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  1. Well yes, the death star is still silly, but at least we have to aim and be in line of fire to hit stuff. :]
  2. Been noticing more of these rounds lately: Seen several matches with 3-4 arties per team in the last two days alone. Of course I should have seen it coming that despite how unreliable they became after the last great nerf, the silly alpha and ability to hit people whilst camping base would bring people back to them eventually. Frustrating doesn't even cover it knowing the clicker could just as easily have missed with their useless accuracy. And of course it is still no fun being forced to camp behind rocks and making the game drag out when driving big heavy tanks.
  3. I remember when I started actually using my brain while playing, and it felt good to finally make a difference in how my team performed. At least when I don't play like a donkey, which still happens at times. :] Days when everything clicks are awesome. ^^ Good luck in your progress.
  4. Really loving the tank so far, which is a refreshing change from the T54, which never seemed to agree with me. Got my first pool's medal ever in one of my first matches with it, and the good times keep rolling.
  5. Because most people call it that, so I just go with the flow. Thanks for the kind words. Will be updating it soon to account for the minor gameplay changes lately.
  6. Well said, I completely agree.
  7. That's some elegant dodging right there. Obviously a 360 edition will be only on the 360. :]
  8. Good stuff, there are not a lot of decent guides on the KV-4 to be found. Looking forward to reading your perspective.
  9. Due to the flat angles the armor can seem wholly inadequate at times against it's peers as you say, but I disagree with it being quite so bad. I faced off an M103, an Obj704, a T34 and a Tiger 2 at the same time once, and took 16K 'incoming damage' to my tracks and turret cheeks without a single pen before I was flanked. It was a mixture of great positioning, luck and enemy incompetence granted, but still a display of what is possible. My personal main issue with it is that due to the slow turret traverse it is often hard to get the timing right so that higher tiered opponents fire and bou
  10. Yes that turret can really troll tanks with a lower profile than you. Shooting up they get both a small and highly angled target. Good to know someone has a natural affinity for this whale, most I meet seem to have not the first clue how to maneuver and expose all the wrong surfaces to me.
  11. Of course. I do some number crunching every once in a while which uses RAM like a baddie uses arty, but even that aside I have a tendency to have 20 tabs open, along with eclipse, spotify, skype, teamspeak, steam, office, VMWare and one or two games at a time.
  12. I beg to differ. While most people will currently find no need for more than 8GB, I have 16 myself and sometimes approach that much depending on what I am doing.
  13. As already stated, your hardware seems to be fine. I presume it is mostly a CPU related problem since WoT only uses one core, but try a couple of things. -Update your video card driver -Make sure your main drive isn't full of rubbish as a full drive will slow everything down (unless it's an SSD), run CCleaner or similar to remove temporary files and junk. -Make sure you don't have bloatware processes running in the background, eating your resources, uninstall useless programs etc. -Reduce settings that put demand on your cpu leaving the other settings high. If this helps then do the nex
  14. Glad it was of use. Indeed, but to be fair that's where you want to be hit unless you are being flanked or spotted for arty in an open field(In which case you better be used to reaching for your repair kit in a hurry). There have been a few rounds where I got into a town, plopped myself on a corner and got permatracked by the enemy shooting at me from down the street. The fun part is that I took no significant damage, and could pop a cap downrange at my leisure. At least until they came up around me. :]
  15. I did not mention that in fact, thank you for reminding me. Weak spot section added.
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