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  1. Actually, if they can even just give me my creds and name back, I'd be happy. A full reroll to Monday would be amazing. We'll see what happens but good to know it's worked for you Stige! Thanks! Chevelle
  2. Well, I have access to my account again! YAY, but this jackball spent about $11million credits and changed a bunch of tanks around. Submitted a new ticket to see if they could reset back to that date as Stige said. Overall, I'm very pleased with WG's support and their help. They helped me quite a bit on this one! Chevelle
  3. Just an update in case anyone else has this mess happen. WG Support did finally get back to me (after posting in the official forums after 5 days with no answer) and requested screenshots of any purchases, location/ISP proof and a new email to be linked to my stolen WG account. They apparently will reset that account with the new email and I should have my account back after that. Who knows about tanks, creds or anything else. I saw on noobmeter that this douche bought at least 4 tanks that I had sold so he probably screwed my garage up entirely. Oh well, as long as
  4. Well, I'll give it to this fucker...he's at least having fun. I feel like forwarding this email to WG but don't want to reset my ticket as that's what the actual WOT forums seem to say happens. Any advice? Thx, Chevelle
  5. I agree with what everyone else has said, this thing is a monster and my favorite tank by far. I currently have 1160 games it and the only downside to the tank is really it's armor (or lack thereof) and size IMO. Get the gun first IMO. This thing may bounce 1 in 10 shots so you'll need to outshoot opponents. Leveling up crew isn't hard as this thing just makes damage with the quick reload and it's decent at spotting. Definitely qualifies for its own thread!
  6. After contacting Yahoo, they said that there was a bunch of email accounts affected and it caused issues all over the place. They couldn't give me any information at all as to why my account email was affected but I'm not sure anyone could have guessed the password considering it was a random pet I owned, a year of car I had and a symbol at the end. This was just three days ago as I've been getting all kinds of Russian spam since Monday on that account and had changed my password the day I realized what happened. Just one more reason I now have Gmail accounts and don't even use Yaho
  7. LMAO, thanks for the tip. I have nothing installed on my pc that caused the issue, it ended up being a yahoo email issue which was then used to change my password (in case you didn't see, there were over 500 million yahoo emails that were hacked). I guess in that way it is my fault for having a yahoo email account and not checking it frequently enough. Once again, good contribution to the conversation. Much appreciated!
  8. Will definitely do, thank you! Still waiting to hear from my initial ticket but I did provide some of that info (couldn't remember initial isp). I'm changing everything once I get access back though. Of course the connected account was through yahoo, I know, shocking it was hacked right? Chevelle
  9. I actually think that is what happened Fabunil. I recently changed email addresses and don't use that old email address for anything but it is still linked to my World of Tanks account. Went into that email after you had posted this and I am getting all kinds of Russian spam. Looks like it was an email hack and they changed the password somehow through that. Of course, I never set up two-step authentication so I have to wait to get my password reset by wargaming when support contacts me. Ugh, lesson learned. Thanks for the help all. Hopefully it can get fixed soon!
  10. Unfortunately I never set it up but clearly should have. Never had an issue with my account before this. Hopefully WG can help reset the password and trust me, mobile number will be added for sure after that! Will update on what comes of this once I hear back from WG support.
  11. Has anyone ever run into this before? I couldn't log in to play this morning so I checked my email and it showed that my password had been changed which I didn't do. I submitted a ticket to WG so hopefully they get back to me soon. Been playing for a few years now and have never run into this issue, very strange. Just curious if anyone else had ran into this and what the outcome was if so. Thanks, Chevelle
  12. That camo and range is just amazing. Never been very good at turret less tanks, doubt I'll pursue this one but it looks fun. Sucks getting sniped constantly by invisible tanks.
  13. Hello, I've looked around these forums before, mainly for tank reviews and the like but decided it's time to contribute finally. I've been finally getting better from a gameplay and wn8 standpoint and now just need to work on getting my win rate back up as it dropped a ton after trying missions and playing arty. Looking forward to using the info on here to improve! Chevelle
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