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  1. the buffed up VK 45.02 B is also a bad ass tank..can bully tier 9 and below no problem..assuming you dont get flanked..and the angled frontal armour can bounce tier 10 TD especially the LFG..but its sooo slow..even the E100 can out flanked it..the E75 is still the king of tier 9 HT
  2. i've encountered a T57 Heavy running full gold..and i sidescrap in my 121..he shoot the track full clips but did no damage..it was a good laugh
  3. 1K damage on soft armored tank makes me giggle all the time..and then you will face the onslaught of OP chat..nothing OP about t49..if it works it works..if it doesnt then expect 300+ damage per shot..IF you manage to hit the target..even point blank 25m from the target, the shot might go waaaay wide the most damage i did using the T49 is 5K..and that matchup has a lot of waffle tanker
  4. i love my 121..its challenging to play but thats what makes the game fun..and its rare which is nice. so far at 296 games with 56.76% WR.. E100 is a 10 for sure..its so easy to play that i got bored of it. 354 games at 53.67% WR..sold it off before the great arty nerf...6 arty per game is just too much even for the E100 sold it off for the pre-nerf waffle..with its 6 clips no aim time required gun..8-9k damage per game easy..but sold it off too after the nerf and T49 mega derp scout introduction which i also own 257 games at 58.37% WR the list with its rating looks accurate enough.
  5. i'm in the same boat as you..no idea what tank to grind next..in the garage currently.. TD 1. T110E4 - Fav tank even with all its cons 2. RHM - need i say more? 3. E25 - rocket machine gun HEAVY 1. E75 - best tier 9 Heavy 2. IS6 - low tier bully 3. 112 - fun but always set on fire by others MT 1. BatChat - legend 2. 121 - epic fun LT 1. ELC AMX - sneaky bastard 2. Bulldog - 10 clips autoloader 3. T49 - super derp scout..waffle worst enemy ARTY 1. M53/55 - mobile, high damage, good arc, ok accuracy SOLD OFF 1. E100 - need to spam gold all the time 2. T110E5
  6. because the pathway is not wide enough for me to go to its side and rear..no choice but to face hug it..its the most sensible option
  7. he hit the mantlet twice..and UFP once..dont ask me how..i'm not the E3 driver..so i just reverse and put shots on the side LFP of the E3 after each bounce..
  8. own the E75 since 8.6 if i'm not mistaken..still rocks in 9.3 especially after the top speed and traverse buff. The only Heavy Tank that withstood the power creep problem after every new patch..manage to keep WR 60.49% after 286 battles. once i manage to bounce 3 shot from T110E3 as i wiggle the whole tank while face hugging it..
  9. i hate red player that does ridiculous platoon..most recent is IS8 with a Tier 1 and blame everyone else as the team fail to cover the flank as two of them suiscout early on..its just beyond my level of understanding..
  10. but why should you snipe that far away with the T49? assuming you're using the 152mm..
  11. another plus of that 152mm HE round is its potential in taking out multiple module/crew..in reality you can expect around 200-350 average damage for non penetration but it can really cripple the enemy tank. i usually dash to a strategic spot early on in the game..shoot at the enemy once and retreat..90% of the time the hit will at least tracked the enemy tank thus forcing them to use the repair kit early on.. and the 800+ damage for soft skin tank are hilarious..but make sure you dont hit the waffle on the gun..wont do any hit point damage but just destroying its gun
  12. i love how people give the excuse that they are playing TD so they are supposed to camp while the rest of the team got obliterated... if you plus these facts into that excuse it will be even more hilarious:- 1. they camp way back beyond their view range which makes scouting work useless.. 2. they bunch up all in one place and leaving most of the map open to flank.. 3. they gives the opponent arty bombardier medal as they love to stick together like magnet on that one bush i've played a large portion of my game in TD and what i've learn so far is that you need to be aggressive most of t
  13. the tier 7 M41 Bulldog is much better LT than the T49..i guess thats why you dont see much T49
  14. at first i was planning to just blast through the evolution chain and get the T49..but not enough free XP to do so..but to my surprise the M41 Bulldog is such fun! transfer my 3 skills E5 crew to this tank as i rarely play the E5 anymore. master badge on the 2nd game! how cool is that? once i've unlocked the 10 clip autoloader its even more epic. manage to carry a tier 9 game as it was such a sneaky tank that you can unleash the 10 clip round with acceptable accuracy and relocate quickly with its amazing speed..but the cammo is not that good for a light tank..you can reverse quite fast though
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