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  1. One easy way to fix some of these maps is to make more of the map usable. For example how they opened up mid. I've said that since release - 30-60% of each map is either mountains, ocean or closed off city blocks. Then there's the two main chokepoints where people stare at each other for million of years until someone gets bored and suicides. All they need to do is have more ways to flank and maneuver, which makes scouts and lights more viable. I think this map is an example of this - it's a lot less annoying now and battles have better flow. Thanks for the link. I just watched an old replay from Stalingrad, could not remember what the map was called until i looked it up just now. No idea why they took that one out, it was actually decent without a lot of wasted space. It seems they remove shitty maps instead of fixing what is wrong about them, and replace them with new shitty maps - rinse and repeat
  2. GotTank

    Obj 430U

    Ah that's good to hear, so probably safe for a while then. The Chieftain, man, yes that's the thing that sticks out right now as questionable in terms of balance and the fact that there's no way for me to get one sticks in my craw. Can they make it available for bonds? The 279 or whatever it's called with too many tracks is even more BS, but at least I can theoretically have one at some point, probably when the server pop reaches three digits. Some of these missions are too much for my skill/patience level. Have to wonder what I'm doing wrong when I see a light green player in one. So for pubs Udes/STB/430/Leo is the meta then? Surprised to see you mention the Leo, love mine, but haven't played it in a long time. Also surprised is7 is still competitive. I'm ok in it, but can't seem to get a win in my 277. This game is so strange sometimes. Things that seem the same in theory have totally different outcomes in battle just because of a couple soft stats. Welp, time to go grind the 430 a bit more. Is the t9 worth keeping? So far feels like it.
  3. GotTank

    Obj 430U

    Has this thing been nerfed? Any plans to nerf? I'm not complaining, just curious. If you can't beat em' join 'em. Just started the T9 grind - knowing my luck it'll be dead somehow by the time I get it. Happens every time I decide to finally grind a new line for a meta tank. In this case, who doesn't have a T44 unlocked though? I should have done this way sooner. The t9 is fun. Sluggish, but also a slugger. So far enjoying it. Starts with the top gun - unusual and nice for once.
  4. Yeah I missed that memo I do remember trying it once on some poor bastard but I was basically done with the tank, it's something like 11k to unlock the next one after you get the gun and turret... So a couple good games with a boost on, and it was done. In general I don't play low tier that much, if ever, so using HE didn't even cross my mind.
  5. 4 was pure shit. 5 seems worse. Cannot even fathom playing with less than 100% crew. WG needs to stop making tanks that can only be skipped and not played through without loathing the game and losing interest. I can see a lot of new players uninstalling in a hurry thinking the rest of the game is equally ridiculous. I had a friend who refused to even try to grind past tier 3 after I recommended WOT. Italians weren't out back then, but it was a similar deal. I forget which line he picked, but he still can't believe I play "the worst video game he has ever played" It's like playing Super Mario without being able to jump. Essentially unplayable. It's so bad, I skipped being mad straight to laughing hysterically about how absurdly shitty they made it. It's slow, big, can't snipe, can't pen, shells fly like birds through ballistic gel... Honestly, WG loses a lot of potential players because they never get past shit tubs like this one. And they are still adding more. What the fuck.
  6. I think it's fun. Currently at 20 games @ 67% WR somehow, afraid to touch it now because I know it'll only get worse. Not saying it's OP, or even good - however it is fun, and can turn the tide of battle in one or two clicks. Here I nail a Maus for 1850 with one shot. Feelsgoodman.jpg
  7. Just bought it after the buff. Still utter shit, novelty wears off after the first two games. Useless mostly. You don't, that's the answer. Not if you like to make a consistently positive difference, instead of sporadic four digit damage that usually adds up to a mediocre amount in the end.
  8. Just got this thing and so far I totally think it's worth it. This is my 2nd game ever with 90% crew (except commander) - seems like a better Leo, with insane DPM, great accuracy and no real downsides that i can see so far! EQ: rammer, vents, stab New-ish Crew: BIA, camo, 6th, snapshot and repair on 2 of them.
  9. Just bought the 30B, and i think it's worth the grind. I've learned a bit from watching my own videos and will try to keep them "short and sweet" from now on - although still done in one take. Perhaps I'll experiment with editing in the future but in the meantime please check out my thoughts on this fine piece of French machinery and how it compares to the preceding T9 AMX 30, Leo and other tanks.
  10. You can kinda sorta snipe with the derp, if you have food, vents, BIA, good crew etc. The derp is really more for this kind of play style depicted in this video. Also, don't be afraid to use AP, and not just HESH. It'll save you $$$ and quite possibly result in more damage at the end.
  11. Conway derp gun part two: AP versus HESH. Should you always shoot HESH, and nothing but the HESH? Well I don't think so. In fact I do 6k here with nothing but AP and I explain why.
  12. Always wanted to turn some replays into videos, so here's my very first one! Conway with the 5.5 Derp gun - is it worth it over the 120? All comments welcome. Ace Tanker, 6400 dmg, Top Gun on Pilsen:
  13. The derp gun really is more fun. It drains credits a bit, and running food isn't helping, but i will probably do the rest of the grind with it. I've never made videos from replays before, so this is my first time - don't judge me too harshly Mistakes were made, but it worked out - let me know what you think! Ace tanker, 6400 dmg, Top Gun:
  14. Ah, okay. I'm about to unlock the derp gun and that it's fun is good to hear. I imagine it totally changes the tank - my guess was not for the better, but not for the worse either. So far this thing has been easy to "tolerate" and I'm even having fun here and there. You do feel a bit useless in some maps, like El Halluf, when everyone goes north. I've been playing it like a pseudo-medium on occasion, usually late game, flanking when people are engaged and so forth. The gun almost makes up for the platform in those cases, and the 5.5 could be even better since a lot of the times those are side shots or even ass shots. Still though, I fear the drop in DPM will be palpable. Like a jumbo T49 that is worse in every single way, but I guess it's a taste of what's to come at tier 10. So how's the "shit barn"? Is it worth it to turbo-grind the 183 before it gets yanked?
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