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  1. Does anyone know which xmas lootbox camo is which? 


    I know there's 4 different kinds, but they all have confusing names that don't really tell you what the actual camo looks like (once you get the full 80 pieces)

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    2. Tarski


      Christmas is blue frosted glass, Magic is red bows and lobsters on white, New Year is green pine boughs on white, and Lunar is fireworks. I've earned the Christmas one and can confirm it really is the "tempered glass" frost style. 

    3. Ham_


      Mixed up the collections, Tempered Glass being blue was the only one I could guess by name.

    4. king_spaniel


      Thanks for the replies.


      @Ham_ Yeah, when I was trying to reasonably (blind) guess, the only one I could make sense of was "Sparking Night Sky" = fireworks.  Otherwise all the others were confusing af due to the (useless) marketing speak that they used

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