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  1. Just had Hyp confirm that this is not intended for NA: Hypnotik (WGA): i've heard the issue brought up, haven't seen it on NA yet obviously. if we do see it here, we'll probably get stuck with going through the logs manually to correct any faulty deductions until there's a fix. Hypnotik (WGA): if it happens wrongly, it'll get fixed
  2. Welcome to the forums, and good luck with that new tier 10
  3. Ya I got an email about this the other night and was like, "Wait, what?"
  4. Well it seems to still be tracing through telia, so probably just an IP change.
  5. So now that we have been liberated from the tyranny of WG, can the glorious poster Banned post here? Or can these forums not handle the shear awesomeness of his posting?
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