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  1. My favorite part is the 183/E3 showdown at the end. As hard as I tried to throw, I was still saved by Crab, donkeyhotay, and pub silliness! P.S.: thx for not showing the less... eh... how do you say... illustrious parts of that 80% run
  2. Hi guys, As your (I hope) Tanker Skunkus Emeritus, I would like to recommend you watch the official [ELDUH] stream. I always consult YSL on all matters related to fashion and men's fragrances. http://www.twitch.tv/d4majesty
  3. I loved this so much I had to post... How are you guys doin these days?
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BULBA BOIS Days in clan: 364 We should really throw a party. How about I try out this anime thing you kids always talk about. EDIT: I finally noticed my "member title" here... I love it!
  5. Crysiiz you are ridiculously good, and in the wrong clan obviously! Your heart is still with LOZBOIS...
  6. Merkle you goddamn monster...
  7. I can only hope I will live long enough to see this. Modern medicine is great but not a miracle worker!
  8. Nice game man. I groaned IRL when the STB-1 and T-62A tried to "save" you.
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