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  1. level 3 w/ full platoon of all level 3's (usually all blue or better teammates) - typical win, I would get +72 points with x15 multiplier = 1080 exp In less frequent situations, I'd get as high as +90 points. Usually was also full platoon (so we'd win), but with shittier teammates, thus I'd have like 14k, 15k+ dmg with x15 multiplier = 1350 exp
  2. 100 USD 75 Lunar New Year Boxes Vehicles: Obj 703 II (only got one single t8 out of the entire package) Bretagne Panther Sherman VC Firefly Pz III Ausf. K Sexton I AM 39 Skins: all 6 Gold results: 30,200 gold (includes gold from low tier prem duplicates) Credits: 4.8 million WoT Premium time: 53 days Crew: Julia Winnfield (free 6th and BIA commander)
  3. Just confirming:

    Crew books do not interact/work with personal reserves, right?


    Didn't want to use those 20k exp books and miss out on any potential multipliers....

  4. B is a freebie cap for the attacking team. The defense side has diddly squat as far as options. Try to defend from the 1, 2 o'clock mound - you realize it's useless. They blocked off the only part that would make it viable (the portion that would overlook the cap circle) Try to defend from the eastern edge - has to be super coordinated to even get deep enough to be effective. And even if you're able to get in on that side, attackers from C could easily use their far western road to negate this maneuver, not to mention you're constantly worried about what will charge at you direct
  5. bumping this: reminder to everyone to cash in on the free credits before the Holiday Ops event ends
  6. Does anyone know which xmas lootbox camo is which? 


    I know there's 4 different kinds, but they all have confusing names that don't really tell you what the actual camo looks like (once you get the full 80 pieces)

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    2. Tarski


      Christmas is blue frosted glass, Magic is red bows and lobsters on white, New Year is green pine boughs on white, and Lunar is fireworks. I've earned the Christmas one and can confirm it really is the "tempered glass" frost style. 

    3. Ham_


      Mixed up the collections, Tempered Glass being blue was the only one I could guess by name.

    4. king_spaniel


      Thanks for the replies.


      @Ham_ Yeah, when I was trying to reasonably (blind) guess, the only one I could make sense of was "Sparking Night Sky" = fireworks.  Otherwise all the others were confusing af due to the (useless) marketing speak that they used

  7. Lol that guy....I have to believe he is #1 undisputed most black-listed player on NA (sidenote: would be interesting if we could have access to that data). The last time I saw him in a match, he camped A1 corner in Redshire with his Type 5 Heavy and fired 2 shots the entire 12 plus minute match, never once moving from that spot. His final tally: 400 random dmg to the enemy, and 800+ to a teammate who was probing up front. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/wesley001 Seriously, I want to know what mental illness(es) this guy has. Oh, and @Assassin7,
  8. I PM'ed 3 replays 1 on Ruinberg,and 2 games on Westfield. Hope that helps.
  9. What I meant by this, was being on the 3-4 line on your side of the map - then you're also a bit shiftier and harder for the arty to target. Also, you can move to F5 to shoot hill every now and then when you need to. However, the main purpose of my point is that after they threw away all those tanks, you could've easily counter pushed the 1-2 and completely surrounded them. This is given what was spotted and also the situation. I would've just asked the RU to scout 1-2 and told the Leopard to support/snipe for you on your 1-2 line approach. Definitely watch that Beowulf422 link.
  10. Also, Beowulf422, a russian, former Gold league player played a 3-hour session of the 113. I learned a ton just watching him. Here's a link to the video. I suggest you watch it before the video/archive limit runs out https://www.twitch.tv/videos/314505098
  11. Per your last 4 replays: Game 1 on Westfield - your initial deployment position is too far forward - no tank should be in that forward hill from your spawn. If they had anything with a hulldown cresting their top hill, you would've been dead much much sooner. You basically drove yourself right into a crossfire from the get-go. That's why you lost so much hp - and then finally when you were down to a 1 shot, you went to a position that this tank will struggle to play - the far side crest. Because this tank has depression problems, you can't work that spot (usually). I have a repla
  12. The map is bona fide trash The North area is a simpleton's corridor, with 2-3 really big objects (for cover) in the area. Also, the frozen aircraft carrier is deceptively useless, because all the angles of its runways leave one completely exposed if actually on top of them. To me, the North area borders on complete uselessness. The only playable part (for most tanks, i.e. non-scout worthy tanks that can play middle) is South. And that is a narrow winding road that just produces sudden in-your-face engagements, with tons of trees and bush area for ppl to sit back and
  13. Them putting the defender back on sale has nothing to do with 'listening to the playerbase' - as if they've ever cared (if you've been paying attention the past 4 years). Everything this company does is a short-term cash grab, hence why every problem is 'solved' via the gift shop: an incessant flow of tanks being introduced - to force purchases, whether via credits, gold, or real money, all at the expense of game balance, while never bringing meaningful change to the game. So yeah, most ppl in NA have walked away from this POS and I don't blame them. And no, I'm not buying the t
  14. Anyone know which of the new tanks to be released are actually worth buying (i.e. viably competitive in the current meta)?

