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  1. While I agree with your top post I would disagree here. This is the argument I used to make for the Hellcat until I saw one of those graphs that charts win rate per player win rate for certain tanks. The average win rate on the Hellcat is greater than every win rate level of player playing it. The chart for the RHM is similar or worse. I haven't played it yet but in playing against it it's crystal clear why.
  2. I've noticed this recently. At first I thought it was trolling team kills or lucky shots. When did they start with this and the end of game notice and XP discount?
  3. Did this last night in my JP2 featuring the not so top gun. Ruinberg with most tanks in town brawling/peek-a-booming. Two tier 9 Waffles are holding court keeping most of my teammates at bay. I switched to HE and aimed for the turrets. I think I hit one for 350+ and the other for 450+.
  4. This is what I've found. Running fast towards an arty and hitting it too low with HE sucks. Same for Waffles. But if the potential damage is a good deal greater with HE for a particular gun than AP and I have the room then I carry some for certain specific situations. And shooting a waffle in the turret is one of them.
  5. I played the M4 when they did the great HEAT nerf. The stupid part about the HEAT at the time was that you could fling it 80% of the time and still break even or make a profit in credits with the M4. Pen 4 or 5 shots and you were golden. I played it for a while after the nerf and just shot regular HE and still found it extremely effective. If you abused the depression and funky sloped front hull of the Shermans you could really cause problems. Played as a classic flanking medium and lots of tanks you would run into would be hurt badly by side shots from the 105mm. So probably OP because you could 2-shot or cripple lots of heavies you would face pretty easily. This is really a discussion about the guns involved. In order to keep a tank running that 105 balanced you really have to restrict where it can fire it and how easily it can get it there. Most of the TD's that run it are balanced by their mobility, armor and HP. The depression, turret speed and mobility of the M4 make it formidable with that gun....or did.
  6. Cromwell Ridiculous mobility. Excellent gun.
  7. It's hard to watch these for me because I always feel like having the tier 1 tanks in there makes a mockery of the game. Yeah yeah, I've heard all the excuses so spare me. I'm just saying it will be hard to take it seriously until they put some tier limits on it and probably expand the number of tanks. The way it is now it is basically a five on five with a couple 5 pixel pee-wee tanks that can put cap pressure on. Occasionally they get some flank shot and pen something but who cares. Is there any other E-sport or real sport where they put in mismatches like those? Would anyone watch the NFL if the championship games where 5 on 5 with two junior league players on each team? Make some real match-ups and can really show off the skill of the players on a broader more realistic scale where flank movements mean more. I'd like to see them play things like Steppes more and other open maps so we can see a broader range of skills. Bring in some mobile tanks for spotting and flanking purposes rather than just lining up some firepower and hope they turn a corner fast enough to pound someone.
  8. WetRock

    World of Codes

    What is "the stream"? Is there one place these are getting dumped or is it just when people find out and share in various places? EDIT: nvm. I just saw the link to the ftr blog on the official forum that detailed the overnight fiasco. What a F up on WG's part.
  9. To be fair, I don't think data on something like this is going to mean much of anything until you get like 100K samples. That is 40 different possible results after all. The only one that feels rare to me is Widepark but it has such a narrow MM window that its not surprising. I hate the shitt....er....city maps so I always feel like they come up way more often than they should. That's confirmation bias at work most likely. But since they are popular they might be gaming those. They certainly gamed them obviously when they tossed in some silly graphical changes to Himmelderp and Ruintanks. That seemed like a blatantly obvious money grab to me. " Look! We can do burnt out city-scapes like COD too!!!"
  10. This is tank dependent for me. They don't get used a real lot but they have their uses. - If there is a large potential alpha differential from AP to HE then I will try to carry 5-10 depending on how many shells it can carry. - Nice to have in mobile tanks where I might be running into an arty or maybe a thin skinned TD like a Waffle somewhere in the far reaches. - I like to have some around for tanks that face lots of upper tier heavies but do not have a gun to face them down. They can be useful to track them or at least harass them enough to make them move. - Low load-out tanks like the Hellcat get none.
  11. Interesting. Thanks for the updates. My hunch is that makes Pearl River worse since it will end up being more like Abbey in practice. Maybe that is better. Dunno. I don't mind Severgorsk myself. Maybe more cover in the middle would open it up more.
  12. I think most of the low tier tanks are pretty good. M5A1 has a surprisingly good gun. You can often play it like a medium when you are close to top tier. Straight up scout when up-tiered. The Type T-34 grew on me. The lack of depression sucks but the rapid firing high pen gun on top of good mobility fits my play style pretty well. I never grew to like the Type 58 much. If there is one to free XP by to me it's this one. OK gun with OK mobility combined with zero armor and no depression makes it more challenging than fun.
  13. This is how I played scouts when I did play them(prior to 8.6). Hunting down isolated enemies in mid/late game situations can be a lot of fun. Its that sort of real tension I don't really get on the city/click-click/peek-a-boom maps for most of the game. But mostly I just wanted to take the time to say CarbonatedPork is a great handle.
  14. If any of these guys actually took the time they put into finding a bot and figuring out how to make it work and instead spent time on forums figuring out how to play better they would have a much better time. I wish there was a way to combat the myth that somehow tier 10 means something better or is a win somehow.
  15. This would satisfy all those who can't stand missing out on their cheap kills though. I'm always certain a large majority of the people who whine about suicides are those angry about being robbed of an easy kill. This rant rarely comes from the standpoint of "some guy suicided at the start". It's almost always about some guy who killed himself at the end to avoid being an easy kill. The XVM suiciders are a problem for me. The end game suiciders are not since I still get the win.
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