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  1. sadly, three times last week i saw my team rip victory out of their own mouths and throw it to the enemy. 1st was a cap that would have won it, we had 2 tanks left and 2ish minutes on the clock, enemy had 1 BC arty. idiot tried to chase down arty and found nothing, tank #2 couldnt get the cap time done by himself. (he was slower and further from cap, but could have finished it out had #1 stayed) 2nd was a fast cap crew that got told to get off cap and listened, then the people that told them to get off got rolled and the enemy was able to circle back and defend before the cap force could cap a second time. 3rd was a flat out cap swap where two lemming trains passed in the night and someone convinced the team to try and go back when there was already 3 on cap and no one in range to reset. i cant stand watching fucktard losses. fast caps dont annoy me.
  2. i hated the lorraine due to its non-existent armor. also the gun wasnt really an upgrade over the 13-90. the extra long reload is painful. i dont understand how that tank can be in the line.
  3. I dont envision they would be that silly about it, and there would be a reason to advance. IE the 2km maps could have one primary and two secondary bases per team, you need to hold the secondaries for longer to win, but it forces a team to spread our to cover all three, at the same time, you cannot cap the enemy without grouping up to assault. alternatively, you could have teams start spread out a lot more so that collapsing back to base isnt an option, IE something like 5 tanks start at base in south west corner area, 10 tanks start north est. meanwhile the enemy team is reversed. and finally you can just make them encounter maps. that way everyone is fighting over the same thing.
  4. stuck at work at the moment, but: 1. take out a key tank. most lemmings stop being of a specific enemy in a good shot location. they are unwilling to take a shot to win the battle. you can often be that guy to take a shot so that your lemmings will then rush him. 2. derp rush to turn turrets. if you know you have say, 2-3 enemy tanks that cannot kill you in a single go behind a rock, and your team wont advance, wait for 2-3 of them to shoot then drive past them. they will reflexively turn toward you allowing your team free cheap shots at tanks that cannot fire back. usually best to ANNOUNCE you are going to do this. 3. count the shells. in many cases its a single strong gun that your team is concerned about such as a tier 9/10 750 damage TD. wait for the shot then drive in, your team will usually follow now that you are the target for that gun and not them. alternatively, play caboose. its not as successful, but it can be. you stay at the rear of your team and snipe anything that circles from the other flank to draw them into your lemmings, then you pull back into their mass so that the enemy has plenty of targets to shoot at, this will often get your lemmings dead, but sometimes results in them shooting at targets that they can now see with no where to hide from it.
  5. sadly, this site eats table data and doesnt post it.
  6. also on the angling, there is a mod out there that will show you your frontal armor and side armor compared to where your gun is pointing so you know if your power stance is wrong
  7. its a flat bonus, which is more than other types. and cloaking in the middle of an open field after you fire is just infuriating to the other guy.
  8. i wish i wasnt too lazy to learn linux at that level, but im a hardware guy. my morning was spent watching a team of 5 monkeys scramble over a VM cluster that was massively pooched, only to ask the question "has anyone looked at the hardware yet?" long story short, 1 non-blinking LED identified the SAN controller that was at fault. 2 minutes and 20 seconds to identify the issue they had been on the phone with VMware for 2 hours diagnosing. 20 minutes of attempting a soft reboot/hard reboot, then finally unseating and reseating it resolved everything. i much prefer the physical.
  9. sounds like maybe you were the go-to for trackers.
  10. try to reset your settings file, otherwise, submit a ticket. https://na.wargaming.net/support/Troubleshooter/List
  11. damn rerolls! how dare you let your in game stats accurately reflect your skill!
  12. tactical =\= slower. i said strategic. realistic = fun! otherwise you wouldnt be playing this game! twitch is twitch, when someone is wagging a turret at you or bouncing back and forth to causes misses ***IN A FUCKING TANK*** thats twitch. total make believe bullshit that doesnt belong in the game to me. im ok with elements of twitch, im not ok with medium tanks taking on a almost unique game play aspect starting at tier 8. to me its as jarring as playing a midevil fantasy game, then at the end of progression, suddenly they add ninjas while everyone else is using platemail and long swords. to me i define twitch over tactical movement as aspects that rely on your human ability over the interface/game design, rather than letting you command a vehicle that has its own reaction values which even the playing field for most players. a tank game in my mind in close combat like WoT should be more about knowing your power stance and finding an opponent off guard and less about wiggling my hull to prevent someone shooting a machine gun hatch. that said, upcoming changes may provide what im after anyway. they have a new physics movement engine coming, they have larger maps which should stretch out the ranges and they are going to nerf accuracy.
  13. a modified play for win and play for fun. i platoon to get through my dailies faster on my tanks that need exp so that we have time to play tanks we enjoy without feeling guilty about lack of tank progress.
  14. is it just that you want to argue the point or ? lets set this up proper for a moment, WW2 and korea era: 1. real tanks almost never fight other tanks. 2. real tanks almost never fight at close range to enemy armor when they did engage them. 3. real tanks almost never traveled without infantry. 4. real tanks almost always had artillery and or air support. 5. ww2 era tanks largely could not fire on the move. 6. ww2 era tanks had much less agility, but some could travel at speed under the right conditions. 7. real tanks aimed at a tank, sometimes at the turret or the hull, not a spot on the tank. 8. flanking and closing on your opponent was a factor of penetration of your weapon system and not something done as a matter of course so, if you see that as "real tank battle", then what is what but an arcade game? yes, wot has some tanking aspects, like historical models, some historical guns, a very decent ballistics and penetration model, a simplistic, yet interesting spotting system, etc. they emulate some things about tanks. they emulate some things about tank combat. but its none of it close to simulator quality. and i dont think that anyone here would want to play that game. but we can get closer to tanks, and further away from arcade without also ruining the game.
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