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  1. for me my winrate is almost always based on the speed of the tank I'm playing, but a lot of the tanks you mentioned are mediums (or at least fast) and have winrates much lower than even a bot would have sitting in cap doing nothing Really weird, especially over 100 games
  2. With the current setup, you might as well pretend they're the same color anyway OHHHH SICK BURN BRO THANKS BRO
  3. I don't know, I just rebought the IS-3 yesterday (first time I bought it I wasn't even in a good clan and gave up grinding the thing from stock before even getting the first upgrade), and played 8 games on it earlier today with 100% main skill and 50% first skill Managed 100% winrate and 2700 damage a game with 2.5 kills a match (was only good enough for 3800wn8, hah). Compared to the sheriff accounts that we got with all of the crew skills, I actually didn't see much of a difference. I mean 6th sense and the lack of recon/situational awareness (and no safe stowage getting me ammo racked o
  4. Hey carbeatoff, you should join otter, I haven't bro'd out with you in ages *poach*poach*poach*
  5. yeah exactly People are saying that wargaming is nerfing vision games, but you can still get away with doing that just fine as long as you have good camo to compensate for usually being 300 meters away instead of 400. Being outside of draw range at 500 meters and sniping people your team spots is much harder on the new maps, and TDs doing that all game was cancer, especially when you were forced into it on maps that had a killzone in the middle and sets of bushes on both sides
  6. taking a long time off it preferable to playing this terrible game I've only uninstalled like 4 times so far
  7. On bigger tanks you can usually bet vision will help you more than camo, and situational awareness for the radioman would be better than recon except for damaged optics. I think an e100 perfectly set up for stealth can be spotted at 443 meters or something (445 meters is the max distance you can spot tanks, no matter how good your view range is) On smaller tanks camo usually helps more than vision, especially if their view range is already good enough to spot most tanks before they get spotted themselves
  8. Don't split up in a way that it will take more than three (preferably less in matches where you have less than 15 players) of your tanks more than 15 seconds to move to help the rest of your tanks Try to have two scouts (usually batchats) quickly drive around opposite sides of the map through areas where they expose themselves for the shortest time possible while having good vision on an area between the enemy spawn and a place where you think the enemy might want to go If you see a bunch on enemy tanks in a position where they can't help the rest of their team in the next 15 seconds and y
  9. Over in NA I'm still seeing a massive number of TDs Not 8 per side like it used to be, but still generally more than heavies and mediums New maps should help, since the changes generally reduce the massive firing lanes that TDs troll from bushes 500 meters away while their allies spot.the new maps also split the firing lanes with hills instead of impassable cliffs so you can still flex between them and use gun depression (which TDs don't usually have) and you don't have to worry about not being able to circle a TD because he's hugging the cliff. Bigger maps with more than 2 viable paths (a
  10. it let me just use my email and get it on steam swagswagswag
  11. I record in 30 fps but it doesn't actually limit my entire computer to 30 fps, just the recording, so even thought the recording is 30fps the number in the top still says 50 or 70 or whatever because the replay is still playing at almost the same speed as it would be if I wasn't recording, so I just thought your recording software just hogged all of your ram and you needed to download more
  12. No I mean in the top left you shitter, unless you recorded it with youtube and it limited your FPS to 30 while you did it (is that even a thing?) Also join otter, I miss you bby
  13. Kv-13 is better than the T-43, but I managed an insane winrate and DPG in my T-43 (compared to my usual level of play at the time) It should just be worse than every other tier 7 medium tank in the game in pretty much every way, AND IT IS. But for months, every time I got into the T-43, everyone I fought would just play like they had half their brain removed, and I've never had that happen in any other tank I've owned Even when I rebought it a few months after I sold it and grinded through the t44, everyone on the enemy team STILL just played worse whenever I drove the piece of shit near t
  14. was was that server reticle way back? I don't even remember anymore, but that shit was essential
  15. Stop trying to solo their entire team as soon as you run into them, shit can be much easier than you make it
  16. 100 fps playing, 30 recording the replay RIP your recording software
  17. no that's a bannable offense This is your only warning You can also only post if the site is in fullscreen mode, if you post and the window is only covering a portion of your screen you will get banned as well
  18. This Mines (the example you gave) is honestly a terrible map that's too small for 15 tanks at any tier above 5 and since the map has almost no places to go hull down in the 62a, very close combat fighting and almost nowhere to abuse your viewrange and camo you have a pretty bad chance of doing well The middle will be dominated by batchats and good gun depression heavies with turret armor, the east will have all the E100s and TDs and all the other tanks you don't want to fight head to head in a peekaboo competition The west on the little beach section is the best place to go because
  19. M103 just because it has the best HD model The actual tank is ugly For the actual design of the tank I would go with the T110E4, It looks badass as fuck, too bad it's terrible
  20. Wargaming randomly changes your shell size +-25%, meaning that if you have a 100mm gun you are actually firing shells between 75mm and 125mm in size This is to promote unexpected and thereby exciting outcomes to combat Naw I'm trolling, but I wouldn't be surprised
  21. The game is absolutely terrible, I'm just here because my friends won't move on to better games even though they all hate the game too, because we're good at it, and being good makes us feel good It's like a drug man, a really shit drug
  22. Man I still remember my first tier 4 (t-28) Every single match was always a massive open field against a ton of tier 8s that I could do nothing against and got spotted by without even seeing them. Look up my stats on that thing, god the memories just make me want to smash my computer I never even researched the top gun, just said fuck it and used the xp I saved from not researching it to get to the KV so I could get the fuck out of it as fast as possible
  23. A lot of good points, especially about trust. Assuming you're not in a dictatorship-like clan you can also generally get away with telling the caller that their plan is probably a bad idea ("dude you sure you want us to push on these mediums we barely outnumber? Last time we poked we took a lot of fire from unspotted TDs in the back.") or inform them that the last order they gave you 30 seconds ago just ran into some serious shit and should be aborted ("Hey our flanking force just ran into twice as many enemy dudes as we got, we should probably fuck off and have the dudes on the frontline push
  24. I don't know man, I just shoot red tanks I'm fine with playing pretty much anything other than the T28 and T95, just because in those you either win before you even see an enemy to shoot, or your entire team dies before you make it out of the cap and you're fighting a 10 vs 1 Even the maus is alright because it at least has good acceleration and turning. The 28 and 95 basically stop if you start turning or going uphill
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