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  1. Yeah, tier 2 gun on a tier 4 tank, it's bad, but still a hilarious little tank to play.
  2. I have a replay to be contender for your gold shooting videos "Only gold" is my Valentine II motto http://wotreplays.eu/site/3811971#westfield-raulz0r-valentine_ii
  3. A game where I just had fun, I love this tank for some casual stat padding http://wotreplays.eu/site/3811971#westfield-raulz0r-valentine_ii
  4. I think I will take your advice @SaintLaurentius and convert to full APCR, I anticipated some nice incoming damage from the 0 line on Redshire, but watching the game back I must critique myself for not choosing APCR from the start, doing only 800ish damage from a whole clip is rather poor, then bouncing some shells off the Obj 268 ... Now I also think I should've come down from A0 way sooner than I did and help out the tanks on the 0 line but I was a bit weary of the fact that the half of the team were TDs and I wanted to avoid getting spotted while going around on the back of the
  5. This match made me so tilted..

  6. Because the power creep is real, because money, they are forcing people to spam premium ammo
  7. Thank you very much for the CC, now just a bit of comments regarding some of my mistakes, most exactly what I was thinking, on point 3, I wanted to take out that WZ-132 because he was a good player and that spotting position could've proven to be very dangerous for our team, I use the same bushes when I play my LT on Malinovka and I get the NW spawn Point 7. Yes I agree that was a stupid mistake that could've cost me dearly, I even was aware that the 2 TDs were spotted which annoys me even more. All in all I realized playing this tank it's really an unforgiving experience, if you do
  8. Ever since I got the Bat Chat 25t AP I get the feeling I am the dumbest player, it's such a punishing tank, if you make a mistake you die, it's that simple. I want to do good in it that's why I play it over and over again, I know how I should play the tank, but I don't seem to have the clarity to make the right decisions.


    1. TheMarine0341


      Just keep plugging away. This is the ultimate skill based tank in the game

    2. raulz0r


      I know it's a very skill dependent tank just like it's big brother that's why after I got it I haven't played anything else because I like the style of the tank, I just need to perfect my skills and decision making

  9. Nothing special, but I am starting to get the hang of the Bat Chat 25t AP after purchasing last night. I feel like a terrified kitten to put it in Aging Jedy's words when I play this tank 3.5k dmg done and in addition 2.7k dmg in spotting http://wotreplays.com/site/3806167#malinovka-raulz0r-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t_ap
  10. What skill should I train on my Bat Chat 25t AP? 

    Current Setup: 

    Commander: BiA, 6th sense

    Gunner: BiA, Snap Shot

    Driver: BiA, Smooth Ride

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    2. CarbonWard


      the cmdr BiA+sixth sense+79% camo

      gunner: BiA+safe stowage/snapshot(pick one)+camo(pick camo first if you pick snapshot over SS)

      Driver: BiA+camo+repair.

    3. raulz0r


      Thank you.


    4. Fulcrous


      i would like to point out ff directives at 2 bonds a pop is worthwhile if you choose to run food over ext.

  11. Struggling to keep my WR above 50% recently :(

  12. I was struggling with that abysmal gun stats, 183 AP pen in a Tier 8 tank nowadays is way too low. Now all I need to do is fix my really bad WR in it but that doesn't look likely, even though I do ok in it 8/10 games I lose a third of them
  13. I love your videos AJ, also cheers on the heads up on the T-44 I somehow overlooked it in the patch changes, right now the tank feels like it's in the right spot.
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