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  1. This place will get you gud if you let it. Thanks for all the info here. Getting better all the time.
  2. I had network issues recently, a bad vpn router to be specific. It kept dropping connection. It did it during a game and my M 103 was trying to climb a wall. I'm sure everybody thought I was a bot. I got killed before I could get control of the tank after reconnecting.
  3. Seem to always get low tiered when I platoon with a group over several games.
  4. I thought the purpose of this forum was to have a single thread for each tank. My bad. I wasn't here 2 1/2 years ago to make an observation or comment.
  5. I brought the crew in my KV-3 up the ranks through the KV-1, T-150, then KV-3. I like the KV-3 better than the other 2. With the top gun it does some good damage. It's tough as nails, also. Actually got my Ace Tanker in it tonight. I have a KV-4 and it is total crap until you get the top gun. Even then, it doesn't do as much damage as the KV-3 does. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4036616#paris-bigrebone-kv-3
  6. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I saw the movie the day after it came out. Agree totally. It's sad that there is no original screen writing any more, since the original movies.
  7. I bought the 75 box special. Over 42K in gold Type 59 Lorraine - I sold it 2 tier 4 premiums - sold them both about 3.5 million in silver I'm going to do it again before it goes away. I won't have to buy anything for a year. Used my tier 8 discount to buy the M 46 Patton. Got an O-I experimental for free and got ace tanker on the second game. That's never happened before.
  8. oh yeah. I got mine today. Just kidding. I did get one; but, I'm not that big of an a-hole.
  9. Read the how to suck less thread and the how to forums. Lots of good information and tips. Don't get discouraged in low tiers. I'm not great; but, I'm better than I was for joining this forum.
  10. Mine went through down the toilet this past week, not that it mattered any.
  11. TDs generally do higher damage, plus the campaigns got buffed a bit. I'm sure everyone is trying to grind out that Stug IV.
  12. +1 for arty comment and Tier 8. Need moar Tier 9 tanks. Real close to getting M103 and Patton. Ways to go on my German TD. KV4 is in grind mode. Need to unlock the big gun. T-54 mod 1 still sucks but not quite as much. Tier 8 is brutal if you have a T-32 or other heavy that has a non-derping gun.
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