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    Thanks for the feedback bud, I'll be back tonight or tomorrow in game with more or less daily streams, depending on my work schedule.
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    Siimcy bruh
  3. Hello, first of all an introduction: First name Stefan, living in a small village in Serbia. 20 years old, studied Electronics and now working at an Car Industry. My goal has been streaming for a long time, and after 2 years of having an extra low upload speed i have finally managed to get an proper connection for streaming purposes. I have always been gaming since when I was 4, after I have grew older I became a web designer and graphical designer, I've made my first money when I was 10, after that I started improving and was making websites for some companies around Serbia and sold them. After all that business got rekt, I got back at gaming and started playing this game. Now we're here. And now some infos about the game: I have been playing this game for like 5 years already, more or less playing really inactive, the only thing that kept me playing was the dream that I could be streaming one day. After starting my Twitch career as a viewer I have improved and got this game into real, after hours spent playing I have tried competitive with success. I have played 2 silver seasons with GoHard, and after we've got into WGL I have decided to retire because I had rl issues and I had to take care about them. I've recently made a short? break for around 2 months of just playing once a week or so. At that time I had some glitch (aka 4.8k rwn8 turned low fast) with my account, more about that is explained on my twitch channel. But, On streams you can expect high quality gameplay (Around 4.8-5k recent wn8). Apart from that, I usually listen to Vocal trance or Chill music such as Vocal Chillout or Epic. I am very aware that my recent right now sucks but if you wanna hear the full story just ask for it. Right now I'm recovering my stats and enjoying the game. Alright so I guess we've had enough of introductions, I may proceed to my thread now: Current Stream Highlights: WZ-111 5A 4 Games 6.500AVG - *Full stream 1h25m* T110E5 8.3k dmg - S. Conq short stream 4 games 4.9k avg - Best session so far - Check out my Twitch - Check out my YouTube channel - Also check out my VK page - Make sure to follow me because I'll be Streaming again from 2k18 Wish you all the best for new year. I'll be streaming at least 4 days a week. * If I got this thread in the wrong category, I'd be thankful if the mods could move it to the right one *