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  1. Only have a couple days a week i can play, so a clan that does not need 4 or 5 days a week would be good . Have several tier 6 and 8 vehicles for strongholds/clanwars . I will join in clanwars if needed by my team but would like a large active group that toons . Mostly interested in platoons and having fun and usually play in the evenings 6 - 11 est. Just and average player but would like to help players with less knowledge learn the game . Any questions please message me , i am looking forward to hearing from you ! Thank you , L_O_C_K
  2. Only have a couple days a week i can play so a clan that does not need 4 or 5 days a week would be good . Have several tier 6 and 8 vehicles for strongholds and access to many 10's for wars if need be . Shitter player needing a quiet corner to call home . Mostly interested in platoons and having fun and usually play in the evenings 6 - 11 est. Always looking to learn so mentors would be nice
  3. Looking to toon , have several 10's but not very interested in clanwars . Looking more to meet some cool people and have fun. I usually play in the evening 3 or 4 days a week 6 till 11 est . I am not in any hurry as i do not want to join a dead clan with 10 active people , been around a long time and know who is who . Will play clanwars if i am needed but that is not my focus. Shoot me a PM if interested , been staying around 1700-1800 wn8 but would like to improve on this . I could use some guidance maybe a mentor to get me over the hump as i have grown extremely stagnant as of late and find
  4. o> -APE- ...been sorting through alot of messages and taking my time since i am still on cooldown
  5. From what i see my stats are good enough to be in your main clan, Leopard . I only have one problem, i tried to apply to VPG main awhile back as i was referred to you guys from another player. When i actually went to your site one of your officers basically told me i was not good enough and to go on so..... Im sorry but i will not be applying to any place that treats potential recruits like that . I do appreciate you reaching out to me though, thank you
  6. Looking for a new home but i am not very interested in the clanwars thing though i will participate if a team needs me . I am on between 2 and 4 nights a week and play in the evening (6-11 est) Looking for platoon mates,maybe tourneys, and maybe some training . My tier 10 numbers are in the toilet and i have basically quit playing them all together (rage sold 8 of them only 2 left) . I can be available more often if i am on a tourney team or what not but find the most enjoyment from the game platooning(strongholds can be fun as well) . Would like to be playing with some strong players that i c
  7. ^ SP is a much better tank than the fury since the fury does not get preferred MM and gets tier 8 matches on a regular basis . I enjoy the Fury but the SP has decent armor and a great gold round , though it is slow for a med
  8. Do not like arty at all but i am not in a clan so pubs are all i have
  9. L_O_C_K Usually on 9 - 12 est most nights Mediums - been working on the E-50 I have really low damage in my 10's and could use help with putting my gun in the right place to not only farm damage but also help carry the match I have Teamspeak Would also be willing to join a sub-clan to improve on these aspects as well as team play since most of my wot experience has been solo even though i have been in a bunch of clans that just didnt work out for one reason or another
  10. Just dropped tags , i have been in several clans lately and for what ever reason i just cant find a group to chill with . I will do clanwars if needed but am more interested in platooning and learning . Last clan i spent 5 days in platoon channels by myself and was never really introduced which i found extrtemely unwelcoming . So yeah i am a subpar player in which i have moments of greatness and moments of utter failure so i am looking to get a bit more consistent . Will take criticism to learn and can be available 3 or more nights a week . I have 7 tier 10's and have the 140 unlocked (need to
  11. I have read the material and watched the vids , gameplay is improving it is just not easy to bring stats up after all the games i played basically for nothing
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