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  1. since most info has been answered except for tier 9 td i'll tell you about that tier 9 chinese td is the best tier 9 td in game, it's one of the few td at tier 9 that get the tier 10 td's gun armor is great, most will shoot thinking it's a free pen only for it to bounce, the gun has great aim time, pen, alpha and respectable dpm. accuracy is bad, so food will be needed to maximize the gun's efficiency. good gun arc mobility is kinda bad punish retards who underestimate this td, usually russian heavy players in is3/t-10 will try to do dumb thing against you whil
  2. to be successful as a streamer you need to have a good sense of humor and be at very least decent at the game you're playing being funny depends on what kind of crowd you're hoping to bring in
  3. prayers have been heard they are finally nerfing it not the best nerfs but it's a start https://ritastatusreport.live/2018/05/11/wot-supertest-object-268-v4-nerfs/
  4. this tank also looks sexy as fuck especially with 130mm
  5. i am on eu server, after 1.0.1 i am noticing a huge influx of tds in my games, like half of the team on both sides is now tds. did they change something in the mm again?
  6. you're right but hey atleast it's one of the sexiest tank in game, it has get fucked 650 alpha. also since it's russian, they'll probably buff it and make it OP expected damage is higher because of the alpha maybe, but it's easier to 2/3 mark it then those tanks.
  7. thats good to hear, i liked stb-1 but the terrible gun handling prevented me to actually grind it.
  8. the new maps 100% favor tds the most, you can use spots which would before get you spotted in a td
  9. i don't understand why this map needed any change, it was perfect before.
  10. does the ranked bond equipment help make stb's gun handling better?? i know there is a directive as well that doubles snap shot skill effect
  11. hi bro i can help you if you want, i play on eu but from canada so my timezone will probably match yours. shout out if you interested
  12. province is komarin's retarded trans-gender cousin.
  13. big problem is tier 10 lights from some fucking reason lose almos 50mm pen at 500 meters. meanwhile tier 10 mediums only lose 10mm pen at 500m. e3 op gold rounds only lose 10mm pen as well wtf designed this bs
  14. oh thats nothing you missed it before they nerfed it's frontal armor. it was like a 268 v4, practically immune on the front hull armor. only tier 10 td gold rounds could pen you.
  15. another tip is not fight e3, other jgpz and bobject v4 directly. those tanks are trouble, let some one else take a shot at them and sneak a 1000 alpha fist at them when they are distracted. bad turret dispersion mean this thing sucks big time at snapping shots.
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