257. The T-10 will supposedly be moved to a branch starting from the IS-3. Tier: IX HT, USSR, regular HP: 1 900 Engine power: 850 HP Power-to-weight ratio: 15.5 HP/t Max. speed forwards/backwards: 50 / -15 km/h Hull traverse speed: 28 °/s Turret traverse speed: 26 °/s View range: 390 m Hull armor: 150 / 140 / 70 Turret armor: 350 / 240 / 100 Damage: 440 / 440 / 530 Penetration: 248 / 340 / 68 Reload speed: 12.3 s Accuracy: 0.38 Aim time: 2.7 s Gun depression/elevation: -5 / +15
  4. 2nd Iteration of testserver: SUper COnqueror buffed + fv215b HD-Remodel 10 degrees of gun depression. Seriously? Though gun handling buffs and dpm buffs (now exact same of fv215b) are very welcome.
  5. Checking with tankinspector Super Conqueror vs Conqueror Dispersion on turret traverse: 0,134 vs 0.096 Dispersion on moving: 0,153 vs 0.115 Dispersion on turning hull: 0,096 vs 0.115 Verdict: way worse dispersion and oddly high dispersion on turret traverse. The average for t10 heavys on turret traverse dispersion is 0.1
  6. Anyone else tested the SC on testserver yet and thinks that the gunhandling is pretty atrocious?
  7. I dont know why everyone says the fv215b is a mid to long range fighter. Sure it has a precise gun and nice view-range but from 3-marking it a month or two ago I felt that it really excells at close to mid-close range fighting against heavys. What I found was very important to keep in mind: 1. You have a back-mounted turret and a slow turret traverse. So don't go in a close range brawl with meds. Best example is serene coast: While brawling at C1 is usually the best thing you can do, a fv215b is pretty much useless there. However on the peninsula the fv215b can really shine. 2. You have a way faster reload and are mostly way more flexible then most heavys. Always trade at least 2 for 1. And position yourself in a way, that you can press the issue. (Aka not at the redline, where you can only shoot when the enemy is reloaded and wants to peek as well. 3. You dont have reliable armor - even hull-down, dont rely on the armor - Sometimes it can be best to peek completely sideways, rear first, to squeeze a shot out as fast as possible rather then trying to sidescrape. 4. You have a hughe amount of HP. Dont hesitate to trade it. Regarding loadout: Rammer,vents,v-stabs, 16AP/16APCR/3HE and I ditched the med-kit for foods. Other then that I can recommend anfield:
  8. IS-3: 30Object 416: 18 - 3 = 15 Too situational.Lowe: 36 T26E5/Patriot: 32 + 1 = 33 Good all-rounderRhm. Skorpion: 16 Obj. 252U/Defender: 28 Lorraine 40t: 3
  9. I general i would have preferred viewrange buffs rather then gun buffs. I play a scout to spot and zoom around the battlefield rather then doing all the dmg myself, even when only a few maps allow for that. Also i dont know how to feel about the rheinmetall panzerwagen changes. Sure those gunhandling buffs are necessary. However looking at 320 alpha with mediocore accuracy of 0.35 and sub 2200 dpm look lackluster
  10. I would call a turret with 254mm front and a 270mm mantlet something that may bounce stuff. Furthermore it might not been clear but caernarvon gets a own turret and loses the AX one.
  11. didnt notice the turret change. Though i just compared the super conq to the fv215b stats wise: 7% less dpm and less then chinese heavys. 0.3 sec longer aiming time 50% worse dispersion on the move 20% worse dispersion on turret rotation 30% less track traverse worse ground resistances 150 less health 10 meters less viewrange all that in exchange for armor? I wonder how the super conq will perform. It will for sure play a lot different from the fv215b
  12. More details on caernavon changes: Canernarvon: Side-armor: 50->76 Turretrotation speed: 36->30 Dispersion on the move: 0,14->0,16 Dispersion on turning the hull: 0,14->0,16 Dispersion on turret rotation: 0,08->0,10 ->all in all dispersion nerfs by ~15% and some armor changes on hull and turret in exchange for a slower turret rotation
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