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      to me they come off as fantastic pub stompers more than anything (more the 430U and the 268 ver 4)

    2. DeItacu


      Please note the below is just me looking at stats, and talking to people who have tested them. I havent actually played them

      But I believe, the OBJ 263 v4 Is going to be a turret-less worse E4, Because 100 less alpha | Less Pen | Turret-less | Heat as premium .  Armor is actually better on the obj, but still has a Foch sized cupola |

      257 is a side scraping beast with a derpier T-10 gun, If my information is correct it will be bouncing anything less then 155 guns, Its heat pen has been nerfed to 310, which is worse then 1-4, will be decent pubbie smacker at t9 but I wouldn't say it will be super op, as its gun is not great, and armor is situational

      Rear turreted heavies armor is good, gun is terribad, Possible CW use as anchors I don't think it will be a good pub tank

      430U looks extremely well rounded, good armor | good gun | good hovermed speed | good camo Its not broken in anything, but not bad at anything other then gun depression. I believe it will be a staple in CW and in Pubs as I believe super unis will love this tank as it has the ability to do any role

  15. I don't think it's just about the 111 itself, but the fact that Chinese heavies are fantastic tanks right now - both the 113 and the 5A are strong in the current meta. The tier 9 heavy has always been great as well
  16. The map is much more favorable for light tanks and speedy tanks in general - there are actual viable bushes and various open areas to maneuver - in comparison to Nebelburg. In playing the South, the island village only has 1 way in, yet 4 ways to escape, so it’s important to not let STRV’s or other dangerous snipers take it for free. Contesting the lone entrance to that village, however, is countered by tanks in the middle area. Sit/play near the village entrance and you’ll find out what I’m talking about if the enemy team aggressively controls mid (low ground area around the bridg
  17. I just bought the traditional 75 boxes, here's my haul: 27150 gold 44 days premium ~ 6m credits Type 59 Skorpion G 2 tier IV prems, AC 1 Sentinel and Pz B2 and went from level 7 to lvl 10 with the final Traditional camo set reward
  18. I'm probably in the minority that actually enjoys this tank (for what tier 7 is worth) It does have a large HP pool: 1300, which is no joke at T7, plus with Pref MM. The tank can ram and survive alot of punishment, but it is somewhat sluggish in acceleration and turning. If you're facing tier 8's, expect to shoot gold, and against the heavily armored (defender, is-3, etc) you should not be engaging them frontally if you want to pen. If you're facing lower tiers, you will still bounce the random shots against things like KV-2s, 150's, though you should be playing this as a flank
  19. NA ppl, for October's Tankrewards (Tank Hallow) - has anyone else not received payment for their milestones? i.e. the Tank Hallow Emblems, Dicker Max for reaching 45pts, etc.

    1. CraBeatOff


      I got mine this afternoon

    2. Errants


      Prize selection for this event concludes November 13 15:00 (Local). Suspect it might not come until then... but checking client now.

      I was wrong...

      Receipt. Date: 11/8/2017 3:56:35 PM Vehicles added: Dicker Max Slots added: 1
      Receipt. Date: 11/8/2017 3:56:35 PM Emblem added: (x17)
      Receipt. Date: 11/8/2017 3:56:35 PM Slots added: 1
      Receipt. Date: 11/8/2017 3:56:34 PM Personal Reserves: Additional Credits per Battle (x8)

    3. king_spaniel


      just received my payouts earlier today as well, but thanks nevertheless for the replies

  20. I disagree with those that hated/disliked the mode. Ranked battles played far better than your regular run-of-the-mill randoms, because (while not perfect) for the most part, you actually had to give a damn about the outcome of the match - or at the very least perform at the top of your team (if you're losing). Whereas, random battles these days is filled with bots, griefers, ppl that drown themselves intentionally and incessantly, and general pubbies that don't give a shit about winning. At least in ranked battles, those ppl get weeded out super fast (i.e. they can't reach Ran
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