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  1. I doubt that any adult film has been critically acclaimed, somehow I think that the prudes don't count 4 1/2 boners in the same category as 4 1/2 stars... Any critic of big name movies would be laughed (or ridiculed) out of a job if they wrote a public review of porn.
  2. I use a 250 SSD. If it was the sole drive in my machine it wouldn't be big enough for me. I also have 800gig in RAID that I use for data storage (movies older games ect) that takes the load off of the SSD. Newer games I'll install on the SSD, anything else goes on the RAID.
  3. - I absolutely agree. Maybe educated guess was the wrong terminology. I should have said, informed decision. Spending savings carefully is exactly what I was shooting for. Spend that money on something that will translate into a newer machine. Any GPU for under $150-ish will be a immediate improvement but will need to be replaced very soon. Spending $80 on RAM right now will be a improvement, maybe not quite as large as a cheaper GPU, but it will carry over to a new build where a cheap GPU won't. - I really liked the link you sent on the corsair. Very good price for a good name bra
  4. Yeah, apparently reading is hard. You must have missed his budget, I wonder what you're going to recommend under the $200 range, it'll be interesting to see what you recommend. There is enough information to make an educated guess on what will help him. We can agree to have different opinions. But it's not ignorance, it's two people who feel different things are important. My last post was a bit over the top I'll admit, but so was you calling someone else ignorant because you have a different opinion than they do. That's an arrogant elitist comment that we could do without. Kind of l
  5. Have a big head much? What the hell makes your opinion the only valid one? Did the internet die and make you the only knowledge base? There are other ways to say what you want without being a fucking douche. Point in case, I'll finish typing out my initial response to your asshattery comment, which I admit isn't very helpful (kind of like your last post) and then I'll go ahead and post a response below with how I should have responed. You obviously have a misguided estimate of your own knowledge. You're saying 4 gigs of ram is perfectly ok on a gaming machine with Win7-64. Get. A. F
  6. I'll disagree with you :-) 4 gig of ram is barely adequate with todays programs. Just your internet browser will eat up 2-3 gig faster than you'd think and Windows 7 64 bit requires 2 gig free at all times. He doesn't need to buy all new RAM, I can agree with that. His current RAM is ok as long as he matches it with another set of 1600, he might be better off just biting the bullet and getting it all at once as it will prevent him from needing to upgrade more later. Personally I always run matched sets and would upgrade to 16 gig as a good starting point. But I like multitasking. Ju
  7. I would agree that upgrading RAM seems to be your best option at this point. If you invest in some decent RAM now you can carry that over when you upgrade your MB and CPU, plus 2gig of RAM is barely enough to run Windows 7 by itself much less games on top of it, you are barely meeting the minimum requirements, which is never a good thing for smooth gaming. Ask for VISA gift cards for christmas, or gift cards to a computer store, and make sure to upgrade pretty much everything else these holidays though! Integrated graphics suck and you'll see another large boost there. There are some ne
  8. That's pretty pathetic. There wasn't even anyone on their team talking trash, that was just a random ShitLords decides to kill teammates. I used to have an overall good impression of ROXY, heh, not anymore. EDIT: Ok, I retract my ROXY statement. They had a very fast response and have stated that those two members are being kicked from the clan. Good for you ROXY and I now have a good impression again!
  9. Gah, I hate X3 weekends!!!! 2200 WN8 and 33% wins..... you just can't carry that much stupid!

  10. I would be worried that your gun is out of the fight for too long there. You had 1k dmg and had only taken a couple of bounces by the time the game was won. That other 2.5k dmg you had was clean up dmg. Don't get me wrong, I think that situationally that spot can work great, but as a top tier heavy I would think that your HP/Armor would be better served where it can influence the outcome of the battle. From what I saw you did very very minimal spotting from there in a heavy, a medium... sure I can see that working. But hey, I'm just a scrub trying to improve so don't listen to me :-)
  11. Some of what you are paying for is warranty. Personally I go with building my own, it's more because I like to tinker than that I'm under the illusion that I'm saving vast amounts of money. I've managed to keep my PC relevant and playing games at 50 FPS for almost seven years now without updating the MB or CPU. My next upgrade will be a biggie though..... It's time to move forward with the new technology that's coming out, DDR4, new CPU architecture, with all of the improvements released lately the market will soon outstrip my ability to piece and part my computer into relevancy again
  12. If you enjoy the Iron Druid, pick up the Dresden files. You mentioned series? Dresden files is like 16 books so far. King Killer Chronicles is the only fantasy that I listed above (Patrick Rothfuss) and it really is an amazing read, the other three were all urban fantasy.
  13. Ooh, Tea! My mother in law makes iced tea, simple and easy, one coffee pot, 7 bags of lipton and one bag of mint chai, I've also used honey chai. The mint gives a hint of a crispness, very nice. Not a huge fan of Arnold Palmer tea, but I might give that one a shot
  14. New Civ was just released, might be worth giving a shot. Can't remember if it was Fallout 1 or 2... but it was a turn based game, spent HOURS playing it. Old, graphics are outdated, but it was still fun to hunt for better guns.... Command and Conquer .... shit, most of the games I play are twich style games and need both hands.... man, I'm sorry, that's gotta suck. Read good books? If you like amazing stories might I suggest The Name of the Wind and A Wise Man's fears by Patrick Rothfuss? Just finished my second read through of them and they were every bit as good as I rememb
  15. Nice idea :-) With it being Halloween and all I thought I'd share a delicacy that we make around this time of the year from for all of the kids ringing my damn doorbell! It's actually pretty easy and tastes good to boot! use small hot dogs (can't remember their name) cut a small divot out of one side. Cut flower tortilla's into strips and wrap them like bandages, secure with a toothpick. Bake for 10-15 minutes @ 350 Take out of oven, add ketchup or mustard as "finger nails" to flavor. As an added bonus... you should see kids faces when you hold the plate out for them :-D
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